Zoo (EUW)
: Looking for a diamond support to duo with my smurf (this account)
I mostly play on EUNE but for times you on, i can jump on euw. have pretty fresh acc on there. If you know what you are doing you wont die next to me at all :) Support main for 7 years
Leguik (EUNE)
: LF experienced support player to duo (Gold/Plat)
Add me.. we can go all the way to diamond. I play support for 7 years.
Faboya (EUW)
: [EUW] Five Seasons Diamond Player Looking For a Tilt-Free Support Main!
I could try to be the one. I think i have a west acc
Ferarri (EUNE)
: LF jungler and support dia 3+ for team / tournements etc
I wish to apply... I peaked at plat 2 last season (run out of time) Probably gona get diamond this season if i have time to grind enough. anyways, hit me up if you wanna try me out or smtng. I believe im good enough for you guys. :)
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: 48 hours? 5 divisions? Is that possible?
Duo to technical difficulties and broken chair we had to stop stream. But we will do it some other time stay tuned. CHeers
: 48 hours? 5 divisions? Is that possible?
8 hour hype.. +3lp gain today. #insaneGain #QualityContent
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Solicitude (EUNE)
: "girl" lmao
I am a girl.. had my mic muted. You could hear only my premade back in that stream :D im not that good with obs yet.
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Doomley (EUW)
: No but they wanted to be pro and that was my point.
I am pretty committed to actually make it all the way.. ^^
Doomley (EUW)
: You haven't heard of Sirens before apparently.
Did they make it to LCS? :D I don't think so :3
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: ***
I got no clue
: i want to say what everyone is thinking right now. but i dont wanna get banned but lets be real, thats just sad dude
what do you mean?
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AweSatura (EUW)
: Beta Client Suggestions & Complaints (Let us gather all suggestions in one place)
Where can I see my stats on champions? Average kills etc... it was pretty poorly provided on old client but now I cant even find it :(
: Can't buy runes in the shop.
Anyone..? Can I fix this?
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