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: It is much more egotistical to let players report someone for getting mad at them if they fail. This gives players who fail power. Don't you people see this ? People abuse this, they hide behind the , " i'm just having a bad game " or " i'm just a bad player " walls just so they can abuse their power and report people who get mad at them. It's a form of trolling if I might say. And you as an affected player can't do anything about it, because if you let off your tension you will get punished, and if you won't you will still suffer
You are not just getting mad because they fail, you ABUSE them for it, its inpropper. They can report you for flaming you can report them too. If someone is bad others will report him too, thats the justice you wanted. As i wont have to explain why rape is bad at the same time i wont have to epxlain why flaming is bad.** I am not compairing them(not at least!!)** the fact that they have a vast difference on the impact on someones life doesnt mean that they are not both acts brutal and uncivilized. Just look how many people here rushed to argue with you and disprove you, thats a proof of its own!!!!
: I'm not trying to impose my opinion on other people, don't get me wrong, i don't hate people who debate with me. I actually love it, they actually try to understand what I'm trying to say at least. I defend it so much because it is something that I feel rational. I never saw someone give me a certain response with proof that what I say is wrong, yet i keep giving people examples, i keep giving people studies, i keep trying to come up with theories. Did you ever took in consideration the possibility that you can't change my opinion because it's a valid well thought one ?
Look your argument is valid and wellthough but it is also inhumane and egoistical. Do you want to be one of the many that flame? do it, it makes you lighter but not a better person. Everyone has priorities in his life if being a better player is what you want then be it, flame as long as you want. I told you what is the essence of flaming at my posts above, its your choice to follow or renounce it.
: - "No one wakes up, drink his coffe, decides to play a game to have fun and wants to get flamed." That applies to any other sort of game mode besides Rankeds. You see ? No one wakes up, drinks his coffe, and decides to go and play in a professional football game expecting a fun and relaxing activity . It will most probably be something intense, and if you're not mentally prepared you won't have fun by playing it . If they would want to have a relaxing game they would normally go and play a normal football game with friends. That's how the mentality of the player should be when choosing between Ranked games and other game modes . Why should it be any different ? Why is there even a choice that you can make between ranked and normals i ask ? Isn't that for the reason i explained above ? - "Everyone is different and has his own sensitivity. " Just as people who are sensitive don't go to a boxing gym to train, just like that sensitive people shouldn't join ranked games and expect everyone to spoil them like their parents did . Cause if you're a sensitive person and get into a boxing ring, you can't whine about how the other dude punched you, you should have expected that in the first place, you can't expect going in there and everyone doing what they always do but changing their behavior so they won't hurt yours when they interact with you. - "What i want to say is that criticism is different than flaming, much much different. Criticism, is the way we can evolve to better versions of ourselves, is the greatest tool that others around us use to make us better. But if criticism hides ill will, irony and anger it will be fruitless and without a point. " People react to criticism, just like they react to flames, it's kind of like the same thing. You can still be punished by criticizing teammates , didn't you know that ? So you see ? You view criticism as something that shouldn't bother anyone, but it does, it's thrown in the same category as flaming/insulting . It's you judging someone, if by criticism you mean constructive criticism, that just makes it the same thing, only with added tips on how to improve. But then if you find constructive criticism as something okay, then I'm also entitled to find constructive flaming okay .
I unfortunently cant change your oppinion, you defend it so much that is impossible for me. Someone else in these forums might be more fit to do it. Nevertheless i respect your oppinion and its not my place to force you mine. Your life is yours your mistakes are yours your successes are yours. And if you get banned for flaming its something expected, you defended your desicion and you will have to face the concequences. Someone might say that its noble defending your decision till the end!
