Kpuc (EUW)
: yes but to keep players interested in the game they do create new champions, instead of focusing on the things above
they can just rework old champs, so many are just never played.
: Guess what they say is true "Bronze Never Dies" Seriously It has been around 6 years since Yasuo got released and some people still didn't learn how to play versus him, there are so many champions right now that are 10 times better than Yasuo, and yet some people continue to %%%%% and moan about it lol
this is what most yasuo lovers don't understand - it's irrelevant how op/crap that champion is. everybody is playing league to have fun, at least in theory, and yasuo is just antifun champion and just because you might have positive winrate against him it does not change the fun part.
: I'm tired,lost and not alone
hm, it's very unclear what que are you taliking about? since you are playing with your friends I assume it's not soloq. flex q has it's own mmr. also if the game is going to wait until it finds premades with equal mmr for each lane ques will take for ever. also people can change roles, especially with premades and all the waiting wil be for nothing + don't forget that smurfds exist and they will try to boost their friends. draft q it won't work for a number of reasons as well - draft has seperate mmr, a lot of people try out new chanpiuons there so very often plats = bronze in skill lvl, in draft it mostly comes down to who tryhards a lot more vs what rank they are in solo q.
sure, but you can (theoreticly) open portals to places with lots of energy and transfer it here.
: white holes is a theory. That can't be proven right. Heat death if fact that gona happen. That is universe death.
1) heat death is a theory, not a fact 2)there will always be some "heat"
: Who know another game that is skill based and no pay to win?
the only one I can think of is heroes of might and magic 3. you can download a client with fan made expansion and play competitivly against other people. the servers are quite alive and you can find high quality games nearly always. the game does require to use brain a lot, so I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for.
: Human don't reproduce as much as they used to. A lot of countries have more older people than children. >I just hope our immortality is like uploading an elderly persons mind to a PC and living on in a simulation. That's just copy of you. It's not you. Just somebody who thinks he is you. Immortality is imposible. Even univers isin't immortal. It gona die a slow dead. You can't create energy. To live you use energy.
universe is immortal. you don't "use energy", but rather convert it from one state to the other. universe can't "die", but it might become a very cold place one day. also you can "create energy", kinda... by opening white holes. I don't think human are going to reach any sort of singularity by 2030 or 2040. nanobots and stuff will be theoretical dream for many decades - if anything human technological progress has been very slow in the past 20 years - we made slightly faster pcs that are also a bit smaller, wow. most likely that by 2100 most humans will die due to the upcoming ecological catastrophy.
: theres only 1 way to prevent smurfing but it whould be illegal. step 1: everyone must make a profile to play-> linked to your bank account/ID card data so u can't possibly make another. step 2: every account u make will be registered in the profile. step 3: the profile keeps track of all your account and when u play a game no matter on with account u always get matched with ppl in the same elo as your highest account. there no more smurfing possible but illegal at the same time -_-;
what about kids that don't have bank account/id card data? it's important to note that different countries have different laws and ids, a lot of them might not even have digital ids. the second riot would prevent kids from playing this game is the second this game would die.
: I dont think TFT ranked is a good idea
if you don't like the idia of ranked just stick with normals. introduction of ranked won't impact you in any way, since the player pool is large and therefore que times will stay small.
Seeko94 (EUNE)
: No one is going to grind 2~3~4 matchmaking systems in a year . to reach high elo for an example .
why grind, just play what you like and maybe get rewards? othewise you might as well complain how you can't grind content in all games simultaniously to get and dota should also give rewards together by your logic.
Weathers (EUW)
: TFT Assasins
you can counter them with pd as it gives crit evade, plus put ranged bodies in between or around carries, like lulu or morg with pd or frozen heart or some other tank items.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nutzilla,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Y1dHqEb9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-14T18:15:27.506+0000) > > I'm surprised you complain about trynd as thresh as he is an absolute cockblock for trynd. hook into flay and that's about all the time ult lasts, 0 chance to do anything in teamfight and get to an adc. if anything it's thresh that has op do it all kit. I was just using Thresh as an example, I play him full ad non tank so hooking and flaying him just = dash into me and 2 shot me. The main point is why such an arguably amazing ultimate has such a low cool down compared to other not-so-amazing ones.
the fact that you play ad thresh has no meaning in this argument, a standart thresh is what matters in terms of balance. also thresh ultimate is most definatelly quite amazing if you take the rest of his kit into account and how it all synergises. you can't just single out ultimate and have to consider the whole kit and how it works. for example thresh is still very good even when his ult on cd while trynd irelies on his ult a lot more and is only 1/10 of a champion without one. anyway at lvl 16 it's only 10 sec difference and if you take into acount that trynd maxes his ult last at that poin in the game thresh ult will have a shorter cooldown.
