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: Can't link my league account to facebook
Absolutely the same here.
: Drop FPS
Hi there, It'd be great to see your config, so we may as well give you better advice. I'd suggest you closing the client while playing. **You can do it in this way**: _top right corner option button_ (small cog wheel icon) -> check the first 1-2 sentences on the top of the pop-up window. _Select and tick the second one that forces the client close right after a match commences._ Hope I could help. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: i dont know what to main
Hi there, I'd definitely advise you to browse a few champs, get through them in normals, then later on you'll have a better understanding of these characters. This might as well chip in with selecting the right champs for you and help you proceed more efficiently. Try all the lanes with different heroes. Maybe the ones you play are not the champs meant to be played by you. It's exactly like language learning, you find 3-4 lingos you're fond of, however you shall just progress with one of these in order to achieve more stupendous goals. How do you decide? You try all of these, study them for a few days then you'll be able to sort at least 1-2 out of the list of yours. Later on, when you have broadened your knowledge, I'd suggest you stick to one or two lanes - by this time you'll have had the necessary attainments -, since splitting one's power end up in a sluggish advancement. It is definitely going to take some time, but the struggle will worth it. Hope I could help. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Is saying 'cry more' reportable?
Hi there, I suggest you disable all chat, and/or even mute everyone in-game. There's absolutely no need for a chit-chat-fight. Enjoy your game on your own pace without any disturbing factors such as toxic behaviours and so on. Hope it helped. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Why don't you just ff?
Hi! A sort of simple way to counter these situations: disable all chat. I never use it, so I do not have to stress on it.
: Help Rank
I'd say **both**. First things first, you must consider the possibility of the system placing you into the second-chosen post. Thus, it's a handy thing to know the other lane as well. Mastering all the lanes and proceeding this way is a main key so as to achieve many successes in the game. Keep in mind, I'm not advising you to pick all the champs you find in your collection and play them all, instead pick 1 or 2 for both of your chosen lanes and do you best with these ones. In this manner, you probably won't get surprised and you'll always be prepared to fight. Hope I could help. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}


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