: Well thats a Nobel prize for Peace worthy speech. But Insults and Violence are something way different . You seem to think that they're kind of the same thing, I don't know why . You can't talk about harming someone on the internet through violence , because violence implies physical harm. I can't slap you through my computer screen can I ? Flaming/Insults, on the other way are pretty harmless when compared to violence , they have no real effect on anybody unless the person knows you. And you know why the person who insults you has to know you for the insult to affect you ? Because if the person knows you, then you view it as a threat, and you fear that he might harm you, not only verbally, but also physically. Thing that in League Of Legend's universe, won't ever really happen. Unless in exceptional cases, like when you're famous or pro etc . So what is the actual reason why players get offended by flames ? Do they view the players who insulted them as threats ? No Do they actually get sad and feel like crying when they get flamed ? If yes, that's a sign of a psychological problem . Do they get their chances of winning the game lessened ? Hell no ! You wanna know the reason why they say flaming affects them ? **IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE SELF-CENTRED EGOTISTICAL MANIACS WHO DON'T LIKE IT WHEN SOMEONE POINTS OUT THEIR FLAWS ** ** SO THEY POSE AS VICTIMS, THERE YOU HAVE IT **
First of all ty for replying. Now, if you read my post again you will see that i said that violence is something that has many forms. Violence can also be verbal or even phsycological, we have to renounce it in its EVERY form not only the physical part of it. You cant know how flaming influence them. Flaming is a toxic behavior, no one wakes up, drink his coffe, decides to play a game to have fun and wants to get flamed. Everyone is different and has his own sensitivity. The last part you mentioned is truly gold but there is a mistake to it. What i want to say is that critisism is different than flaming, much much different. Critisism, is the way we can evolve to better versions of ourselves, is the greatest tool that others around us use to make us better. But if critisism hides ill will, irony and anger it will be fruitless and without a point. If you do the later dont expect them to listen to you and they shouldnt, if you are kind with them and they still refuse to listen to you its their loss, you are better, you offered to teach them something they denied end of the story. Focus more on you and less on the others.
: @ Riot and the community : Let's talk a bit about anger ( long thread )
So my answer will be short because i cant speak english very well but i ll try to make it matter. First of all, you have to understand that flaming is violence. Violence in every form (physical,verbal,...) is something that degrates human value. It is unacceptable after all the progress we have made through history, to view violence as something that is ok and should casualy happen. It is disgusting wanting to hurt someone like that, wanting to bully them is a PRIMITIVE act. We all have feelings and we all want to express them if we think that is for the best. You play a competitive game, everyone wants to win, that doesnt mean that everyone will. Try to control your feelings, try to have fun when you feel angry, stop, do something else, go for a walk or punch a punching bag. Point your anger towards something else, something that could even be productive. And please dont worry, your value will shine, through hard work you will find what you seek. Dont sacrifise your value as a human being for your value as a player.Please.
: Any advice? RL issues.
Hi! So i am really sorry you are going through all that and i hope that your troubles will pass. I ll tell you some things that i have in mind if you dont mind hear them or else sorry for wasting your time. First of all be happy that he is still around and healthy, he is there for you, he cares about your education, he provides you with a place to consider home. Now think that for whatever reason(it doesnt really matter) he is forced to raise a child on his own, no one has that dream, all of us who want a family we imagine it differently, but this is life. He is sad,dissapointed but he has to survive and as a result life made him tougher, he went through serious life problems so he really cant understand yours because yours are minor and inferior to his. Is he right to do it? NO he isnt!! But this is were you come in. You have to be patient and understanding, you have to show him that these are your needs and persuade him to help you if he can(money dont grow in trees unfortunently :-/ ). You will sooner or later have a life of your own, a place of your own and you will be able to afford the things you like. So my advice is to try and talk with him, try to understand eachother. You have to understand that he is having a bad time right now and he has to understand that you are still a child with needs and inocence. And always friend remember this quote: "This too shall pass". Take care.
: [Champion Suggestion] Ragnar, The Once-Guardian of the Freljord
: Mirai Shin, The Fortune Teller ( Champion Concept )
Sry but i think this isnt the full post!
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Onday (EUW)
: same. been playing ranked after 7 min or so ping started jumping to 5k and after 10-15 min just stuck on "attempting to reconnect"
Well mine is a little different, when the game was suppose to start it didnt... i quit and tryed to recconect but still nothing! I press the reconect button but the game doesnt start. Hope our problems are fixable..
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: if this arnt gonna be a real skin im gonna be fucking pissed now cause thsi is a stupidly good idea but i think riot would get mad at animating 8 tenicals remember like 1 arm has like 100 joints in it to not give it that blocky effect...
Ty i am glad you liked it! I meant his 3 tentacles to look like what a real octopus would have with the suction cups on them.
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TBadger (EUW)
: Champions that need some skins.
I think that swain and urgot need some love too!!!
Rawres (EUW)
: Katarina's new splash art
I like the new one as well! All women are beatiful and its better for them to have little imerfections(its more natural). It leaves more room for diversion.
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