Cypherous (EUW)
: Yup, exactly like your post at the top :P
Well atleast my mom isnt noob like yours
: sure bro 0 ranked games and garen games on ur acc
This is my other account
: cute troll post
Why is everyone thinking that this is a troll post?? ITS NOT SO STOP IT ITS MAKING ME MAD
Whats so funny PUNK!?
Endellion (EUW)
: Ugh, I now what you mean. I saw this Akali auto attack a minion and didn't lose any energy.
But akali doesent need energy to auto attack
: lol.... Garen is an AD champion so building Ability Power on him is useless. Buying the same item twice is also useless. Also, hacks **don't** exist in LOL and **can't** exist, so there is no point in raging at anything when you get beaten expect your lack of skill.
Ok dude you dont have to be so harsh... btw whats your rank?
Cypherous (EUW)
: I rate this spam as a Donald Trump/10
: This is satire right ?
: bro u are iron 3 while this fact explains a lot of ur complaints this post alone should demote u to iron 4 also nice troll post u TROLL
Its not a troll post im 6 years old and im new to the game
: It's just a troll post lol, after all he said : > My brother and his friends and my sister often play with me they are platinum and they are good and told me to buy those items but then i didnt do demage to him because he had HACKS!! This guys claims to buy 2 ludens on garen cause his plat friends told him so and that protobelt is only available for youtubers. There is no way I'm gonna believe this is real. Also, most comments like the ones about annie and irelia and also answering in irony ;)
Its not a troll post, after my brother saw this he told me that he and his friends were trolling me because it was funny how i was raging :(
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