: How to loose a ranked game...
this game is at its dyin moments,so better play another game that actualy supports u and thinks about u,rather then p;layin league which has lost its touch with its community
: Soo, bjergsen actually likes the game he's been playing for 9 years? Holy crap what a shock. Here's some other news that will astonish anyone who found this surprising: Water is wet. Mind fcking blown amirite? And concerning the youtuber who made that video: I think I've seen more pathetic attempts to salvage a dying career, but definitely not many.
haters gona hate
Shamose (EUW)
: Here I go what? It's some washed up dude trying to stir controversy to blow some life into his dead career. _"Oh noes his opinion is different from mine, I'm gonna call him names in a video."_ Remember when this dude played for TSM? Remember how he though solo queue was better for his career than scrims? This is just some toxic person ranting on about a game he isn't relevant in anymore.
thats ur opinion doesnt mean people cant change. hes stating some obvious things and there truth in it ui have over 14k games on my belt and u sir prob dont.
: TheRainMans channel has been going downhill for a while now. At one point I enjoyed his videos, but now he just seems so desperate for attention that he is willing to stir up drama with anyone he disagrees with.
it sems u have not yet played 14k plus games to understand that this game is going downhill and pros are tryin to save the game for their own benefit,so they can prolonge their carier and grab more money,eevry company including riot is a profit company,they dont care about theur costumers all they care is money,which is a reality,sadly today in this world we call planet earth. this game can be so much better,all i care now is league story and where its headed. godday sir
: For all of those claiming that they got unfair banned....
Rioter Comments
Jiñ Kazama (EUNE)
: Riot has to do something about that 1BE Capsules and Prestige Points Bug
Xaytah (EUW)
: Are events getting repetitive?
-Welcome to the world where u lose anmd people profit from u when u lose. U know after 8 years of playin,i have come to a conclusion,this game isnt what it was,game is dyin,community maybe is bad and partialy rensonsible,but riot not doing anything right will be their downfall. When i login and try to do these misions,it feels like i have to play ranked,i have to try hard with brand to carry their sorry %%%%s asses. I have come here to enjoy and have fun doing misions,not playin with people who yet have to learn the game. It seems all of u have not yet woken up. RIOT WILL NEVER EVER FIX THEIR MATCHMAKING,I,VETERAN PLAYER,OVER 12K GAMES OVERAL,TOPLANE,SUPP EXPERIANCED ;PLAYER,I M SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING FOR RI.OT TO FIX THEIR GODA=DAMNED LP SYSTEM,REPORT SYTEM,METCMAKING SYSTEM. i HAVE NUMEROURS TIMES SAID IF U REALY CARE ABIOUT THIS GAME,STOP BUYIN THEIR PRODUCTS,SPEAK WITH UR WALLETS NOT WITH WORDS. AND THEY WILL LISTEN,IF U CONTINUE TO BUY THEIR PRODUCTS THEY WILL THINK THAT EVERYTHING IS OK. SEE WHAT HAPENED TO BLIZZARD CUZ THEY DDINT LISTEN?! WAKE UP AND STOP BUIYIN SKINS,STOP BUYIN RP!!!! THEY WILL NEVER FIX THEIR GAME CUZ MASS WONT WAKE UP AND ,MINORITY LIKE ME CANT HELP ANYONE CUZ GODMAN LIFE. ONE DAY I LL STOP CARRING ABOUT THIS GAME AND I LL JUST MOVE ON,AS EVERY OTHER ;PERSON WHO QUITED DID. URS TRULY- ADVANCEDISO,YORIC MAIN,FROM SEASON 1 TO SEASON 8.
yas503 (EUW)
: Dead game??? ;'(
Dude riot cant ignore the community which MADE them what they are,if not for us players,riot wouldnt exist,also its importand to get a stronger enemy player,so u can learn,expecialy if ur new,u think i ddint get but kicked every game when i started back on season1?wtf are u talking about bud? i m now plat every season,i learned the game so much,still learning,always a student,never an expert as one person said. u need to go through trial and eror to learn,if u dont like go and play fortnite,cuz fortnite is fortnite and league is league,diff comapanies diff thinking and interest,ofc no game is perfect,ofc..
