oluuko123 (EUW)
: First thing i want to tell you, is that games against other players will take longer than games against bots. But i suggest caitlyn, she doesnt have much health, because adc's just dont have much hp, but she has a huge range. She also has a quite a nice escape which makes her able to escape some tricky situations. Good luck on finding your main, and have fun in the fields of justice :D
Yep I know, i played pvp once... It was... Embarrassing ._. :D As I said before, enduring a few statue's shots is enough ;) Hmm she looks good, although I'll probably have to improve her dps, won't I? However, she looks interesting Thank you for advice :)
Glewar (EUW)
: well none of the AD carries provide a lot of hp actually but. I would recommend 2 champions to you. if enjoy dealing extreme amounts of hp and being quite sustainable and enjoy a lot. I recommend jhin. he can deal tons of dmg from quite a big range. and his 4th Q can also be used quite different ways and one of them is to flash and get 1 shot kills in late or executing poked enemies earlier stages of the game. another option is Lucian. even tho he doesnt have that much ranged dmg(his ult can also be used to deal dmg from range) he is extremely strong champion in agressive ways. he is one of the rarest ad carries who can dive into enemy with highest chance of survive when dealing tonloads of dmg. he is also extremely enjoy. dont forget this is my personal suggestion ^^
Oh, I looked at tgem and actually, Lucian seems pretty good to me. I'm probably buying this one once i have enough IP :) Well... By "good hp" I meant like the statue doesn't kill me for it's 3rd shot so I can chase them ^,^ Thank you very much :)
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