marci010101 (EUNE)
: I only met one Draven in normal Draft who seemed to be a bot, he didn't react to chat, didn't keep with us, just went farm -> died-> went farm. It seems like more and more people want to skip the leveling up system (ohh yeah first plays on ranked), so manual leveling is not productive enough anymore.
But these bots are already lvl 30 and they sim like they started lol from this lvl because I have checked their match history and it's very 50 games...and the most lost
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scream120 (EUW)
: what is lcu ?
The updated client...
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Lyanne1 (EUW)
: Black screen since DirectX error
On the new client try initiate full repair or re-download the game....If it wont work ask Riots support
ZumbaFiTnEs (EUNE)
: email forgoten
You can try to send an email to your gmail by changing emails or passwords....bcz it sure that one email will be sent and then you will be able to find your email adress.....If it doesnt work or just you cant bcz you dont remember your password ask RIOT support for some help or even try to find it on your emails of the acc or accs that you have(there will be for sure 1 email from the first time that you signed up)
Amphysvena (EUNE)
: Choosing masteries lag
The best solution in my opinion i think is to try initiate full repair and if it not work ask riot support
: My game is showing me Attempting to reconect every 5 min
You can try to initiate full repair and if it not work re-install the game.....If it not work ask Riots support.
Febos (EUW)
: Report those videos to youtube as "spam or scam".
Thaks so happy now that ill report those hackers.
ˉˆºˇˉ (EUNE)
: How i can register in PBE ;--;
I asked riot about that cant register to pbe right now but they said that they will make an announcement when the pbe site will be ok.To say the truth sometimes its working......the most hours of the day not.
ModMayhem (EUW)
: Question about placements?
Its more like the mmr....if you got good mmr your elo will rise.....but you can win and lose mmr and it will low your elo......Everything is about the mmr.
Ernestoo123 (EUNE)
: Little help with new client please.
On the new client riot havent added yet the public chat like the legacy client.Riot might add it at 7.1 or 7.2 or else they wont add that.
: Can't Open Client
You can try to redownload the only thing that you can do if you cant open the game.
blind23 (EUW)
: game crash
Try to run as administraitor the lol but a better solution is to go full repair in the new client or even redownload lol....if nothing works it might be something about your computer(graphic card,proccesor)
: What to do if I suddenly get lag?
I think that trying to play with lag is the only option except you know what cause the lag(watching a video,downloading something)......and dont tell it to your teamates and play as much normal as you can bcz they might report you.
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: Will a taunt,jokes,interactions,recall....update ever happen????
Im not asking about any asking about the champions(specially the old),,,,if it was skin i would mentioned that.....but now im talking about champions
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: Elementalist Lux
Thanks you very much!!!
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: Blinking screen [Gameplay]
Try to do Initiate Full Repair.....or if it doesnt work try the Legacy Client launcher or else re-download the game ( the last option if everything fail ) .
: problem
You can try if you are on LCU client try to Initiate Full Repair, ir could be an internet problem or try to redownload the game.....
I have asked riot support about that and they said me that they know the problem and they are trying to fix it..........they said also that they are trying to release the dates of the pbe request time.........sometimes its ok but i dont know when they will fix it.If you want you can ask riot player support too....he will say you the same thing.
: Riot points sale soon?
Maube it wanna be one on Christmas......and you didnt miss anything bcz the didnt even unnounce anything about that....
Herushii (EUNE)
: logo freeze / gBsSndRpt
If you are using the Legacy Client icon i thing that it doesn't work......if you have the LCU it should play, if not it might be the internet.......also sometimes stucks if you spam the buttom......
: Unable to log in
Well....bcz you are playing on the updated client you can try the Initiate Full Repair buttom that is on settings on top right corner.


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