: Why in god's name does Tryandamere's ulti have a 110/100/90 cd?
I'm surprised you complain about trynd as thresh as he is an absolute cockblock for trynd. hook into flay and that's about all the time ult lasts, 0 chance to do anything in teamfight and get to an adc. if anything it's thresh that has op do it all kit.
: I think Mastery Rank should be much harder to get.
what do you mean by "mastered"? there is no end to perfection and therefore there are no true "masters". increasing the required amount of mastery points is meaningless, that being said all this mastery ranking system is meaningles as it represents absolutly nothing.
: Yasuo free week
yasuo is the only reason I play draft
: Player Karma?
return on reports lol. somebody is playing the game for the wrong reasons.
LordChampa (EUNE)
: How do i create a manaless champion ???
champions are balanced after the kit creation with just numbers ie - yasuo. so don't worry if your champion is a total cancer and super unfun for everybody else in the game, we already have a few like that. to balance riot will just add/remove some nubers and it will all be ok.
: Trolls who are "technically" NOT trolling.
if you want riot employee to reply make a support ticket expalining everything and he/she will tell you if there is any chance(most likely not) that this guy gets punished.
: Forgetting to change smite/runes
people might buy starting items depending on opponent's runes, that would also require for an opponents to be able to change their starting items and get a free tp back into lane....
: how do you know if you win lane or not?
if you take enemy inhib by 10 min it means you won your lane, or at least a few k gold ahead either from kills or cs or both
: Remove zhonyas cooldown? What?
I think he means remover cdr not cooldown on active
: You die entirely too much its as simple as that sorry to say. From your ranked stats, I imagine you get accused of intentional feeding quite often. Without viewing any of your matches I would say you need to play a hell of a lot safer than you are right now. I can see just from a cursory look at your match history one of two things are happening. Either you are the direct cause of your teams lost, or they won despite your performance. Your assist contribution is extremely minimal, in fact many of your games you have more deaths than assists. As a support that is almost criminal.
having bad kda in losing game as a support means that he actually tried to do something and turn the game around. sure you can always sit back and lose with nice kda or you can try to win and lose some with bad kda and win some with bad kda. support is the first player that dies a lot in a game that is going badly if he/she is not playing for kda and leaving team 4v5.
Craawling (EUW)
: Need a tip
I think it's mostly to do with a champion you are playing. for example if you are playing sion or kennen it's easy to farm 1v2 and as log as they don't zone you too hard of minions you will be fine, but if they freeze it away from you, you have to roam and just abondan top. also you might have to just abondan top if you play a champion that just can't do well in 1v2, like jax.
: Normies hate me because i say the truth
Imagine a world where people would tell you the truth all the time , your name would be instantly changed into an arsehole.
: New Mordekaiser
I think if they would just make him as he was pre rework it would be best, at least removing dragon bullshit would help him get much needed buffs in other areas.
: Your team got a clean ace, what do you do?
how much hp and damage your team have? if you can take baron before the enemy team makes it to baron you should always take baron, even if it means that you don't take an open inhib. especially important if behind since it gives both gold and removes baron to take and snowball for the enemy team.
Shamose (EUW)
: Can someone with knowledge in economics explain something. My country has been saying for the past few months, "The average person will see an increase in wealth". Then taxes increase on everything, my insurance keeps going up and my energy bill will be hundreds of euros more expensive than last year. But my goverment keeps assuring me that most people will see improvement. Our national statistics bureau says the average person will have to spend 334 euros more on living than last year. BUT WE ARE IMPROVING.
if you were to listen to my govement, or even just watch tv, you would think you live in paradise. did the goverment official specify if this increase in wealth will be before taxes and other expenses or after? if they didn't specify their argument could be that they ment before taxes. also an improvent can be not just the money you have, like an avarege person has at least 1 child so it would be an improvement if that child is now going to be brainwashed in school with a more expensive book that has new "updated" history.
