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: Clash
Step 1: Show Clash announcement in both site and client Step 2: Cancel clash and add update message inside the announcement Step 3: Remove the announcement from site and client so that the players are unable to get the update on the Clash launch *Harvard wants to know your location*
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Item Sets - Annoying Control Ward still in Patch 8.4
True it is annoying as hell, and I guess it must be an easy fix. Hope they see it.
: Teamwork - Turret Siege
The funny thing is it was accomplished in my 2nd game and then I see that it did not complete because you also need a premade for this dumb sh!t. Really?
hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
IGN: Norienga Good luck!
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Miss Fawn (EUW)
: Christmas Skin Giveaway
Hello. If I win I would like an AstroNautilus skin, it would be so cool! Happy holidays all!!


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