Zanador (EUNE)
: I don't think that aspiring to be a pro is naive. But writing personal information on the internet usually is. And the toxicity might not become more severe, but it can become more targeted. Look up strategy guides anywhere. You will find plenty where people explicitly tell people to look up their enemies on the loading screen and if there is someone with a losing streak, then start camping him in the hopes of him tilting and throwing the game. The same thing would happen with bios too. Look up the profiles of your opponents, and if you find someone who seems young, prone to raging or just sad and frustrated, then camp him and try to jab at him in chat, hoping that he will get upset and lose the match. For a lot of people if would be extra fun if they could get someone banned.
Hello there! Thanks for using your time to make some valid points. First of all, That's why I added the option to **Hide** your Biography. Even if what you are saying comes out to be true (which its not the case) I never said that you would have the Option to look at someone's Bios if you aren't in the Friend List and Their Biography is in **Public**. I totally Understand the point you are trying to make but listen, they will not have the Option to see it. **That's All** _I appreciate your **opinion**_ -LeegallyBlind _So grown up mentally that I should be talking backwards_
Saibbo (EUW)
: >Hello! I am Kristian and this is My Biography! |[Image] 10.000 Kills I've Playing League Of Legends for 5 Years Totally doesn't sound like any other social page profile's bio. What's on your mind? -Talking backwards.
Hello there! It actually does not, w/e. It doesn't matter what it sounds like for your but, what it is. I think you should check the meaning of the Words **Social Page** and **Biography**. I don't mind starting dumb conversations but this isn't one of them... This is pointless and totally obnoxious for me. If you actually want to point an error or a needed correction. Don't be shy, but please at least make a valid point. -LeegallyBlind _So grown up mentally that I should be talking backwards_
Saibbo (EUW)
: nah... I don't want the league client to become a social media page too
Hello there! I don't know if that is a joke or you are being ignorant. Biography has absolutely nothing to do with it being a social media. Thanks for "using" your time to comment! -LeegallyBlind _So grown up mentally that I should be talking backwards_
Forcé (EUNE)
: Very good idea to be honest, i agree there will be scammers and idiots and etc. But there are filters and i'm sure riot can make it out. Also Badges on our stats which also i'm sure we can give an ideas for, will be good. I mean we can put some badges to show up in our profile to have biography and see our main champions and division. That would be cool. P.S The most work will be the badges but its worthy. Also if that work out feel free to ask for ideas about the badges and shit... That will make League of Legends with more content and stuff to do to play for. Best Regards Forcé ! Peace ! :) {{champion:64}}
Hey There! Thanks for supporting the idea. For the "_Scammers_" Part, links are banned. Doesn't matter if its an official League Of Legends Link or a youtube one. Idiots... There will be always some of them. The Biography itself won't change anything for them. I do agree that Badges might be a good idea and a purpose for players to play. Even tho it's optional I am sure players would like to show off their achievements. Thanks for using your time to support this case. -LeegallyBlind _So grown up mentally that I should be talking backwards_
Zanador (EUNE)
: This sounds fun and games until you meet someone who is intentionally trolling or harassing you. Those types of people go for the most personal information they can find about you and try to twist it as much as possible to get a reaction. Considering how this game is rated 12+, i'm sure there will be some naive children out there who spend their time crafting their bio, writing about how they want to be pro when they grow up, and in the next match someone who read their bio when they looked up the opponents proceed to harass them until they leave League for ever. Also the most common topics to insult people about are nationality, sex and age, and once again i'm sure too many people would include at least one of these in their bio. Because of these, while i see the appeal of your suggestion and how a lot of people would like this option, i can't support it. Too abusable.