: > [{quoted}](name=8Belthazor8,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kbN5lEAh,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-04-17T09:08:48.669+0000) > > "For fun" is impossible when you play fair while others don't so you have to play against the most cancerous champions in every game. ARAM-only accounts are essentally cheating in this mode. There are some way too op and safe champions in ARAM. It is not fun to play against them or play them (unless someone has low standards). It would not be an issue though if we did not have to play against them in every single game. Irony is I am part of the generation of players that invented and made aram popular. As I said it multiple times in the past ARAM was not created by RIOT was invented by community and was played in custom mode on the 5v5 map thats why is call "all random all MID" since was played on mid lane on a 3 lanes map. Was so popular that at request of community RIOT made it official and made a special 1 lane map for it. We had a small set of rules like - don't go base until dead - don't farm jungle or side lanes People were creating custom games with name ARAM and others joined and when 10 joined we just played, somebody paste the rules and make sure everybody got them! Some even create special website with rules page, back then players were not afraid of own shadow to click a link, now players don't even click a youtube link! Flash news for all that complain about OP champions, unbalance in ARAM, broken champs, runes, items - back in the days we had no chat punishment - still we manage to have fun with minimum flame, minimum whine and complain, and also no troll. - no punishment for leaving that custom game - very rare somebody left - no rules **by the system** to not go base and heel + shop or to do jungle or side lane farm- still were very very litle asholes that did not obey them and tried to cheat and go base, or take jungle small camps. - punishment for cheating was to die to enemy team, guess what we were so honorable that team anounce to enemy that one ashole in team is cheeting, that asshole had also some self esteem and after getting caught/expose he just went to suicide to enemy. NO DRAMA! he didn't start act like a spoiled brat, self centered jerk like players today and argue with enemy that he didn't do it, or just rage and leave game or just go and farm on sides without caring of other 9 players! he just suicide! also enemy was ok with just suicide even was not 100% fair system. They **didn't whine for** next 15 min! - back then nidalee spears were devastating and nobody whine like little %%%%%es for 20 min, they just took it and play again, no doge because they didn't got the random champ they want, no doge that enemy got op/free wins champions - champions, items, summoners, rules, were not balanced and made for aram we played with what we got and rules were just virtually made by us not enforced by the System like on today aram map. I played the custom mode for months and I can easy say 95% of times we had a blast fun and only 5% some jerks try to cheat, troll, leave, destroy the fun for other 9 players becuase they are so special and everything revolve around them. 8-9 years in future and applies when FOR EVERYTHING, they want balance after balance, special balance for champs, for items, special items, they want bans for champions, they want punishments for players that like to fight and die a lot, they constant flame and blame in a random fun mode on somebody that maybe play that champ for first time, they get punished for aram flame and instead to be a shame for themself they come to advertise their stupidity on boards and WHINE about riot punish system. ************** Generation of players **3 years ago - till present** YOU WOULD NEVER MADE ARAM POSSIBLE because you are inapt to have fun in a mode that have the rules forced on you, and everything to make your whining come true and your still unsatisfied and WHINE!, if so many dodges in last seconds in aram, afk, flame, whine are in an OFFICIAL MOD how you think you could play like us in custom mode WITH NO RULES and make the mod popular ?! I bet you would not manage to start ONE game out of 100 with 10 players, or keep 10 players till the end of the game in the mod, when no punishment for doge, afk, leave, flame existed! ****** Players today forgot! to have fun in a video game. They play so angry and ready to murder somebody for a game think it's their life and future at stake! Forgot that fun is to play the game and win is a sweet bonus, you only think **win no matter what** it's the only fun! Internet is only meme and joke to you, you have no respect for anyone, your selfish and narcissistic, spoiled and self centered, ruin other 9 people game becuase things don't go as you order/whine/like Players forgot how satisfying is to win if you have a hard time and to win against all odds (like with champs not so good in aram vs champs you think are op) or at least be satisfied you gave them a hard time!, no you want to spam fast buttons and kill and have a easy win or you start whine and leave a game and start to act like supermarket kids rolling on the floor crying because mommy didn't buy you that toy! you have 0 honor and sportsmanship - countless times when I refuse to kill a cleary Dc player and I get so much flame from my team since they want to win NO MATTER WHAT even being dishonorable and kill somebody that is DC!
how often did you play against lux back in those days? was it in 99% of games? problem with aram right now is that all games are the same as you just play vs or with people that have a buch of op champs and with rerolls = they get them nearly every game. right now there is no random in aram, it's just all mid, the mode you were playing just does not exist. it would be fun if it was all random... but it's not.
