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xGunna1 (EUW)
: is saying Ez or Rekt bannable ?
I would never report you for that, but 90% of the community will, because they are butthurt poosies and get offended by literally everything. tl dr - dont do it, you'll get reported more often than not
: it literally takes NOTHING to be PERMANENTLY banned in this game now. bordering on theft.
The system does not let you reform, apparently if you mess up once they're going to haunt you forever. It's really sad, cuz everyone can get tilted once in a while and getting tilted once in a while is perfectly normal People deserve a 2nd chance But Riot seems to want to create some kind of utopia, which is a million times better than real life not possible
: Transfer still not up
towards the end of December / early January
GigaEagle (EUNE)
: Ranked
you'll play another 10 games when the new season starts if you have not played any ranked games during last season you will have no border during next season playing right now (during the pre-season) is still a good idea in case you want to raise your MMR and be placed higher next season
: How are players like this not banned?
Promos are designed to test you, it feels like the system intentionally matches you with the most tilted kids on a huge losing streak and so on. It really is frustrating, I hate being in promos, but what choice do you have.. if you wanna climb you gotta tryhard like mad and hope for the best once the time comes.
: What is the least toxic and most committed/chilled ELO with the least afkers?
Plat = worst elo. Best elo should be above mid Diamond, I guess.
Ultimatador (EUNE)
: What's the problem with players at EUNE?
Especially during pre-season a lot of people just dont give a crap, that's probably why you find yourself in this situation more than often. The thing is even tho in many cases the other team might seem more coordinated and reliable - it's just not true. They argue and blame each other just as much as your team does, but most people dont remember the good and easy games, positive experience as much as the negative vibes. It's 50/50
Niffler (EUNE)
: Can't gain champion points?
The issue has apparently been solved now! I played today and everything works fine, but yesterday it was not, for sure.
: Your last 3 matches were Co-Op vs Ai. As far as I know those don't give champion points. If you were talking about Normals/Rankeds/Arams it's indeed a bug though
Yeah, I'm talking about Ranked ones..
: Do u own that champion? If not it gets locked like half lvl 4 i've had the same problem with Braum.
Yeah I do own it and I need only about 300 pts either way so I'm more than halfway through.. seems to be some sort of bug.
: Ah. Never heard of anything like that, have you play those three games today/during this patch ?
Yes, all of them. It must be the patch.. It's nothing game breaking, but still hope they fix it soon.
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: Game rewards you nothing, punishes you for everything
I think it's a lot better right now, especially compared to what it used to be in season 7. For me season 7 was the worst experience ever, I did not enjoy it one bit. Tank meta/Ardent meta - awful. Right now it's not that bad, in my opinion ofc. Games take less time, you can be a lot more offensive/aggressive, a lot of "dead" champions are now viable, because of the new runes. The current meta fits my playstyle, but that might not be the case for everyone else, I understand that. Maybe just skip a few months and wait for changes, that's what I did last season, I played only for about a month and a half or smth.
: This is why i hardly play league anymore
Just stop for a bit after losing 2-3 games in a row. Wait for an hour, your mind will be a lot clearer when you come back. Play with friends, you wont rly care that much what happens if you are surrounded by homies. Also at the end of the day you should learn to be satisfied by the way YOU played, not by the outcome of the game, even the best players are not always able to carry, but as long as YOU are consistently good you'll have a positive win ratio or at least be satisfied with what you did. I mean knowing that I literally did everything I could to win is good enough for me, if that was not enough to win the game - fair enough, because sometimes you personally might deserve to win, but maybe 3 people on your team did really bad, while 3 people on the other team played really well.. so the other team deserves to win in the end.. or smth like that. That's just my way of thinking : ] GL
elin990 (EUW)
: First blood determines which team wins?
I dont think it's such a huge deal, first blood turret is a lot more impactful, or getting the Herald. If you manage to snowball after getting first blood you might end up a beast, but that's probably not just, because of the first blood, but because you are simply good. It also depends who exactly gets the first blood, you know.
: Cost of Mastery 6/7
Yea it is really bad, but "Ashe mage AD" is right, be patient and hope for an actual champion shard to drop, otherwise it's just too damn expensive.
elin990 (EUW)
: You can remove 3 champs permanently from LOL, who?
Bíbs (EUW)
: don't duo with people just because you're bad and need to climb
If the person is really bad his team would not be able to carry him consistently game after game and he'll end up where he belongs so who cares? Occasionally such people can ruin a game for you, that's probably the reason you created this thread, because I've seen such people, who simply don't belong at this elo, it's 100% obvious, but duoing is not forbidden, not considered boosting so.. it is what it is.
Zykolf (EUW)
: What is better
Kennen/Draven/Fiddlesticks/Katarina/Malzahar/Twitch... If you learn where and when to shroom and when to teamfight or splitpush properly you can easily carry a game with Teemo too With proper shrooming you almost guarantee dragons/herald/Baron for your team With proper positioning you completely destroy the enemy adc
Mackan101 (EUNE)
: best 6300 champ
Ornn is considered to be the best top lane champ right now, however you have to bear in mind he is banned quite often or picked by the other team before you have the opportunity to do so. If it has to cost 6300 IP, then Gnar/Kled are also a good options. I personally like Camille too, but her early game is not that great and she is a bit harder to carry with if you compare her to the other 3 champions, mentioned above or at the very least you'll need more practice with her to make it work. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Am I too old to play video games?