: My experience this mounth on league of legends
dude,just use the fkn mute button like me,i play toplane gp and idc about them,i care about improving my knowlege about the game and skill.godyday sir
: i do know of the community im afraid mate, hense my hesitation on trying to get into the game more :(
its ur decision,i just said my side of the story
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=lordmaxpako,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=qEEHruRN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-23T11:01:06.691+0000) > > i can help u You cant sadly and neither can I he plays on EUW. Edit Who are the downvote happy children who downvoted a true statement... EUW cant play with EUNE... god some people.
nice english
: New to LoL
my advice is quit while ur still not addicted and not yet seen the flame and the bad community,where ur yet to see and u need to stfu in games to get an honor5,gl bud
: Ranked Flex Team
My nickname- Evidence,i play toplane,off role is supp this is my second acc. been playin league since season1
: The toxic players havent faced a punishment yet, so they think they are invincible. Lower honors have faced the horrors themselfes and have reformed to not get banned again.
they havent been punished cuz if people feed it doesnt matter,the only thing that does matter is to sstfu and get honor5 which i m gnma this this season,sadly,i jope RIOT END up like BLIZZARD did WITH DIABLO fiesta.
Chaeor (EUW)
: the "what i think" most dumbest sason change out there
if this game doesnt entertain u,u can always find another game.
QUT Kosmish (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=WxvJ85wc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-22T07:21:06.444+0000) > > I BELIEVE WE ARE TALKING IN CAPS TODAY. HELLO FELLOW HUMAN. > > REWARDS ARE STILL BEING PROCESSED, HOWEVER ALSO PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK OUT THIS NEW SETTING: > > https://i.imgur.com/omvEloE.png HAHAHA I love the fact you responded with all caps too :) But this option has been enabled. Anyways hello fellow riot. Im just really frustrated about that I'm honor 0 , and i didnt get the orianna skin and the icons which is pretty fair i must say for honor 0 and honor 1 players. But does this mean ur taking away our rank in the banner too ?
Dmitko (EUNE)
: A unique ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity for one lucky Rioter
thats called time conzuming,which is every companys goal,so ofc no ones a moron to waist time on this projhect
: No ranked icon or banner,
Shèlby (EUNE)
: WHen will the balance team get paid to do their job ?
when u play vs irelia if her qonqurer rune activates u need to bk off u prob nerver do thata so ofc she has that lead by 15 min
Mealody (EUW)
: Rito explain this pls.
the reason u dont get s is so riot makes u play more for that s,therefore they conzume more of u time which is their goal as a gaming company.
MikeGR1 (EUNE)
u prob had a lv honor 0 and ddint get a reward,feelsbadman
Zanador (EUNE)
: Yeah, i know what you mean. When Singed was in meta my favorite counter pick to him was Mundo. I could just build the HP+MR+CDR items, perfect build and never worry about dying at all. Even if Singed tried to proxy i could just ignore him, because Mundo can effortlessly tank the minion wave, so my towers hardly lost any hp. But there is a catch: Mundo can't kill Singed, he just outscales him eventually. So in every game with this match up i start by telling my jungler to completely ignore top lane. Never come to gank, never try to save me, ignore Singed if he goes to proxy and we will win. But 70% of the times, the jungler does come to top and i know that we either give Singed a double kill now for free or i will get flamed because i didn't help my jungler. I eventually had to drop this counter pick because it doesn't work if the jungler does not listen to me. By the way, i started playing well before season 1 started and had 3 years of DotA behind me at that point. I have played somewhere between 9-10K matches on SR alone. So while you undoubtedly encountered more of the worst, i think i had more than my fair share of idiots and hopeless people along the way too. My main advantage is that my emotions are quite numb by nature. I honestly just laugh in situations where others get angry, because that is pretty much the only reaction random teammates can bring out of me. That being said, i acknowledge that you are a veteran too and i probably can't tell you too much that you didn't already know, but do you mind if i try to return your favor and place your own example into a bit different perspective for you? You mentioned how you just question how someone who goes 2-8 with Draven got into your match. But i have a little bit different point of view on this than you do. Of course, sometimes the player is just bad or first times this champion or just got matched into a game way out of his league. But Draven in particular is his own case.. If he gets one or two kills early on before he dies, he suddenly gets so powerful that he can kill his opponents in 2-3 hits and steamroll the match into an early finish. Any player who is good enough to be matched with you knows that Draven has to die 2-3 times before he gets his first kill or his snowballing will be uncontrollable. Considering this, the 2-8 Draven in your match is either weak or you are just matched against an enemy team that is truly on your skill level.. or both, naturally. This i think is a design mistake that Riot created and now they can't dig themselves out of this ditch. Draven players like this champion exactly because of how powerful his snowballing is and how oppressive he can become after just one kill, but in order to improve the game's overall health, this design should be removed. As you said, the problems do go deep. And i'm pretty sure that fixing any of them would anger a lot of player so it can't be done without being thorough and planning ahead. Unfortunately it seems like Riot just goes for the surface level patches and hardly ever address the deep roots of the problems. But exactly because i know these, i don't get mad at players who get destroyed unless they also start flaming and blaming, because they had nothing to do with the design mistakes and they are just suffering the consequences just as much as i do. For me, it is not difficult to be nice or at least neutral to them.
