Zumyu (EUW)
: 1. They cannot stop releasing champion because there are people that deserve some unique playstyles because they just cannot play other champs (for example me im ahri main with 130k mastery point and when i 1v1 50k ahri main that love the playstyle of ahri i lose cause i do not fit that playstyle) 2. Yuumi is just a meme that became op asf and they cannot nerf her because that will destroy her in botlane however when she stick to a bruiser they 2v8 the game and win and if you think about 'so they need to nerf bruisers' no that not the bruisers main fault and that will create more hate to league of legends so removing yuumi from the game is greater good (im sorry yuumi main but you know how op she is) 3. Bugs are everywhere in every game but fixing them is harder than you think because when fixing a bug there is a posibility that other bug created from the solution of the latest fixed bug (example: when they fixed tft long queue time the euw login screen bugged so suddenly and there they needed to make a maintenance to remove the login bug)
this entire message proved only 1 point, and that is that ur terrible at the game. if you cant win a 1v1 with a lees skilled player of ur main champ just cuz "he plays it correctly" and u play it.... i have no clue how, ahri only has 1 existing and viable playstyle, thats an oof and second of all, yummi is not op asf, she is inhumanly garbage, she is walking free gold, and if anyone says yummi is op asf... well they probably are loosing a 1v1 with a 50k ahri is all im gonna say
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MirirLightHammer,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=J77Zj0s1,comment-id=00020000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-15T10:07:34.637+0000) > > then you just created a LOOPHOLE. people CAN flame and go unpunished if they "don't say anything bad" after that one. oh, and to answer your " what if someone ASK what those letters mean?" you can just ADD AN EXCEPTION. or several, in order to cover the most "common" questions people might have > "what does [3 letters] mean?" > "what does [3 letters] mean" > "what doe [3 letters] mean?" > and so on. > we are not talking about a small thing, it's emotionally taxing for a kid and you can't just dismiss it as "oh well, ifsomeone INNOCENTLY asks what it means we can't ban them" > name one person who genuinely asked those questions. ONE. > seriously, either fix this thing or bring back the tribunal, slow justice is better than faulty justice! > oh and i'm still waiting for the bans to all the people who wished my mother cancer and told me to off myself. but, no, they are ok, because I said MORON to a MORON. > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I'm not sure if you haven't read or are just choosing to ignore other things I've said, but to make it amply clear here: - I'm talking a situation where someone has no record of being a jerk, is never a jerk after, and the only thing they've ever said once is "%%%". This is highly unlikely to get you an instant 14 day suspension, but may result in a lower punishment (chat restriction) or put you very very close to 14 day suspension on further misbehaviour - You can always contact support for a manual investigation. They cannot share the outcome, but they can manually check it - These are extremely unlikely scenarios. Generally speaking, in a majority of cases, %%% is going to earn you a 14 day suspension or a permaban. I'm here to talk edge cases and weird scenarios, rather than the defacto punishment and how things "normally" work. You seem to be taking my post as "This is how it works all the time, every time", which is not the case whatsoever. %%% is **almost** always a punishment of some form.
but that goes against every logic of what you said, or somewhat of what league is are you telling me i can be nice, then tell someone to %%%, and then continue being nice WITHOUT punishment? that is abysmal %%% should be a ban on sight, you type it, you are gone but i mean if THAT is the kind of game riot wants, where people pretend to be nice and then drop the bad words onto 1 person they dont like, alright so you just need to be friendly a couple of games, then 1 guy you dont like, you tell him something like im gonna shoot up your school, and then you continue being nice, no punishment. Good. Good. Very solid way to battle toxicity. And you wonder why people are quitting
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Sefi (EUNE)
: The system is learning based on what we're reporting, so i'd say it might work for a bit before more people start reporting it.
if thats true, than thats terrible toxic people will report you anytime they dont like ur gameplay, so the system gets easily corrupted or tricked
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Coldnich (EUNE)
: ***
well if you siad this in game my response would be "get a head start on lvling a new acc" but since its here im just gonna say that.... you do nothing but prove me right here no matter what happens on lanes, toxic people will always find a way to insult jungler for it
: i will give you a hint to why that is People are getting banned constantly They create new accounts If the bans on their mains isn't permanent they hardly care ie the base Elo of an account (silver2) and low level normal games are the absolute worst (p1 and d4 later on but due to different reasons) bear this in mind if you do insist on playing ranked People want to win People will lose 50% of their games at an average In those 50% they will be salty as hell and in the 50% they win if they have to work for the win they will be even saltier it's just the nature of competition and the nature of kids that were never thought how to lose
one thing in ur comment that hit my eyes is "in ranked, people want to win" i do too. I want to win as much as possible, but i know telling my teamates that i want him to (insert rape/suicide threats) isnt gonna help achive a win
: oh wow you play on eune server do people pick mf as adc every game there? also I didn't mean those casual greetings you hear always I meant being genuinely nice to them
yes im trying to be genuinely nice to my teamates and keep up the spirit when everyone is like /all gg open
IzzŸ (EUW)
: I %%%%ing hate how every comment in this thread is just throwing shit back at junglers instead of acknowledging that they're responsible for their own %%%% ups.
