: I don`t know if u noticed : but ur still in GOLD , and u say that botrk xin is not good , i would actually say its good , but if u got flaming from u and ur premeda i bet when u say them why no gank why no gank , when ur losing a 1v1 lane 100%%%%%%% and its his foult and im sure ur saying why 0 ganks and he can`t carry ur bouth premedas speaching in ur bulgarian language when u can jst pm him in private , if i got harrased i wouldn`t help u aswell never :) . WELL DESERVED BAN , see ya with next account in forums if u dont know how to react like a man
yea 3 attackspeed xin items 0 tank is really good 2. i can get to diamond in a week depending on the mmr playing my main champion 3. i dont know if u noticed but i dont care about YOur opinion.. i will just get my VPn and start boosting since im tired of this 0 player support of this game.
: derp
well i was thinking about it rencently since im a diamond on my main that i can elo boost cheaply just to ruin the elo since riot ruin my accounts for nothing..
: omg why u post this , u deserve a 1000years ban on ur ip for this behaviour , half of chat i don`t even understand but i know its aswell flame when u flaming others to ur premeda , such a bad behaviour!!!!
talking to 2 friends............ and u can translate bulgarian phoenetic to english if u want
NeymarJr6 (EUNE)
: banned from a game a month ago
maybe i should switch to elo boosting since there is so many boosters and rito does nothing about it
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