ClockTime (EUNE)
: I think her helmet changes, which already covers her face.
: oh yeah u are right i forgot that detail U.U* ty
Np! Now go get some chests haha
: Do you like Supports?
I love playing support since it is the role who has much impact on a game with the buffs you can provide to your allies ,therefore many of the curent support champs lack the mechanics other champs have but still it is a very interesting role. Many people think that the support role is also a braindead role but it isn't , on the contrary it needs much thinking and great decision making.
: No chest with S
You can get a certain number of chest in a certain period of time after you run out of chest gaining chances you must wait until it gets restored to get another one. You can check when you can get a chest if you go in your profile and place your mouse on the chest icon.
WildTwist (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Team Looking for at least 2 additional players for Nordic Open
I am silver 3 , I main support (sona , nami , karma , janna , soraka , braum , rakan) and mid (I am good with lux mostly because I am recently trying to main mid. I am from Greece and my in game name is NiZour99
xarlii (EUW)
: LF supp main for soloQ
You can add me , I main mostly enchanter supports but I have great scores with braum and rakan too{{sticker:galio-happy}}


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