thats kinda the impluse behind this posts creation just exploring how deep the "better jungler wins" meme goes
Shamose (EUW)
: > but if laner comming to help would have changed the fights outcome, then you really do have to admit you are a bit at fault there So if the jungler could've changed the outcome then the jungler is at fault?
see yes. thats what i mean by saying jungle diffirence is a bad meme. If a jungler is 3 steps away from, lets say, top lane, and a fight is going top, and the jungler just walks away, thats griefing, you could have saved your ally or at least secure the kill if your ally still happens to die But if the jungler is not near, and you just die in 1v1 and type in "lel junglers fault somehow" thats u making excuses
: Every potential yuumi main needs to read this
its nice and all but i still feel like riot is pushing out too many champs tons of existing bugs with existing champs, im sure no one would mind if they took a 3-4 months break from making any new champs what so ever and focused entirely on existing content improve still looks great, and its so strange to see people making guides for unreleased champs, its like how smart are u? i make guides for not yet existing champs ~~and i watch rick and morty~~ jesus.......
Shamose (EUW)
: > see thats a very bad mindset. What i wrote is completly diffirent what i mean is jungler being at bot side and top laner dies to 1v1 with laner, says BETTER JUNGLER WINS while obviously this was all on him and jungler had nothing to do with this Yeah totally different. My jungler 1v1ing the enemy jungler in river, losing then saying "GG I HAVE NO MID" while I obviously had nothing to do with it.
i mean if its a stupid 1v1 like he getting oneshot and you comming there wouldnt change the outcome of the fight, granted but if you comming there could change the outcome of the fight, you should leave your lane for your own sake not for junglers, assist or kill, and keping a good morale by being a teamplayer still yes if its a bad fight, no reason to blame laner but if laner comming to help would have changed the fights outcome, then you really do have to admit you are a bit at fault there i mean look at pro play, see how anytime someone is in danger, other notice and instantly run to help him? replicate that, profit, get paid, get laid, gfuel
: have you tried being nice to your teammates for one game and see if the toxicity is gone or not?
i got a screenshot thats a perfect answer to your question https://imgur.com/a/85ZjQQP
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Shamose (EUW)
: A shitton of junglers in my game do a buff, camp and then go scuttle and just blame laners because they refuse to give up their lane, so the jungler just loses the 1v1 and are behind af.
see thats a very bad mindset. What i wrote is completly diffirent what i mean is jungler being at bot side and top laner dies to 1v1 with laner, says BETTER JUNGLER WINS while obviously this was all on him and jungler had nothing to do with this what you are refering to is the basic league strat, T E A M W O R K of course when you see your jungler 10 centimeters away from you fighting at scuttle, you leave your lane to help him what do you miss?? 3cs?? oh nooo how terrible what do you get?? your jungler doesnt die, you might get a kill or assist but mostly what you get is that you arent a selfish scumbag, and you teamwork with ur teamates becuase you care about them try that what you refeer to is a laner refusing to teamwork what i refer to is a laner blaming jungler for his on lane performance
Dedenne (EUNE)
: It might be cuz junglers int ur lane and give double buffs or slowpush ur lane so the enemy can perma freeze.
does jungler int ur lane involve you not following an easy gank / dive?? just asking tons of times, jungler comes for a good dive, and laner just doesnt follow and isntead spam ping back thats not a junglers fault :)
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Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: No, those are 1v9. Unless you're playing Twisted Treeline, but TT is a joke. And I'm saying that as a guy who learned playing this game playing solely TT, because at the time my PC couldn't handle SR.
HOLY CRAP thats such dejavu in season 1 ending my computer was super trash and couldnt handle SR + i played 3v3 since the beginning so i didnt think about switching becuase i didnt know about ranked yet lvled up to 30 solely on Twisted Treeline... boy good times rito bring back old TT, it was so good this new one is so bad and unenjoyable
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Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Scrub, you are nothing until you win 1v5.
so..... until you win a classic ranked game?? snap xd
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: on the contrary, many bruisers have so much sustain or health gain it feels stupid to fight them .-. renekton r - big boi rage nasus - his w. oh and his r i guess... 0.5 Qs are too much for me hecarim - man you seen his early game E dmg? feels like getting hit by a truck even when he builds cinderhulk yi - eh his w feels bs for all assassins (50% dmg mitigation. really?) also his e deals true dmg thats higher than his ad dmg idk and so on .-. like personally i'm fine if you have damage resistance OR sustain, but it feels deadly when they have BOTH with the added bonus of some CC renekton - that rage w nasus - man his w slow feels like a 3 second root + exhuast irelia - q healing + w reduction and yeah I wouldn't think they are broken, they are equally as problematic as their counterpart, adcs (i mean theres a balance here) but assassins feel to be only capable of killing adcs atm. doesn't feel right that irelia or yi can run through a entire team while assassins exhaust their entire kit (WHICH HAS NO SUSTAIN) to just kill a key character...
