TheMoro9 (EUW)
: [8.22] Nunu gamebreaking bug
Thanks for the video, this is the only example I saw where it happened from the Red Buff side!
: Aram issues
7/16/13 ain't a problem, definitely not when you are facing some tanks and Lux/Jayce against you [Irelia] and 4 squishies Although, you can always play along with your team. If they can't initiate, let it be.. for a while, and then suggest changing the tactic. The thing I hate to see is someone going around as some of them would say "It is just ARAM", implying that it does not matter. There are bot games for that.. the rest of it is more or less "multiplayer", you can't go solo all the time. One day or the other, someone would get into yours ranked game and say "It is just a game" implying that it does not matter at all.. and what will you then tell them? It is really important to me because my life depends on it.. it is my promotion game? xd Anyways, you won't get banned for feeding that easily.. unless you go 0/19/4 on a Viktor top haha
: Here goes
> [{quoted}](name=Naughtilus,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HPZRrUpT,comment-id=000800000001,timestamp=2018-10-14T13:24:36.207+0000) > > Here goes > > Not really a Rioter.. but the explanation is okay As I said, if you are just spreading negativity by constantly asking for one specific person to get "report x9" and what not.. that is not asking for a report, that is griefing. You did not help your team to somehow overcome any potential problems.. you just made it all worse Besides, for anyone that just keeps asking for multiple reports. I think that it counts just the same as if it was only 1 report. As long as the system can register violation, the review will trigger.. no matter how many passes it takes [if multiple] xd The only reason why you could ask for reports is if you are on your own a bit.. low on the short memory like I am haha So many times do I forget to report people because of reflexed movement that comes automatically after honoring teammates.. just play again
: 1st: asking for reports is reportable by itself. Someone deserving of a report, just report them. 2nd: fake reports have no impact if there was no act to back it up.
I am pretty sure that one Rioter said that asking for a report is not an offense on itself.. but griefing by doing that constantly and not offering anything positive can be reported back haha And yeah, no matter how much people report you.. if you didn't do anything wrong, the report is irrelevant
Khvost (EUW)
: I noticed that I always need to change URL from to watch.euw for getting rewards. Maybe for someone it will be helpfull.
That is the usual reason why people don't get it to work.. but the rewards do lag-out sometimes xd
: Watch and Earn mission not working
Open up your League client [keep it idle], hit on the current live game and let it lead you to the corresponding region website. Watch 2 games or let them roll in the background while you play.. the reward should come through regardless of what the notification says The "Something went wrong with setting up rewards" or whatever was it.. Whatever ya do, be sure you are on your region website.. so the link is "/" for EU West
Motivv (EUW)
: They just want you to keep watching worlds, its a mini scam that they did, if you read it slowly you get that they don't say watch One game, they mean just watch games, but how many? who tf knows, they do anything for views and money. Its slightly annoying.
It literally says "Watch 2 Worlds live games or VoDs". What do you mean by "they don't say watch One game, they mean just watch games"? Also, what the hell is "they do anything for views and money. It's slightly annoying"? You would like free access to their product but you would not like to pay for it in any manner.. how is that qualified as a sustainable business model in your mind?
111182 (EUW)
: question about honor
Play on a regular basis.. every day maybe a few games in ARAM if possible. Honor should rise up on every 2-3 weeks since on ARAM it is way easier to get honor as well to get going with overall progression faster. Usually, everyone will honor someone.. since it is easier to hit the big field for honoring than to hit the little arrow for skipping when you just want to go to the next game. That will speed up your leveling even if you don't get any honors. Especially if you do not tilt when losing or if you can carry the game with some good pick.. have fun and entertain others i.e. if you have Zilean and you have to reset.. mark someone with a snowball, drop a bomb on yourself and dash into the enemy. Honor +1 haha
BlackInkX2 (EUNE)
: Mass disconnect wave for the entire team.
