Rachnera (EUW)
: Well. You get free 800 orange essence in a premium chest so it's worth way more than 400 rp.
Yeah +that in the normal chest it's not a 100% chance to get a skin.Thanks for the help.
Rachnera (EUW)
: No. You get the free premium chest instead at level 6 Edit: Level 5, my bad
I know but with those rp you could've gotten 2 chests and keys.Anyways at least you have a chance to get chests and keys by winning a match.It's a lose/win situation
Rachnera (EUW)
: No. The 400 RP thing has been removed with the introduction of Hextech.
That's some bul.lshit to be honest.They want us to buy more rp for the chests...
Jurakku (EUW)
: Not too sure on this one, But I'm pretty sure to get that RP you at least have to get that account to a certain level before it gives you the RP!
On this one i am at level 10.A friend of mine said that at level 10 i get them but i didn't get anything,maybe because i can't receive them if i make it on the same ip
Nrwoope (EUNE)
: indeed
So i won't receive them?Because on my bigger acc i had too many penalties and i got tired of them..If i don't that's kinda bad.But if i make an acoount from my phone will i receive them?
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