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: He's an assassin, taking out low health high priority targets. If there are none, why pick him? For all their talk of diversity, Rito seems to be deleting some champs from the game. I guess dedicated Zed players will find a way.
BUT in this meta, there are no squishes, look at my comment above. he cant take out low hp targets anymore.
Rstonius (EUW)
: This is a joke right? An assassins job is to assassinate squishies, not tanks, or do you want zed to be able to 4v1? He does his job just fine.
In this meta, there are NO squishies, only tanks. i've been in 5 games in a row today where there are 5 champs, over 2.5k hp and 140+ armor, on everyone of them (bruiser champs bot, ap mid that goes tabis and zhonya with resolve, cant even touch him, top lane bruiser, jg tank) - tell me what a zed can do in this meta? he cant even one shot anyone.
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: So they get a notification, avoid their punishment and will instead be toxic again later on? It's not that simple.
If i would get notified about being too toxic, i would stop being the next game.
: >u usually get banned after 2 games of chatting negative things, i dunno where you get your facts from but you should stop going there because this isn't how it works
I just got chat banned - reason riot gave - 2 games of chat logs.
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