Hey there! I appreciate your Opinion. First of all, there is nothing naive in dreaming about being a pro player or dreaming at all. As much as for the insults, the problem is that this won't change anything about the toxicity so, I guess that just something riot has to work to stop, not the community. The only thing we can do it to report them in the Past-Game Lobby. Playing with someone who has seen your Biography isn't likely to happen if you aren't master/challenger but, as much as i know in high Elo the toxicity is less common to happen due to that if you get reported in really high Elo, once may be enough to get you banned because you don't meet the same level of toxicity as a low Elo rank would have. The game is rated **12+**, which means that most players are likely to be mature enough to don't mess with peoples life (even tho it's not the case most of the time). If you see it like that you can call it something like a Trap for Toxic players. The Biography Itself it's not abusable, abusable its the FreeForm of texting in League Of Legends. What you can do its to enable the language filter. Which in most cases won't help because most players don't flame directly so they can't get banned that easily. If you are going to leave a game that you really like just because someone said something bad about you. How prepared were you to play the game in the first case? Thanks for using your time to leave your Opinion on this case. -LeegallyBlind _So grown up mentally that I should be talking backwards_
Cypherous (EUW)
: The problem is, you won't be able to fix it without removing the ability to enter freeform text, and that would make the feature worthless as it would just be people spamming emote icons
I was just going to add there will be a max of 15 Emotes. Glad you said it. -LeegallyBlind So grown up mentally that I should be talking backwards
Cypherous (EUW)
: This would result in far too much work to actually police and enforce not to mention the numerous languages rioters would need to speak to be able to properly enforce the rules
You are Totally Right about the languages. I will start thinking about how to fix/improve it so it can be done for all server without having that problem. Thanks For pointing at it -LeegallyBlind So grown up mentally that I should be talking backwards
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I mean which card he draws first. So it doesn't change anything there's no extra rng. _-OTPLeegallyBlind_
: No because it introduces an element of rng to him where he flashes/ults in with an aoe gold card? Yes > game winning play No > gets reported by the team. They used to have it so it worked by the game clock so you knew which card was next, we may aswell have that back or simply show the cycle animation on W.
Who says that the rng is bad? Tf has rng itself you can't never expect the order of his card.Just doing an aoe and failing doesn't means you are going to get reported it can be still useful even if you stunned only 2 champs. I like the idea of showing the cycle animation thats a good one but tf is luck iconic champ so it can be more fun or there will be more variety if there's a bit of rng in the champ itself. _-OTPLeegallyBlind_
: Commando Evelynn, Vi and Yasuo.
Yasuo doesn't need a skin or even if they release one it will be for the money
: I don't know, wouldn't it make that too luck dependent? Like the AoE stun is so OP if you draw yellow card first you're lucky but if you draw red or blue always that's so unlucky. The question is, is it fun if you get a lucky draw or is it less fun if you get the unlucky draw? The idea is worth discussing though, take my upvote :)
First Thanks for the upvote. Second by** aoe stun** i mean the size of a syndra ball not that big to win a teamfight alone. **1**. Imagine it is a 5 v 5 situation, you are Twisted Fate one of the best champion for map control and positioning . They are preparing an ambush but what they dont know is that there is a juicy ward waiting for them. You have 2 options Flash Gold card and stun one of the carries witch is a very good option but you can take the bull by the horns and try for a massive aoe stun witch is going to automatically win the tf or even the game. Big part of the game is decided by the luck.Sometimes you just have to risk. (TF's is a luck symbolic champion) In my opinion the feeling and the adrenaline of a gamewinning or gamelosing play is sooooo exciting. **2**. Yes the passive depends of the luck but there will be always an use for it even if it is not what you wanted . In the last situation even you went with a red card its still a massive slow and a dot to 5 players. **3**.Having the blue card passive may help tf vs champions like zed or syndra who can easily abuse someone without mobility -I am free to new ideas and to discuse this new mechanic _-OTPLeegallyBlind_
: Nerf Garen.
How does his passive gives him a red buff? Red buff its not only about the heal. > [{quoted}](name=fckinshrimp,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bd0s7Gsl,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-13T11:39:56.501+0000) > > His passive gives him basically red buff from lvl 1.
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