: Feels impossible to get a chest with Nami
make sure to drop pink when taking baron/dragon(even if you know that there is no enemy vision) and to damage every turret/dragon/baron when they are beeing taken.
: MMR how it actually works.
your ingame stats are irrelevant, only wins and losses are relevant. if you think the game hit a point of unwinnable you can try surrender. there is a reason why people sometimes just do open mid.
: The ADC, are they too strong at the moment ?
the problem is that you rock paper scissors analogy is totally wrong as it just does not exist in this game. I don't think I ever heard of the design goal from riot where they state that malzahar or zed should be able to 1v1/assasinate tristana at all stages of the game. also lots of fronline champions can kill adcs 1v1 or even 1v2 even in lategame.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Negative meta players
Kayle support is like a terrible version of zillian support - she does all the same things, but much worse. before the rework at least she offered some decent damage in the early game and you could all in unaware enemies since nobody knows how hard she hits, but now she does not even have early kill noob potential.
: Permanently Banned - A story of the 0.006%
you got banned for calling somebody a %%%got. if you didn't say that there would be no ban. unlucky
: What do people think about the Teemo change?
I don't understand the point of those changes. why? feels like changes for the sake of changes...
: All Ivern mains are disappointed with the new skin
do you have some sort of ivern guild where you aren't allowed to play ivern if not in guild? never heard of that rule.... but otherwhise how would you know what other iven players think... looks like a fairly standart skin to me You should change the title from all to just I
Wen294 (EUW)
: I think it'd be more interesting if enemies leave footsteps in the snow, and instead put the slower walking to sunny. (you don't see many people running through the desert)
hm, I guess you have never seen a very thirsty dude run towards water. snow does not mean it's just 1 cm deep, but more like waist deep so you can't move around very fast.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: We need a human black female champion
you forgot to mention that this black female champion has to be ugly, fat, disabled, transgender and gay (however that works)
: I think LoL should improve their match making system for Rank
hm, so the best strategy playing janna if the enemy somehow gets ahead (first blood) or my adc missises a cannon (game over) just sit outside of the base on a pink ward, spam wards and shield on cd. now imagine how fun the games will become when full tank volibear sits behind adc because he is playing for kda.
: It's for research reasons, I think I made that pretty clear in the comment I made, but I guess you just saw "I int some games" "I flame people" and you were like "OMFG LOOK LOOK HE IS SAD LIFE LOL LETS MAKE HIM FEEL BAD" and hey if English isn't your first language then I guess it's not really your fault you misread my comment. I will admit English isn't my first language but I try to be as correct as possible.
it's one hell of a long reaserch project that took 9 accounts to get banned. must have been over a thousand games of nonstop flaming and inting. good thing that it was all a small research project and your life is all bunnies and butterflies.
: Player getting boosted
I guess you never heard of secret technique of swapping your summoner spells and becoming significantly better player, sadly the buff does not last for ever and eventually you get a debuff with summoner spells moving back to the original position and just feeding in the next x games untill you either use the secret technique again or drop to the original elo.
: Instead of getting depressed I learned their banning system and learned how to flame exceptionally well with no consequences. It may have taken 9 banned accounts but at least now I can enjoy the game and know that the people ruining my experience got their fair share of justice. If you want to know how to flame without getting banned then I could write a whole Essay-Documentary on this but I really can't be asked. And now I am in the process of learning how to intentionally feed without consequences and it's going much easier than the flaming one. Just proves how shit their justice system is. EDIT Checked your profile and you play mainly 5v5 Flex and Normals, which shows why you are feeling so negative about the game, me and my friends personally play Flex when It's too many for Duo or too little for Civ V which happens often when its 3 of us, and we enter flex and just play casually, I know I am not the only one with the Ranked Flex = Draft Normal mentality which kinda shows why people aren't really trying their best in your games.
You are such a sad person, I feel your pain. sadly you are also the repsresentatoin of everything bad that there is in the game - flamer that makes sure that his teammates play shit after the first mistake and if they somehow manage not to completly lose you just run it down and show them where they belong. do you truly have nothing else to do in your life but to play league and ruin other people's games? what a sad life you have.
: Blizzard is getting close to becoming EA 2.0
they can't, ubi holds that spot. just look at the abomination they did with hmm series. I hope they burn in hell for this.