It's your life, dude As long as you enjoy playing league and have some spare time, keep doing it Try not to neglect your RL responsibilities and family, tho {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Losing lp
It does not matter whether you intended to leave or not, if it happened you are screwed. The system can't be smart enough to distinguish blackouts from intentional leaves. Some time ago on my old laptop I used to get bugsplat errors from time to time, during loading screen you get the error, the client starts repairing itself, takes at least 5 min. or so, by the time you get back they have voted for a Remake and you lose LP + the leaver buster system screws you even further after it happens a couple of times. Point is.. forget about it and move on, Riot won't give you back your LP.
Bíbs (EUW)
: Changing my mindset
Hi, if you wanna climb focus on playing 1 main position only and be at least decent at your 2nd prefered one. After that what you wanna do is try playing a small champion pool, preferably champions that do not get banned often so they are available for you most of the time + champions that can actually carry a game, not ones that depend on your team (avoid playing tanks, unless they have a lot of cc/dmg). You **MUST** feel comfortable when playing the champions you play, learn their mechanics, early game damage, how to last hit with them properly, how to position yourself etc. Make sure you are using the most appropriate runes for your champion + learn to adapt your runes and build according to what the enemy team has (it's a really bad idea to ALWAYS build the same way, you must be flexible) Honestly reaching Gold does not even require you to play that well, just try to be as CONSISTENT as possible. Avoid dying as much as possible, but don't be a complete poosie, make calculated plays, do not go for a high risk / uncertain reward plays. Use pings to communicate with your teammates and dont waste your time chatting all the time, that's a sure way to lose a game/get reported/get killed while typing/give up objectives to the other team. Think of what's the best way and plays to actually win the game, not just get kills. A lot of people in bronze/silver/gold dont care about free objectives, instead they'd go chase for kills and end up dying in the process. Try to extend your lead as much as possible as fast as possible, push turrets, get herald/drakes, try to help the other lanes if possible. DO NOT depend on your team to win the game for you. If you feel constantly tilted just dont play the game at all. It's supposed to be fun, maybe annoying only sometimes, but if you feel horrible in 90% of your games then why exactly are you playing? Fix your mindset by always performing well and improving as much as possible. Even if you end up losing the game if you know you did everything you could and you did well - that should be enough. Be satisfied with the way you played, spend less time giving a crap about the outcome of the game. As long as you play well and keep improving and fixing the mistakes you make you will definitely end up winning more and eventually climb. If you don't start looking at the game in a different way I'll tell you what's going to happen. You'll spend loads of time playing, getting annoyed, getting headaches, getting tilted, in the end you'll reach silver 5, but would you be satisfied? No, you won't be. Once you reach Silver you are going to want Gold and that would require a significant amount of time once again, then once you've reached Gold you are going to aim for Platinum. You are NEVER going to be satisfied with your current rank/division (in case you are a competitive person, which I assume you are, otherwise you would not bother getting tilted, you would have fun even playing normals). That's why you should learn to be satisfied with the way you personally played and spend less time thinking about things that you could not have prevented. You can't always win, but you will have more wins than losses if you always or at least almost always outperform the enemy you are laning against + get objectives/ know when to be with your team and when to push the lead solo.
: Can i have a list of champions that can play 2 roles?
Akali mid/top Fiddlesticks jungle/supp (might even work mid against certain champions) Teemo top/supp Brand mid/supp Jarvan jg/top/mid Kennen top/mid/adc/supp etc etc
: Is it worth it to try to climb in ranking now?
It's the same as before, if you keep **winning** you'll end up in a higher division after placements during the new season. If you keep **losing** - the other way around. It's up to you, I personally think it's definitely worth it to play during the pre-season, but no point if you end up having more losses than wins.
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FizzyGnar (EUNE)
: Akali or Pantheon
It's going to be easier for you to carry games with Akali. Pantheon is only strong early game, both suck in teamfights, still akali is the better option for splitpushing an 1v2-ing.
elin990 (EUW)
: You can only play 3 champs for the rest of your LOL life, who would it be?
{{champion:24}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:115}}
: Why am I so bad at League Of Legends
Practice and you'll become better. Why do you care what a bunch of random guys you'll never play with again think? /mute all and try to improve. Watch some videos of good twisted fates, you'll learn a lot.
: Quinn or Kindred
Kindred is stronger right now tbh and can turn teamfights around. I'd go for her. I dont see why cant you just play both.. or 5 games with each and find out which one suits your playstyle better. I think Kindred is a lot more reliable for early game pressure and teamfights, while quinn for roaming.. maybe just play Quinn whenever you feel like going top and if you become bored - Kindred jungle. gl hf {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: So I just played the most horrible match ever...
By banning his champion you just brought yourself down to his level. I don't know what your division is, but in low elo (silver/gold/plat) a lot of people ban zed, not because he is scary, but because if someone in your team picks him 95% of the games he is going to feed his a$$ off. Maybe you would not have done that, but you can at least understand the reasoning behind his ban. Anyway, it's just one game and to be honest if this is the worst experience you've ever had you can consider yourself lucky! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
GamingYv (EUW)
: So do the borders also count for other Project Skins?
No, just for the newest ones. There were different requirements in order to obtain the older ones.
: can riot confirm this ? i was hoping to get something cool for 80 tokens
If you purchase the borders and icon for 80 tokens you will get special borders for the PROJECT SKINS ONLY. If you do not have the skins and you have no intention to buy them you should not waste your project tokens, unless you want the ICON. Something to bear in mind is that even if you do not currently own the skins you can still unlock the borders and they will show up whenever you decide to buy the skins in the future! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}


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