: match making wtf?
Hello I would really want to find the player from your match history but after searching for 15 minutes (and apparently for nothing) I gave up and came here. Matchmaking is not looking at ranks (confusing right?) but they use value called mmr aka matchmaking ranking and due to that it is possible playing with higher ranked players without being at that high rank yourself. If you didn't understand this, I suggest you to not care about ranks, they might be quite bad when you are comparing skills of people. Have a nice day and good luck in ranked!
Margrabia (EUW)
: Are you saying that people are free to do whatever they please regardless of where they were assigned? Will you be willing to dodge multiple games, get punished for it with leaver penalty and the asshole that forced you to do it will do that in the very next lobby again because he got into priority queue after you dodged?
He propably is saying that you either dodge and do 5 mins something else or you play game for 15-20 mins and report them (reports do work but it does need quite lots of them without checking the time reports came, I think). Choice is yours. I also think Riot is aware of the problem but it ain't easy to fix.
: Ah 14 Day Banned, Great!
Hello I am coming here somewhat late and people already have told you what you did wrong. Not very constructive to read, it seems. Sure community is really good at pointing out your mistakes. I however would like to show people how to be better, get rid of mistakes. I really suggest toxic/negative people (or anyone having trouble not to flame) to go read [this post](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/PIafhpvR-i-have-become-toxic). Post is about a player who asked how he could be less toxic at least in chat because he was scared of ban and people gave tips. I really hope this hepled you or anyone here. Have a nice summer! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
vlad1989 (EUNE)
: Man don`t get me wrong i do not have a problem with them being 10 11 12 13 nothing personal but if you see the level of stupidity and flame that goes on and it went like that in the past 10 15 games that i had almost lost every one of them cos i couldn`t do anything with these frustrated kids i just couldn`t i triple killed mid with Orianna calling a baron alistar was farming in lane minions without sightstone in the 35th minute " you get wards if you need them i don`t need them" and after the game i told him i`ve bought around 10 pinks mate you haven`t bought 10 pinks all 7 seasons in one game and so on that`s just one example of the many!
We have gone far from your original point. Unranked kids who play more at holidays and make you lose more games. We are talking about players who are bad at this game. To understand what you go through I should be in same situation, right? What if I would tell you I have been in low silver and bronze, met players who are new, players who are hard stuck, players making stupid things? But one thing I can not tell I have seen: > Frustrated **kids** who can't be carried. In my opinion you are making excuses to yourself being tilted. If triple kill ain't enough, make quadra kill. If that won't win, make penta kill. If your Alistar is farming while you win fight at 35th min, dominate game and make them ff@20. Players at silver are easy to carry when you are better than silver because your enemies are also silvers. This game tries to balance teams as well as possible. Also, if you face players who are negative mute them, they won't give you any info you can't get by yourself. Every negative player isn't child, your age isn'T related to your frustration by any way. If you found that I didn't get what you meant by your post, then post those videos to YouTube and maybe give us link. I am sure you're able to show your "problem" better that way. Have a nice day, remember to be positive {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
vlad1989 (EUNE)
: There`s an age restriction i know it sounds stupid but that`s what the facts are saying under 13 years old kids are not allowed well i just can`t play with kids man they are throwing the game away in minutes they don`t use they`r brains vision,objectives,punishment on the map and so on they don`t know all this they pick they`r dream hero teemo and they go full %%%%%% mode if you know what i mean and then blow your chat up with flames as fk how the hell should i cope with it when it drives me nuts ???
