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: ARURF. Put Sona in or remove Twitch.
As a Sona Main too, I agree with you. Her heal is for just one person and it just gives little hp. They should put her in the mode
: preseason ranked
You play to improve your MMR, thus making it better for your placements... If you lose some during your placements your MMR will back you up and you might not end in the worst possible tier to start the climbing
mizuji (EUW)
: I can't play ahri anymore
If I was you I would wait a bit for Riot to nerf other midlaners like Zed and Katarina, bcs they can destroy Ahri pretty easily now. Now you all think, I suck. The thing is i'm an Ahri main and I climbed with her out of Gold
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NmP Vortex (EUNE)
: Nerf or even remove that new champ Zoe
I wouldn't complain if she was an assassin. You see, the thing is, she can oneshot you from safety, Veigar and Syndra have to be way closer to delete you and they can delete you only with their ults
Rismosch (EUW)
: Kayn? Lore? Serious? Please, this guy is so edgy, he's a total joke. Seriously, I cringe everytime I think about that dude.
The thing is, you probably didn't understand what i meant by serious, and your opinion that he's edgy
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NmP Vortex (EUNE)
: Profile background customization
I have Aatrox as my background even though I played him only 5 times!!
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