: How to fix my mmr?
Avoid losing streaks and focus on wins. I see you lost 8 in a row the other day,if you lose 2 games in a row,call it enough for today and continue another time with a fresh mindset of winning. The only way of fixing mmr fast is if you go on winning streaks,so pray to god you play well in your next few games.
: Are Plat players trolling or legit this braindead?
Just had a platinum border in the jungle,fed and then started inentionally feeding by running it down lanes saying how he "trolled from the start" Just sad that he wont get punished for it xD
: Boosted to Plat for end season rewards? eBay-accounts?
Im gold4 when i see a plat or diamond border,i know im in for a treat lol
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: > [{quoted}](name=Kouèn,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LwjvrrBA,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-18T19:59:59.833+0000) > > It happens so often on the internet that, at this point in 2017, you shouldn't give a %%%% if someone is telling you to kill yourself or if someone is calling you a %%%got. So many people do it because they're behind an internet screen which makes them able to insult in an anonymous way. Actually though it's still illegal. Death threats/racism/hate inciting comments etc. on the internet fall under EXACTLY the same laws as things said in person. This means that technically if you receive death threats online you can report them to the police, and if the identity is discovered the person would ACTUALLY be in for hard time in most countries. Normally though the police have more important things to take care of, but in reality these kinds of things ARE criminal acts, and the perpetrators CAN be punished accordingly. Imo Large game companies should simply state that they will be feeding extreme cases of such illegal activity directly to your country's police force... Sigh i wish they did. Would make people look at their behaviour on the interweb a little more critically.
Hey,UkeNeverSeme,%%% %%% Oh sht,guess im going to prison :P But no srsly,its just sht on the internet,you all should calm down and stop giving a sht,because having a discussion about homophobia on the LEAGUE OF LEGENDS boards,wont do sht to you
Gramuney (EUW)
: Changing server from euw to eune and back
: RageQuit because mid gets blue
Jungle main here: If youre mid,take the blue and you are not 5/0,expect the jungler to int your ass
Victory7s (EUW)
: [Discussion] Is homophobia punished enough in League of Legends?
Why do people cry soo much about hate on the internet lol
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Thing that you (and some other) fail to understand is that you can't PREVENT intentional feeding. No matter how many they ban, you will still get them. And saying "I had intentional feeder yesterday and i had another intentional feeder today,Riot doesnt do anything about them" is silly. Riot does punish intentional feeders. But unless they invent time machine, they cant prevent them from being in your games.
Yea,no. If youre not streaming,and you inentionally feed in a game you wont get banned. Lets just say i have a friend that knows a guy that has a friend that ints games and still isnt banned.
: Intentional feeders
People int feed and riot isnt doing shit about it.
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: Git gud
Omfg thanks for the advice,i just hit Rank 1 Challenger on EUNE :O 10/10 help
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: Oldest problem : Troll or bad player.. age old question with no end.
The amount of games i have inted and then said im just bad is over 9000 jk ofc
: Why do people keep on blaming the jungler?!
Im not saying its never the junglers fault. But i made this post because of the people that for example overextend and die twice before youre even level 4,then flame you for no reason. To go to a point Archerno1 made,you cant really have a good kill participation when the whole enemy team is fed before you have your second item,killing them is hard.
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: I just had my first intentional feeder for ages
in Italian you say? Yea,he wont be punished as long as he isnt typing in English. You can be punished because of words,but not for ruining someones game and wasting 30 minutes of their life.
ZéBiumbo (EUW)
: A TV channel for league of legends !
: Ability Name
{{champion:11}} : Highlander https://i.redd.it/jthivjsyra9x.jpg
Lorènz (EUW)
: Smurf looking for smurf
Why,cant smurf alone so you need someone else to carry you in bronze? lmao
antibes (EUNE)
: i how to win this cancer game low elo?
I cant do this sht,i opened the first screenshot and i instantly got flashbacks of my last few games,you do everyhting right but the 0/10 teammate loses you the game,and then a smartass will say that its your fault you diddnt win git gud kid
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: plat 1 adc cait doesn't place 1 trap in 36 minute game should be punishable.
I had a guy play without runes and masteries,go 0/10 and then afk because "jungler is a noob" Guess what,hes still playing and feeding to this day. Riot sucks when it comes to punishing players,you can int feed games how much you want,but if you say 1 word,bye bye account
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0tx (EUW)
: Why are most player's attitude so bad?
They are bad at the game,and lack braincells to admit it to themselves,thats why they flame others and what not.
: Why making an effort to upload image and place it here since it is not going to change the situation u where in. Those players don't get any ban so reporting or uploading on boards has 0 effect. Name and shame also not allowed.
Because its fun,and sorry for breaking rulez plz no riport mi plz no :(
: What can i do,when in promos this happens???? I GET FKED
1 free win 2. game dodge and lost 3. game midlaner loses lane,goes afk,comes back to int feed and run it down mid You cant make up shit like this
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: Best league jokes ever 10/10
How do toxic players do the chores? they dont,they just blame the jungler
Allosen (EUW)
: Add voice chat in the most toxic community on the whole internet. Great Idea.
There is a difference between reading a flamer and listening to a 14 year old kid telling you youre bad while he is 0/4. think about it,voice chat would be alot better
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eRoxTX (EUW)
: Hi, ADD "eRoxTX" and write me in terms of Solo-/Duo-/FlexQ & Clan. {{champion:1}} **Thx & Greetz - eRoxTX **{{champion:10}}
Im Level30 on EUNE,dont have a EUW account because i did a transfer.
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: Help!
get scammed lol
: Free Xayah giveaway contest
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnVag2Nwaug {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Icemarch (EUNE)
So you flamed a few people and now youre sad because of it? lmfao
darkulaslt (EUNE)
: New champions
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: What is wrong with gold players!?
So i got G4 mmr,last 7 games,2 int feeders and 3 afks,5 lost because of Gold players,its a joke. This game is all about luck
: Im Gold 4 Urgot main , but im willing to bet that Plat 1-Diamond 5 is the most toxic elo
people are just thinking way too much of themselves
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: Playing League does not feel like "playing"
I agree alot on this,each game is rolling the dice,hoping you get a good team. (and with good team i mean the ones that,even if you lose the game,lost trying,not feeding/flaming and losing) I have gotten my mmr quite high so im playing vs high gold players while im silver. Its either i do well and my team does ok so we win,or someone on my team dies once and flames/blames me because i am the "silver player". Gold 5 0lp 600 games played flames a Silver 2 70ishLp 50 games played,so we lose What i wanted to say is,yes,the game is not 100% skill,its 50% skill 50% luck
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