Kurotsu (EUW)
: I suppose that's why its all-random URF, so that you dont always get the champion that tower hugs and spams skillshots.
no, always. it doesnt matter what champ it is, even if they get something super broken, they still are afk under turret hugging. Never come out, never! had a game on euw account with some friends like 5 minutes ago i got Janna, enemy got Zed, he didnt come from under tower until he was lvl 13, at which point his entire team came and they tried to end mid, he was 0/0/0 9 minutes into an URF game
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: This is very situational. If the tower is about to go down then trying to defend is pointless, you’ll just give up kill gold as well as a tower and fall even further behind. And like stated before late game if you die good chance you loose so giving up a tower for a chance to fight is worth it. Towers are important but picking your battles is also important... no point trying to fight a losing battle if that’s gonna just be good only for your enemies
the setting is more of a "5 allies alive, 5 enemyes alive" what i meant here but yes. basically imagine 5 enemyes running down mid taking turrets, and your team of 5 people, not doing anything about it, just letting them take it and watching it. THAT is bad
: Side note: This only works in early game, not 40 mins into the game where you respawn for 50s {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
still faster respawn than turrets, which respawn for 99999999999999999 seconds <3
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neropa (EUNE)
: Yeah, It doesn't but it prevents flamers, so thats still something.
no its not. Flaming doesnt give enemyes gold, or throw games, inters do. And dont try to say uhhh but positive spirit helps. no it doesnt. There is only 1 factor in league Gameplay. nothing else, chat does not change the outcome of a game in any way, and if you think it does, ur seriously too sensitive to be playing online games
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neropa (EUNE)
: I'd recommend you muting everyone. Nothing really important will be told on the chat in these ranks. Pings are enough communication most of the time. Also I recommnd you to play your best (Zyra) so don't try meta picks if you aren't comfortable with them.
muting everyone doesnt prevent 0/10 inters
: Stop playing ranked for a week
My friend. Nothing of this will ever come in effect, and the simple reason why not is dum du du duuuuum MR L9 RAT IRL you see, after T1 got reformed, Draven mains going HEHE XD perished and stopped running down, but.... AP0CALYPSE, RAT IRL, PRNSTAR ZILEAN all these people presist, and as long as they exist and are what they are, people fanboys will mimic them in last 20 ranked games i had about 16 inters ruin most of the games, all L9 fanboys as long as this exists, ranked will never be what it should be
CJXander (EUNE)
: Everytime someone mentions "inter" all i can think about is Inter Milan or Inter Sport. It is really pissing me of to see even players like Rekkless at worlds misusing this term.
XD actually whats happening here is you think he is misusing it, when really, he isnt Inters are everywhere, in almost every single ranked game. Queueing up without getting at least 1 inter in diamond and lower is percentually almost impossible, weather on your or enemy team
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