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ALG Lilac (EUW)
: it's definitely not the internet since everything else is fine. I still talk to my friends on discord and such. It only started after I had an update when I started it a few minutes ago
so i can connect from every acc i have but i cannot from my main acc
ALG Lilac (EUW)
: I have the same problem and i've tried repairing the client and restarting my computer
I ve been trying to restart the router, to repair etc. but those did not worked
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Breccius (EUW)
: yup, this game doing to a shithole day by day with this " we trhive to most sportmanship comunity" aka -> people that dont give a fck about ranked , it's just normal 2
I just lost another ranked game (in promos) bcs ekko was fed so its useless to report them
: it works for you? When I did it they simply told me it wasn't proof of anything, and if he did anything use the report system.
I still think its useless to report them They will never get banned
Shukr4n (EUW)
: well.. theorically, if u dont give him top and he feed u can report him. otherwise , i dont know. still i would put some "read the champion select chat" option in report to state he was threatening your team.
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