I am pretty sure that "kids" you were talking about are over 13 (at least most of them) and my point was that player can be bad or good and it won't have anything to do with their age. Also, if you want to look bit more mature, try to make your points bit more clear as for now your name tries to tell me you should be mature but your posts don't. Maybe also try to be more positive! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
MrQQmur (EUW)
: It is however a tactic that has been around since season 1 and since season 1 it has always been the most effective tactic when it comes to creating a good gold base for the stronger (in damage at least) champions in the team. Creating a negative experience for others by complete ruining their tactic/strategy is a thing that has been used before as a reason to ban people. Playing Singed support? you can get banned for it simply because 99/100 players will have a negative experience. People claiming everything can be played as support seem to forget that such a claim can't just be made when you are playing with complete strangers. If your team has to change tactics in a way they can't or don't want to do... you basically just lifted a middle finger at 4 teammates saying that your pick "because it is fun" is more important then their game. I will always tell a fizz support how i feel about him being fizz support. Same goes for a shitload of other champions that simply do not have proper crowd control or buffs/heals/shields to aid in locking down enemies or prevent the lock down of one of your key teammates (doesn't have to be the adc) If you want to try out something new, make sure to do it with friends you know irl first and make sure that you do it with their consent. You can have a GREAT tactic with a champion, but if the complete stranger you end up with disagrees with your idea whilst you are aware that you are trying something outside the meta... please don't be an idiot to think he is going to be convinced of you not being a troll, you did just as little effort to take their position in to account. I've played weird bottomlanes with friends a lot and most of the truly weird lanes we only did with a FULL friend team. That way you make sure the experience stays mostly positive for everybody. btw, urgot support can be a funny thing (he reduces enemy dmg by 12% and can shred armor while slowing)
I disagree with you. It actually helps me that you took Singed support to the topic since for my own experience it was the first time when Riot has actually talked about off-meta picks and off-meta strategies. You can not get banned for playing off-meta champ (Singed support for example) BUT if you choose to play it with off-meta strategy (going to enemy jg and ruining enemy jg path) you should be sure it is fine to your adc since many players may get tilted because they are forced to play alone vs. enemy bot. Have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
vlad1989 (EUNE)
: Insane solo q/Holidays on so do kids up in solo q!
What's the big deal with "kids" anyway? LoL is game where skills are not linked to age by any means. >Size doesn't mean anything. {{champion:17}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Damn, I'm good. I shouldn't propably write things when I am tired. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Fernanix (EUW)
: Recyled skins as rewards.
Is this really a post that should be in "Player Behaviour"?
kawonik112 (EUNE)
: Bans for toxicity are bullshit
> [{quoted}](name=kawonik112,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=56kgHxq7,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-14T23:56:37.155+0000) > > how is that even a thing someone who is a worthless %%%got whole game and wastes your 30 minutes is able to report you and get you banned? Are you really asking why does player(s) have right to report you because you **insult** them (that is what I understood from your post) because enemy player was better? It is a thing because Riot doesn't want you to be over rules only because you played game better than someone else **OR** because your opponent wasn't as good as Jax. Riot made game and made rules for it. If you don't accept these rules, you shouldn't play the game. You have read those rules and accepted them in order to make account. Have a nice day and try to be more positive since LoL is still just a game.
H3llboy3fas (EUNE)
: Try and stand on the situation where a player refusing to take support champ and the player said that the player go mid and just be ice cold and pretend everything has not happened ... so be sure to lose the match because of a person Who can not stand to get AUTOFILL and there was already picked midlaner for the game that veigar (Veigar cant be supp onless you are challenger and veigar need staks to be bad to get hurt) BUT what about ADC? HOW some people who can not stand autofill and just make their own rules should only be banned forever
Haven't been checking boards for few days now and of course I am late due to that but I'll still want to say something. As I said before, it won't happen more than once in a day. First dodge loses you 3lp (by quick math EVERYONE can figure out 3 is less than 20) and next one 5lp (If I remember right). Just dodge, it'll save you lp and **Will not** get you chatban. Some players are immature but by flaming you put yourself to the same level. **Don't be immature if you can be better.**(And you always can) As I said before **Have a nice day and try to be more positive**
H3llboy3fas (EUNE)
: Do something
By instalocking in ranked you mean what exactly? If you mean players who refuse to play their role, you can dodge (-3lp is better than -20lp) since it doesn't seem to happen that often. By your post it seems that you are being negative/toxic when you are angry and propably instalockers are not only players you flame and deserved chatban for flame. If you mean instalockers who lock in their champ instantly, what is wrong in that by your opinion? Have a nice day and try to be more positive.
AxisOne (EUW)
: Complete trash of players in ranked que's
If it is happening all the time, doesn't it mean that it is same to your enemies?


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