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: We can't expect every event to top the previous one. That's just absurd. There are going to be events that are "worse" than others, and events that are more exciting than others. Let's not forget that Riot are literally giving us free things for playing the game, why should we have the right to complain? Because we didn't get as much free things as previous events?
Absolutely, there must be ups and downs, it would be impossible to keep up with the quality. Yes, they are giving you free things. Not saying it's much, but hey, it's something. What I'm worried about is if the event is compelling enough for the seasonal players to come back? For players that will not buy a SG skin, this is like, I don't know, 20% BE and Hextech Chest/Key boost? Of course, depends on how much you play the game for everyday. If they were to tell you, you get 20% more of BE and Chests and Keys for 12 days or so, would you return to the game and play? I'm sure I wouldn't.
: Is meta item builds bannable?
Problem with community is that they are to competetive. Even on normal games, they see and item they don't like and you know you have to recall to buy a boat not to drown in their foam from their mouth. For me, build what you like. I really like ad Thresh, ad Zilean, Veigar support. That's what normal is for, testing, trying out jank builds, doing dumb stuff and part of that might be feeding your brains out. It's normal, after all. If I can see that a player is building something completely off meta, I'll keep a close eye on him. But I'm not watching how does this player play, I'm watching what the build can do. Most of the off meta builds have a purpose. AD Veigar, trap someone and just imitate a morde duel between them. AD Lux, trap and slow someone to aa player to death. If it's not forced, like Aatrox AP (although, now that I think about it, three times Q for Lich Bane to proc?), I'm absolutely fine with that.
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: i get there is no more pve but this "event" is downright insulting
I guess it's the standard now. We'll only get "events" since they are much more profitable. Probably their managers only want money, while desgners just want to get back on making awesome PvE events (without ""). Question is, what has to happen for them to realise what their playerbase wants.
: Try on Morgana. After you hit the Q you press your ult and chase the enemy with the extra movement speed. After you spam Q's over Q's with like 7-8 W's under the enemy who also auto reduce the cooldown just by touching him.
Problem with that is the CC'ed player can still act, just not move nor use movement abilities. So, as long as you don't die while doing your combo, it's fine. Also, do you know what is the longest stun available in the game, other than ultimates? I thought about blitz, as he has natural synergy with W and E, so he could start exploring space on his own (with a little bit of help from so-called "volunteer")
: If only it wasnt so expensive... you can get 40%cdr for it's price.
You don't really care about CDR that much. I mean, you do, but it's quite easy to get. What you want to buy this item for is it's Awakaned Dragon passive.
axilirate (EUW)
: Thanks for keeping LoL fun, I'll try it.
I'll do everything for the fun in the game, I'm sick of having to build competetive builds or being considered a troll.
: he achieves the same thing without that item O.o CD is capped on champions.....
Zilean has a cooldown of 3.3 seconds on W if he has 45% CDR, making it impossible to perma stun, since bomb stun is 1.5 second. What I tried to achieve here is perma stun, where a player can't act for 6 second straight, by using Spear of Shojin Awakened Dragon effect.
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freaksN (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nolfinisko,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=1qto1mgE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-09-13T17:47:07.092+0000) > > Are you sure your name is freaksN? I can't find you by that name I'm on EUW, you are on EUNE. I guess it won't work may be ?
Cowseps (EUNE)
: Bannnnnnned
If I saw a player that instantly gives up and flames all others after they do something bad in your eyes, I'd report you as well. Not the player who did something bad. Question is, what you were supposed to do? Work with him to give him opportunity to kill enemy laner, thus interrupting enemy jungler's rotation while you go to their red/blue. Easy as that. What you did is give up and throw the game. Hopefully, you'll learn something from that. :)
freaksN (EUW)
: Looking for a group for Onslaught missions ( Augments, Same champs etc.)
Are you sure your name is freaksN? I can't find you by that name


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