they are trolling you , dont play ashe
Qietus (EUW)
: Counter Team Comp/Pick
{{champion:427}} :D:D:D:D:D:D D:D:D:
Rupture (EUNE)
: Which is the strongest Marksman DPS wise?
: If he's so broken, then just try to abuse him to climb to chall. You'll come to realize his obvious weaknesses rather quickly.
what? i bet you dont understand some of us just want fun games with balance , not exploit broken crap champs to get a meaningless number up
: achievements for lol
here is an easy one: make a yasuo kid perma banned
: we need a "ping test" button.
mine is stable but the shitty server still gives me random lag , and no it is not graph or ping related, i bet it is the server
: It’s easy to dodge her q but with her low cdr and high dmg she is really not easy to dodge... get caught once and you get one shot even if you have a 3 kill lead 15 minutes in.
exactly , and you cant dodge if you want to get close , she is broken and needs a nerf
MiiDo12 (EUW)
: nerf lux
she is clearly op , way too easy to land her abilites , and all of those have huge ratios cheap and low cd
: Someone needs a recap in history.
yes you , pls show me which was false? europeans freed the slaves this is a FACT so those blacks should be thankfull to our ancestors to do it
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: not saying that it's a bad insult but an insult nonetheless and not the only insult in the logs
everything is an instult to the snowflakes we shouldnt make rules to cater to them , they are insane people useless is not an insult
: I reported that player for saying racial slurs. Yes it differs from my viewpoint, because i do not think that black people should be called with such slurs that WE, the Europeans used when we enslaved them.
europeans?:D wtf are you talking about? europeans were the good guys by ending slavery i clearly never enslaved a man , but looks like you did , maybe we should ban you for it
Hansiman (EUW)
: > How is it that Riot says we issue permabans to affect change in people's behavior That's not what a permaban is for. The temporary penalties are there to promote reform. If a player does not reform over time, a permaban is Riot's way of telling a person that they'd rather see them play something else.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: ''She didnt insult anyone'' you might want to read those chatlogs again Literally the 1st words ''annie useless''
holy shit , what an offense :D USELESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are useless
: Friend got perma banned 900 euro acc
: is it possible to reach honor level 5 from honor level 0 in 1 season
: Ouch.
so easy to spot one , you instantly report everything which doesnt share your views
: I got 14 days ban without chatlog or even without any reasoning
: In some countries it is illegal to give death threaths
like where? look it can be only considered a death threat if it is backed up by anything just random guy saying it on the internet to another random guy is not a death threat
Shamose (EUW)
: > .Don't think this is fair Do you think it's fair telling someone to kill themselves because they aren't good at the game?
Yes because they are trolling
RallerenP (EUW)
: What en edgelord you are buddy.
if you say so
bPElva (EUW)
: People get away with intentionally feeding?
Ofc they get away , cause this stupid riot only bans for verbal nothing else.
: Thoughts on permabanned logs?
PErmaban is bs , the reporter over emotionals should get a ban to fix their lives.
: League of Legends is for kids
YUP It is for over emotional snowflake kids. Just check the comments .
RallerenP (EUW)
: > what line? the line YOU drawn? it is your line not ours , you can defend yourself , dont read the chat or just ignore it Nope. Not the line he draws. The line RIOT draws. And Riot drew it based on feedback from the community, and their own wishes for the game. This debate has been had a million times. You're not bringing anything new to the table. The community will not accept it being OK to tell others to kill themselves, therefore it is bannable.
Not from the community , but some way too vocal miniority snowflakes. It is completly ok to tell others to kill themselves.
Smerk (EUW)
: It's line that was drawn by the community. Overwhelming majority of players don't want to see death threats/wishes and few other things, ever. So punishment is super hard in such cases.
how do you know?:O oh you dont , you just assume that majority is what you are ... super hard ? oh majority dont want to see yasuo thats why he is banned , so those who pick yasuo should be banned by your logic
VeryToxicYi (EUNE)
: How does playing “broken” champs cost me money?And no one is forcing you to buy skins since they dont give a advantage over the normal ones -__-
cause to be the cool kid you have to have the latest skin for the broken champ every kid uses or you think riot doesnt have the data by now to how to milk the most money from the playerbase? they have the result is aim for kids with these broken op champs and make new skins for these champs + make the flashy insta kill meta for esport , cause they think thats what make the games good to watch just think about it
Smerk (EUW)
: Is it though? You have to draw the line somewhere. And telling someone to end his life is way over that line. It's just not acceptable and being this harsh is totally justified
what line? the line YOU drawn? it is your line not ours , you can defend yourself , dont read the chat or just ignore it
: Money Grabbing Riot
Actually this is their plan , they target 12 years old kids now. Those play these broken champs ,cause jump insta kill enemy repeat is the lulz for them. Then they steal their moms card to get the latest yasuo skin to be the cool kid in the block .
Smerk (EUW)
: telling someone to kill himself is a very easy way to get a ban, you don't even need to say anything else, one phrase is enough
why? it is stupid
Miloshovsky (EUNE)
: Permanently Banned
These bans for words is stupid , yet troll inters afkers get no punishments.


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