: So, check the IP logs and give the account back? If they did that then anybody who would want to cheat could just run the game through a VPN or play at a wifi hotspot they haven't used before when using a cheat program and when they get banned claim "I got hacked, just check the IP logs!" and get their account back... In other words, it's not that simple. How to actually prove the cheater wasn't you? No idea. Hmm, they have 2FA for unknown devices for the account site (https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010366413), but other than for Clash I guess not for the client itself yet if it's logged into the account from an unknown device?
Bro listen. I did not give out my information to anyone nor i used any third party software. Further than that i am 99% sure that was a boost to another account! They can verify that by checking the matchmaking of the games i never played. Further than that the authentication is not made by the IPv4 address but also my mac adress of my router or PC which is unchangable! We have this situations in WoW, or actually we HAD in the past when hacking was a daily routine, and what the Support did was to check the logs and see. They do have acess to see what programms you are actually running in your pc in real time. I can prove that with evidence from Closed tickets i had with a blizzard representative! They have just not given a fck to investigate my situation! I am a super social player, never tryharded LoL, i play for fun when i am Off WoW or BF4 ! I have never cheated in any sort of game, and to be homest, i have youtubed cheats for BF4 and WoW to see what it looks like out of curiosity, but for League i havnt even searched once! I cant get how can you use any soprt of program to assist youwith the game! There is nothing i have to prove as i am the only one that knows the truth, but it feels bad knowing the truth which is that i am 100% clear. The champions that were selected for these 3 games i never played (which i saw from this website that shows the match history) are champions i havnt played at all before! How can i have these scores? There are sooooo many evidences! I am even down to prove where i was at the time the games took place. I wasnt playing league. I wasnt even home probably! This feels so bad man! Check this... I dont even have to tell you which games had nothing to do with me, even from the majority of the champion selections i have! https://lol.mobalytics.gg/summoner/euw/sumaspro/match-history
: The only way somebody got your acc information is by you giving it them. Either trying this sick Rp generator 5000, going on shady websites, downloading shady files, or just trusting wrong person. That's why you are the only person responsible for your account security
You realize how stupid you seem to me right now while i know the total truth, and in the other hand you being so sure about actions i have never taken right! ? I have never chased any free RP as i am rich enough to obtain as much RP as i need to purchased desired skins (Proved by my legal credit card purchases). And knowing that no one has taken my account information with my own will both your facts which you are sure off are countered! What you are doing now instead of supporting my situation is stupid and i wish it will never happen to you! Knowing what has happened and some random "smart" guy stand against you pretending he has the answers! The truth is what i have stated and nothing more or nothing less! My information was used by me by illegal force which i was unaware of and which can be proven from the IP logs!
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So you believe that there is comercial software that can keep me safe from Viruses at a 100% rate? Or should i be anonymous to feel safe having a LoL account and invest money in it! Or whould i be fighting in Iron league with hacks? Man get your thought togethere. I see your point but its not fair to a loyal customer that has ownership of the account since what 2013, and has never given any suspision!
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Dude... What Riot servers are you talking about? My account got hacked full stop! No keyloger no information sharing! Somehow i got hacked! Full stop! Once i get hacked what? i loose my account? Are you serious?
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