exatcly my friend,but some people are deluded,and riot does a good job at that,so yeah. there a lot of new players,who just cant seem to grasp the game,i dont blame them,its riot fault,so many vetereans quited,there no one left to help new players.
: donkey didnt get banned because he criticized players... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} he got banned because he was very aggressively wishing players their deaths that they be gunned down in the street and stuff. That's just stupid stuff to say. Has nothing to do with being able to take it.
u ddint read the whole thing,u missed out on my point dude,i was talkin about that u all need to play less this game and do more things in ur life that matter to u,league isnt life,league is sucking ur time,time u will never get back,they dont care about u or me,what they care is their lcs and their skins. He quited the game,ye cuz he got banned,but he could still play the game,but he ddint cuz people int his games and ofc her will tell some1 that they are shiet,but people take those words as insults and not as a way to get better adn say sorry they %%%ed up,u my friend are in a system called catle,where riot is a men and ur cattle,idc about their honor system,i care about recognition which they dont give,%%% their free to play game,when they are arrogant company,who cant bring the right people and fix their game,instead they ignore and think that will solve their game,nop. u are arrogant as they are btw.
: donkey didnt get banned because he criticized players... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} he got banned because he was very aggressively wishing players their deaths that they be gunned down in the street and stuff. That's just stupid stuff to say. Has nothing to do with being able to take it.
u ddint read the whole thing,u missed out on my point dude,i was talkin about that u all need to play less this game and do more things in ur life that matter to u,league isnt life,league is sucking ur time,time u will never get back,they dont care about u or me,what they care is their lcs and their skins. Thehy dont give recognition to veteran player,players who achived hihg div over many seasons,if u dont get what i mas sayin u never played more then 3-4 years,and u r are still at gold knowlege about the game.
: What to do with Orange essence when you have all the skins?
Move on with ur life and spend money at things that realy matter to u.
H3nTaIfrEeK (EUNE)
: The honour system is %%%%ed to be quite frank
as to u mister,u are silver 2,it seems u have failed to climb to gold5,are u new to the game?,cuz itd a long road ahead of u dude,not ur attitude,ur knowlege and skill..
Zanador (EUNE)
: If someone has honor level 2 or above, then simply playing and staying silent in games is enough to climb. However if you are under honor 2, then you won't start leveling up until "the system deems you positive" paraphrasing from Riot. You have to be actively positive or constructive in order to start climbing again.
dude do u know why donkey the youtuber quited the game?i m an experianced player and when i see a yasuo 0 6 at 10 min or draven 2 8 at 20 min,i say to them wtf are u doing in my games?they say to me stfu and i say to them pls go afk and the and the torch is lighted my friend. i wont and shall not try anymore to encourage them or tell them its ok,chiill and focus,i have done that,so many times,it never helped,so ofc i m gona critize people and tell them the truth,which ego,mammys boys cant take. I have been diamond on 3 acc,sold them cuz i neded money,only acc i have now is plat5-Evidence,its plat cuz i have a job and others hobbies i like to do,league is a side thing. Been playin from season1,have over a 20k games.. so many times i played toplane and when i see my jungler comin on top and i m playin vs darius and he doesnt understand that he cant come,its futile,he comes and we both die and he does that defensive juingler thing,"wtf are u doing gp?he says that to me,he lies,he has the guts to lie,ofc i ignore that,but my friend everyone has a limit even that nightblue3 streamer,i saw him once rage and leave the stream. u have to understand riot has a big issue with the game ,not just matcmaking,but more.. they bringed loot chest,to calm down the comunity,it wont work,muting and silence isnt the answer it never was,imagine in real life muting some1?!imposible u cant mute the problem u need to adress it and fix it someday. ik this is long and has not much to do with this guy,but i wanted to change ur proespective at things,maybe there is a person whos idk gold for example,but hass wrong peole in his games and less time to focus on the game cuz the game is to time conzuming,no one can maintain high elo forever,one day reality hits u in the head and u move on friend. Unless ur a streamer or youtuber .even youtuibe and streaming isnt easy,if u thinki it is,try it,i dare u,i tryed it ddint work,thats my problem.. at least ic an say i tried it.
