: 9.4 - RubberBanding - Lag
{{champion:91}} I have the same issue on EUNE, I have a very good internet my PC is the only user of it high speed very high quality cable only connection no issues with other games or programs but on LOL since last patch I have insane lag spikes and nothing seems to help , you can play smooth and then the game picture "freeze" for like 3 seconds the "ms" at the top right side jumps to like 300 then after 3 seconds you either got hitted or died because we all know how crucial 3 seconds is in LOL. Anyway because of it I can't play anything but ARAM because it's not fun and not playable and its a huge problem because like T1 said I'm addicted but this drug (LOL) seems to not work. Fix your game Riot, please.
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: patch 9.4 high ping
Its not a Windows problem its only in League of Legends... I experience the same thing , I have ping spikes going for stable 70 which is fine for me to 300ms for like 4 seconds and die straight away because you cant move. It's not Windows update problem because I have a stable net connection and other games works just fine. I hope it get fixed I haven't played Ranked for like a week because I cant play like that, and I am addicted so please fix it Riot :( .


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