Same issue, both our and enemy team disconnected for 15-30 seconds.. before that we had lag spikes that ranged around 5s each
: Shyvana in ARAM > Loading screen issues for millions
Errm.. the difference is that everyone can recreate bug involving Shyvana that can impacts the game a lot -> Where your problem could come from various different directions and is not that common as the one above So far, recently, I had only once the loading screen bug that ended up with me being bored af but other than that it runs normally
: Demonblade Tryndamere/Gentleman Cho'Gath rework
Even better than those two is Ice Toboggan Corki Edit: oh.. even Red Baron Corki is legendary.. wth
: Not given Champion Capsule when leveling up
I think I had that once, but then it appeared later on out of nowhere. DId you try restarting client? Other than that, poke support with a ticket, see if they have anything to say
Smerk (EUW)
: League Harrowing is inspired by real world Halloween and happens around that time, so late October. But will the story continue of it will be another boring year with new skins only? Who knows
That was earlier on, after that I think they said they will do it whenever they want to time it Read this Q&A - [Ask Riot: The Harrowing?]( We didn't have a Harrowing event in 2017, just the skins that.. were kinda themed towards it? The Deathsworns
Lari (EUNE)
: Did Jannah have a surgery?
To leave you breathless
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: A little problem...
[Nexus Blitz - Loading screen indicator and visual in-game bugs]( Happened to me too.. although I had one more teammate with it on my screen and the game-mode buff was layered aswell fun fun fun
: Punition is just an archaic form of the word punishment. The only related form that is still commonly used today is the adjective "punitive". The op of this post just threw the word in there to sound smarter than they actually are. Which is in general not a great idea when you can't even spell properly ("sanctionned"), let alone form gramatically sound sentences ("And if someone humiliates him verbally (which he can easily mute), as it should be, because people don't change without pressure and incentive, he's once again protected by riot who will punish TWICE that person for "toxicity"").
Learn a new thing every day, yay! Thanks haha
Sefi (EUNE)
: What the fluff is punition?
google it, generally - No punishment, the person won't be held accountable for their actions.. or, more precisely, not fairly enough to call it justice served haha I like reading posts like these.. learn me some new words. Same as with the League lore [: On topic - It is the drawback of the free to play games and today's ways of parenting, roughly to say it.. "dealing" with children FreeToPlay needs its player base to survive so the threshold is high up on the sky. And on the other hand, you have a toxic way of thinking that is rarely a product of self-investment ;p So it isn't planned and it isn't a failure, generally.. it is just the way things are at the moment Fight it on your own, with friends.. or welp.. xd
: Victorious Yasuo
Nah.. it's probably gonna be Jhin or Irelia xd For Championship they might realize they need some boost to the budget and we end up with Xayah and Rakan together as a championship bundle? (+wards, borders, icons, god knows what..)
Horodrim (EUW)
: Somewhat funny video made from my stream clips some time ago, hope you like it :)
You can probably cut down on the sound effects because your commentary is already entertaining, especially that contagious laugh haha
Kubajz (EUW)
: Did you get your second Chest and Key from ARAMarama ?
I have got it after a game of NexusBlitz, it was kinda strange q.q
evol (EUW)
: League edit 'LAST NIGHT PT. II'
Aww.. why take both 2077 songs :|
: I play a lot of ARAM and I see this type of players all time. They don't tryhard vs the enemy because they just want to relax. But the problems is the enemy tryharders who don't have something more good to do than ruining the game. I also have some games where I "play a game" where I say in the front of the enemies and try to dodge all the skills. Some times they rush on me and kill me like they winning something after that.
Tryharding for me would be flashing away not to ruin KDA when you are winning hard with tank maokai or showing that juicy mastery with every kill just to try to run away when you get caught but then you call it "I had to go buy" Having fun shouldn't mean you feed the enemy over and over again.. also, do tell in pre-game chat that you will go AD Fiddle, so that people could dodge if they are not fond of that idea or maybe start building full AP Sion? DarkHarvest Thresh? Who knows.. but at least do say it One thing is having fun together.. and the other is having fun yourself but ruining it for others
: So this is what is happening on a daily base of playing league
Don't add random people without checking who they are.. if you can't recall when did you play with them, just reject it They all have end-game chat to say sorry if you think they will xd
: I know. The point of my post is that the creeps of malzahar (voidlings = pets) DIDNT count towards the 6 stacks limited pool.