yyeah thats what i mean each champion is unique and works better and worse against stuff and other stuff if i pick teemo top, renekton is easy, if i take yi top, renekton can easily shrek me same for master yi, wanna obliterate him?? > {{item:3157}} this fun item here completly bricks his focus and can just yeet him in a teamfight
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Dont buy RP- Petition
Balance is fine matchmaking is kinda EHH cuz it takes 10 minutes to find a game but other than that
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why do people surrender so easily in normals?
its a competetive PVP game winning a normal is just as important as winning a ranked some people dont share this mentality and they simply give up because LP is not in cost
: ... one part I don’t get. Why are bruisers better in 1v1 compared to assassins who are supposed to punish isolated players? It feels like bs to watch khazik, zed, talon etc get demolished by Yi or renekton and sht
See there is a reason for that too An Assassin, much like what it means, is someone who can instantly kill an unsuspecting target fast, without being seen much, and unexpectedly. A Bruiser, is a sustaining lane and team fighter, meaning he should be able to win a 1v1 that takes more than 1 second or that isnt an array of oneshotting spells So if ur an ADC with no way of protection, a talon combo will kill you, unseen, fast, deadly, An Assassin But a bruiser as yi, he can dodge or deflect ur combo, OR outsustain it with lifesteal and then defeat you with autoattacks. Better in a 1v1 fight that isnt a oneshot fiesta, A Bruiser look at it this way, if yi was so op, all challanger players would abuse him to get trilions of LP yet thats not how it is....
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: > holy shit what even isnt a symbol these days XD           ⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸            You will be amazed how many are out there          ⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸⧸ Also symbol with 4 dots if you want: ᠁
BIG SOLIDUS what the heck is this xd
: Score is everything?
unless ur a 0/10 yasuo mid xD im sorry this is a bit of a toxic comment but you know when they guy instalocks yasuo and says "im best yasuo world, get carried noobs" its just gonna be a fiesta on mid
: my account has been stolen
See this happened to me too, an old account we made with friends got stolen in season 3. But we didnt know the info, as if we remember when we made the acc, or what were first 3 champs like who remembers that xd Rito wouldnt give it back because you know, how do we prove its ours
RooneR (EUNE)
: Nerf YI Pls
See now, No. Lets imagine a scenario, a Yi with a bloodrazor, Botrk, and Guinsoo rageblade is solo pushing top, attacking turret so he has full stacks on guinsoo, and enemy team walks to him one by one, ofc they all die, but thats just bad gameplay, not champ design flaws. If you go as team and do 1 good stun, yi gets torn to shreds Or teemo, reks yi as well Or rammus Or simply any stuns Or zhonya etc etc
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} This is only one symbol: **…** He has 4 of this and another random symbol.
holy shit what even isnt a symbol these days XD no but i googled his twitch and its appearantly RAT_IRL and he also has a clubtag "Temp234" how do you do that? if i remember, TEMP is when a name gets banned for being offensive so u just make an offensive clubtag and u get it reported and then changed to Temp(numbers)??
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: I'm so tired it took me 3 reads of the title to figure out this was game time and not actual times on a clock {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: i guess this became the games biggest backlash. only got back last week from a long break playing the game and it seems that the lvl ing queue 1 -> 30 and whole "low elo" lets say everything below low plat is full off these kind of toxic ppl. and u can't really do anything about it cause these guys keep increasing in numbers way more then new players. at least i think this from what i seen. ban them?? nope ->they make a new account and start over. funny thing though is that they never learn from their mistakes: i noticed that ppl still make the same mistakes as 4-5 seasons ago. my actually first game when i came back: enemy team had a fed singed and like 8-9 times everyone tried to chase the singed. asap i went triple{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Yeah i mean thats the experince you get you play level 10 game and ur top laner asks you what rank you are......... thats just... what... or, just had a nice game, everyone was like 4/1 everyone is winning, im jungle, gank top, take the kill insta death threats from top laner for being a "low life leecher taking my kills" and also got flipped the Funny 3 letters we all like so much so obviously this person will soon get 25 chat ban or 14 days ban, and after 14 days one little slip and boom, perma banned, at level 15 or 20 and start over its so much time wasted for them, i just wonder what they do that they have so much time to waste
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: technically, not playing the first 1.35 etc, etc minutes is the same as beeing afk wich IS a punishable offend towards the rules. no more, no less.
See thank you i had an AFK lb for 2 min and when i said LB pls dont afk, everynoe started being toxic towards me for saying so we actually died on lane just cuz she wasnt there (oh yeah this was urf btw)
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drymonkey (EUW)
: thats usualy cus they have already given up on the game and dont want all the blame cus they fed....that 1 death doesn't matter i know but they have just given up
but what i mean is, there is still a chance to defend the nexus and ace enemy team into a comeback, always is. Enemyes focus on nexus, might get pulled or knocked into fountain, might not focus and die etc etc its not just about dying until the very last second, i mean genuinely just get out there and defend
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