Kalî (EUNE)
: Ability to create a chosen permanent skin shard for Orange Essences
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: My problem with League of Legends
: Lookinf for a main supp D5 to duo
ik better plat sup players then diamond,u have to look depper than that,i m plat,been to diamond to muchn time,its not worth going to high div,wasit of time and urs. sincerely.
: Thanks League Of Legends
ik the feelin,happens rarely,but when it happens,its not fun at all.
: Group of friends opening up to other individuals
shame i m on eune,gl with ur idea tho :)
cMeXyPaHa (EUNE)
: Fix this game
league will never be fixable,cuz they are focusin to much on lcs needs,less on players needs.
: i cant beleve this riot..........where can i fking report these fking people !?!?>?! ?? ?? ?cmoooon
Mallt (EUW)
: EUW LF TOP for upcoming league and more
Rioter Comments
Fox1ne (EUW)
: Team with 5 experienced players LF professional organization
: the problem is that the enemy Eve just HARDcamp me, when my team take drags and other Eve start towerdive me and other shet, so i just win a lot of time for my team when they wastes r`s and summs for 50 gold Sion
cuz she knows ur strat and ofc she will get feed on u,stop tryin to use ur logic on me,git gud kid
: I think rito say "its ok" about this strat
dude u prob saw that on youtube so ur copyin it,but the problem is u feed so much,u need to understand i ddi that start too,but i died 6 times in 30 min
Sefi (EUNE)
: My heart goes to FNC!
: This game has changed me
ye muting wont solve the game,but league will never be solved or fixed as act man said.
: Nerf Akali W
TANK META!? HAHA it seems u have never played tank to understand,last season with yorick i could like farm up toplane 20 min and try to win this season,yorick is like a little cat instead of whats his suposed to be,there are no early game defensive runes,there so much all out daamge in the game,game is pure shiet,if u still dont understand the game,watch scaras video about the current league state of the game.
Modso (EUW)
: The level of flaming have NEVER been worse!
I agree,cuz last 3 season i could not get past plat,was in season 4 diamond,the matchmaking and old lp system are taking a tool,the only way to get in the div u want is fresh acc,gg riot
: I keep playing? Afkers/inters arent in my team every game?
mate lets bet that u wont get into plat this season or the next,wonder why? cuz the 8 years old lp system plus matcmaking, GGRIOT
Raistlin (EUNE)
: Toxicity in this game is at ridiculous record peaks. WTF is Riot doing? @Admin @Riot #REDUCE TOXICITY ! #BUFF UP BANS !
Nojima (EUNE)
: If u plan to play rank in the future prepare for the toxic,flaming,autistic behaviour,cuz rank is overated,full of egoistic kids,who cant plaz the game on the neded level,so instead of taking critisizm,and critic themself thez blame others for thier mistakes,everything u say to them is flaming,GG RIOT
why -3 m i wrong??ofc i m gona write this cuz its true..
Kubetzko (EUW)
: matchmaking
Riot is milking the money as much as they can,when they see,its not anymore possible,they will move to the next game,riot has luck,that kids still play their game,many veterans have quited cuz the game doesnt seem rewarding as much now,so ye u get the point,heroes of the storm rewards u more then league,i have confirmed it,see it for urself,glhf.
: Who is a good AP-Ranged support to start?
If u plan to play rank in the future prepare for the toxic,flaming,autistic behaviour,cuz rank is overated,full of egoistic kids,who cant plaz the game on the neded level,so instead of taking critisizm,and critic themself thez blame others for thier mistakes,everything u say to them is flaming,GG RIOT


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