: > [{quoted}](name=NocaNoha,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=mls3J1wq,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2018-08-16T09:08:57.609+0000) > > You can't get banned for trolling if you are playing the game xd > > Also, one great thing you can try now... the Blitz mode. So short, way better than ARAM.. you can experiment as much as you want and do stupid things, no one will give a damn haha > > Edit: Also don't feed ya self with sad music if you are feeling that way sadly many people are toxic in nexus blitz was so fun one was salty.everyone did something non all i read is toxic behaivor.
True, starting to feel that more and more with each game.. almost like SR game :|
: Hint: look what type of board he posted this on ... ill let you figure out the rest yourself ;)
Vulpine (EUW)
: ARAMA-aram missions bugged!!!!
the event is 6 days for 2x3 missions and 2 chests, at least that's what I understood, today [24th August] is the chance to earn the first chest... xd
Sunwise (EUNE)
: Remove Xerath and Sona from ARAM
Xerath can be beaten by things like Maokai, Ziggs, Lux.. Katarina ain't that much of a problem, usually, the team that has more CC and at least some poke/ sustain... wins
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: League of Legends - Movie Trailer By: WardMyBush
{{champion:117}}: Yup, that tasted purple btw nice job with the quotes, they've added a bit to the story
TTashin (EUW)
: I get what you're saying about it being another style but it's just really outdated and doesn't fit in the game anymore + you're lying if you say you can look at this without your eyes hurting. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Can't look at that but I can at Warrior Princess Sivir :D
TTashin (EUW)
: Champions(kins) That Need New Splash Arts List *Need Feedback*
Considering some previously existing ~~abominations~~ art.. that Sivir one isn't bad at all :D Yeah the style is not the same as the skins nowadays, but it isn't a "hard to look at image" xd
: And even SIVHD has left LOL
I remember that I stopped following SivHD because he stopped uploading any content.. long long ago Don't even start with Dunkey, that was ages ago.. for a malphite that was feeding his ass off xd
: I dont mind rename and others too as Quin ,Annie and others. If they let Willump showed name then let others have their too.
Yeah, but Willump ain't just a trained animal D: He is self-aware and constantly interacts with Nunu while they are together, where others are like.. "This is me and my.. pet pig/bird/coward of a reptile.." xd The only duo where that could be okay for me is Lulu and pix. Pix did lure Lulu into its world, so it is an evil spirit that is constantly cooperating with her.. and kinda has a mind of its own. That could maybe be changed to Lulu and Pixie?
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Real Justice would be giving Kled and Skaarl a skin after 2 years of nothing new... Skaarl wants to dress up too
I have an idea for a skin, gonna drop it soon™ Will be rough visualization but I think the concept idea could be nice
: Justice for Skaarl !
Skaarl is a coward! That's why there's no Kled & Skaarl.. Kled is the owner of gazillion acres of property, he ain't sharing it with Skaarl. No sir. Otherwise, we would have to rename some other champs too.. Lemme think.. {{champion:22}} Sejuani and a pig! [Which one is the pig](
: I always play with music, usually chill music, or depressing songs cause thats how i feel when getting the teammates that i get, and when i feed my ass off. As for the latter, Ill prob get banned for trolling, so not a good solution.
You can't get banned for trolling if you are playing the game xd Also, one great thing you can try now... the Blitz mode. So short, way better than ARAM.. you can experiment as much as you want and do stupid things, no one will give a damn haha Edit: Also don't feed ya self with sad music if you are feeling that way
: I became way to toxic.