Potatoe (EUNE)
: Stop complaining about being x in the past and y at the moment. It is getting really ridiculous, Grow up, will you?
if you read his post he didn't say a word about his current elo rankings, so all he said that he was x in the past. next time try to read before shitposting
: You main Veigar lmao, ofc you will lose vs Yasuo he counters you. I main Camille but you don't see me complaining about poppy on the forums, ye guys lets remove poppy because she hard counters Camille. Also if Yasou goes with Infinity edge and PD and Berserkers then you do realize he has absolutely 0 defense stats, he becomes a melee adc which is really bad, just learn to dodge tornados and you are fine.
poppy is a soft counter, there are no hard counters to camile.
: Delusional - characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder. Basically you people about Yasuo. He is not op.
anything that is considered as top tier champion in lcs is op. yasuo is considered as top tier champion in lcs even through he is a splitpushing assasin and those generlly don't work in pro play. that can only mean that he is totally busted right now.
outRAGE1 (EUW)
: Having Cheat Engine OPENED in the background WILL get you BANNED.
unlucky. next time try to remember to turn off your cheat engine. you will never win anything in court, but please do try. in the off chance that you win we all get a lot of benefit out of it, for all online games, not just lol.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I fear Spear Of Shojin is going to make champions like vayne broken.
well, this item has no attack speed, outside her ult time. what item does it replace in vayne's built? don't think it's worth 1 extra condem during ult if she is doing 3+ autos. also this item aint that good for sivir either, no crit makes it poop as she wants to build ie and delete everything with w. not sure if it's good on birdman either. after casting ult he wants to fly around, so the buff will be wasted most of the time and using ult just for the buff is also bad since it's very mana heavy. also he does not land many autos - he is more of a burst one shotting assasin.
Shamose (EUW)
: > I don't think you understand. I don't think you understand. This thread isn't a rant about changes for the sake of change. It's about how Riot is saying they are gonna change something, then the change they make doesn't do the thing they said. Like how OP explained that the Irelia changes, while Riot said they want Irelia back in the toplane, will hurt Top irelia more than mid irelia.
riot does changes for the sake of changes 90% of the time and for the sake of balance another 10%. it's hard to say why they say one thing and do something different. maybe it's because people that communicate with palyers are not the once that make changes, so they say what people want to hear... but that's just pure speculation on my side. as for irellia what makes you think that riot wants to nerf midlane irelia? it's kinda fresh and new there.... maybe that's why the want to push her there further.
: Let's see here, Overwatch doesn't change the game every 2d week, still top 3 most popular games. Dota 2, same thing, still popular. Fortnite, only new game modes, skins, some major tweaks here and there, still popular. %%%%ING MINECRAFT, doesn't change, still popular, but wait, there's more... OLD SCHOOL RUNESCAPE, still popular, and they literally rolled back all changes, kept the new Runescape, and released the old Runescape as OSRS. New skins, patches & bugfixes now and then, and then big changes 2 times a year, would keep this game much more alive, than people literally quitting because the only champion they find fun to play just got ruined. (Rakan, Aatrox rework), or people quitting because they don't have enough time to adapt to new changes and play the game consistently. Or people quitting because they want to boycott this game, for making changes (adc mains). Some of us don't have the time to adapt to all changes, some of us don't want changes every second week, some of us don't want nerfs to champions that the devs doesn't know jack shit about. There are many one tricks out there, that know exactly what their champions pros and cons are, and they know exactly how to make the champion balanced. I mean, I'm also sure that Gosu, Doublelift, Uzi and many more knows their pros and cons within the marksman role, and have a lot to say about it, and how to fix it, instead Riot puts %%%%%%s in charge that has not played a single game in plat+, and knows nothing about the role. I'm also 100% sure that even LS, who knows probably every scaling numbers of every champion, and the cooldowns at each level, would do much better job doing patches solo, than a group of 20 monkies who are currently hired within Riot's balance team. New is not always good, new is not always the solution, new is not always popular. if this was the case, all 80s rockbands would've died out, and there wouldn't be a single dude out, rolling with his oldschool Chevelle. OSRS would have no playerbase.
why are you angry with me? it sounds like you are angry, but I don't work for riot and I never said that I agree with what they do, all I did was state how they do it to answer your initial questions about changes, balance etc.
: Riot is constantly being hypocrites
I don't think you understand. most changes riot does are not there to make the game better but purely for the sake of changes. that's why a lot of changes are spaced out like that - wait till people getr bored with old staff untill changing it to new staff. That being said i think they screwed up with adcs changes last year way too hard, they kinda admitted it, but refused to do anything about it.... kinda weird.
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