Music, don't play ranked, go for just a few games.. if it ain't going well [3 max] If it's all fine and dandy, then stop at the first defeat haha If someone is tilting you because they are underperforming - Either try to make up for their losses or start building something for fun I mean, if the game is already lost.. switching from a tank to ad build won't hurt you much xd
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=NocaNoha,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=OWOu4hyf,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-08-15T14:12:34.653+0000) > > > > It is a nice short > > Do you want to be Sid? ^^ Cant see the video, so i cant answer your question... For now at least...
"There's a Man in the Woods" is the name of the video.. if you by any chance got blocked by the "restricted in your country" or smth smth.. xd
King Lego (EUNE)
: Is it fair/reasonable to say "fire this rioter" It is a nice short Do you want to be Sid? ^^
: You don't always get feedback when submitting successful reports - infact most of the time you won't. It's only around 10-15% of the time iirc. Report them for offensive name and detail why in the report log. It would also be worth submitting a ticket to player support if you haven't already.
I think I've read somewhere that support "suggested" to the player that they should use in-game reporting system. Probably because if the players get used to reporting people directly to support because they see it as a more effective way of "serving justice".. someone will get overloaded with tickets xd But yeah, I know that I probably won't get feedback on a report.. since it is just stacking them until automatic punishment is issued or whatever I do always add details to a report.. and one thing came to my mind earlier. Why there is no option to note "keywords" for the system to search? Sort of like tags haha If the system finds enough matching, the report could be forwarded to personnel for an overview or system could execute the punishment right away if the phrase is really matching one from the database made by RIOT or something. If there are no keywords, then it can search the same way it is doing now xd But then again, I would also change the punishments to mostly chat/semi ping-restrictions and not bans. Of course, unless it is really something serious.. i.e. pedophilia
Tarolock (EUNE)
: this why you have the report button, you can report for offensive name...
The only time I got report feedback thing is when I reported someone for an offensive name.. And I reported that person just because they were a troll.. otherwise, I would let it slide The irony haha
: Girls playing LoL
Just checking in to say that I found it funny that you started with "Hey guys" haha Anyways - searching on google with this type of entry: "girls" "league of legends" "boards" ..gave this result Have fun
: League's best ever Joke
Soo.. when is the next Ashe skin? haha
: {{champion:223}} ????
My type of person.. who doesn't like a fish that can throw up on command :D Edit: Not to mention that he has tons of dialog options to intelligently insult your fellow enemy champion!
: Oracle shouldn't be able to grant vision to INVISIBLE enemies on ARAM
Dunno.. I saw some talon players just going pass by that. Guess they just seek the right conditions to strike.. and of course, snowball mark haha Take for example Eve. Her main thing, the invisibility and roaming around, striking from shadows.. is generally taken away from her because she has one line. She is on one end and the enemy is on the other... Not all champions are meant to be viable on ARAM because Ziggs will always poke them down and Janna will negate all of your attempts to engage xd
: Is ARAM rigged?
You've mentioned god tier and then didn't list Janna and Sona.. c`mon! Anywawys.. you get rolls of defeats and then rolls of victories. That is how it goes. Just lately, there's a lot more of afk/dc-ed people, a lot more of trolling.. so it tends to prolong the mentioned periods of victories/defeats by a lot haha
DarkoKancer (EUNE)
: Hextech Exchange Idea
Not sure how beneficial would that be to Riot`s business model haha They need the cash to live after all xd
: [Gameplay] Fps drops!
I do get this on ARAM, but I think it is connected to specific champions/skins Still trying to figure it out
: Gathering storm on ARAM
There's already too much damage in ARAM considering that everyone gets gold globally.. all we would need now is Tanks running gathering storm to stomp us even more If it gets adjusted, it should be ever so slightly, maybe just the upper limits as in? As in like.. instead of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.. it goes 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 etc. To act sort of as a booster to finish the game faster since ARAM game that reaches 30min is already killing the fun or whatever was left of it xd
: Anivia.. Corki.. Rumbled mech should be movement impaired when flying... Anything else? When fantasy screws with reality.
Each time I buy boots for fiddle I just imagine he hangs them on his shoulder
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