: Client Bugsplat Please help
same here, all day idk what to do >.<
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Four Star (EUW)
: What does it take to get into gold?
I was 8 months silver. Then i realised something: Dont play bot lane (ADC/SUPP) Cuz this season is about dynamic que, and if u get vs premade bot + jung its most unlikely to win lane. Play MID /Jungle (i used to play Syndra mid / Diana jungle, why?) Syndra is strong laner + Diana easy clear with huge dmg, also they both one shot high priority target when ahead. There are many sites to check enemy player history, see who is on their team on losing streak and gank / roam that lane ( u will tilt that guy and cause him to flame other members + tilting them too) i know this is dirty but league is also mind game. When you lose game stop playing for few hours - 1 day. Being cool is + Always stay with team, its better to force 5v5 then getting caught 5v1. :)
Joyi (EUW)
: Zed Counterplay as an ADC.
Zed is not popular pick in pro scene. so no nerfs. Poor Azir got nerfed cuz op pick on MSI :(
: Jinx?
Cuz she is immobile and current meta is all about nuking, assasin and tanks nuking squishies like there is no tomorrow. xd
: Teleport has become dominant, picked on both top and mid. Possible ignite buffs?
Imagine buffed Ignite on MID laners that already have tons of dmg like LB/ZED/Annie Or Supports with high dmg at bot... Ignite is fine. It is made for preasure not for soloing ppl. 1k true dmg at 18? Kalista have 1.4-2k hp at 18. add zed/lb dmg on that
Problem is that every gold 3 think like you :C
: If you ask me to report someone...
Even worse thing is ppl who want to report you for not tryhard in fun game modes. One week ago got first time to play champ in aram, was flamed cuz i had bad score. I started in ranked to mute enemy and ally team at start.
Apathylex (EUW)
: One Million Azir Mastery Points Montage
woah :3 i started Azir recently, i need to learn that insane drifting :C
iams0tired (EUNE)
You can see massage that there is problem, and you still play... Not their fault cuz you are unpatient to wait for fix.
: Thank You Riot =)
: Help with choosing champion!
MID - AP Ekko is nice, he is fun to play, nice wave clear, and also rewarding if you manage to proc your passive, he is safe once u get ult, counter popular MID laners atm. Also landing good W in teamfights = win :) Ekko TOP (Tank) DMG is nerfed, but he is still tanky as before. Jungle - I am not fun of Kindred, but yeah they are OP. With new changes, we have Bloodrazor that fits Kindred perfectly, so i guess she will melt TANK meta. I still pref Elise/Shaco. About Aatrox, he is off meta but new item changes(Bloodrazor/Guinsoo) combined with BOTRK can make him deadly. I would go Ekko cuz he can fit all 3 roles you metioned. Its funny and feels damn good when you outplay enemy. Oh and those recall ult back moments are ...
Sffc (EUW)
: LoL client not functioning
When i click Shop i get only black screen in game...
: Riot do something please. Amount of AFK player just demoralise me...
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Bombardox (EUW)
: Feelsbadman life of support mains
Play Bard, instafamous cuz plays u make :)
Falbindan (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SHIBANYUE,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=t59ssN7g,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2015-12-29T01:35:21.115+0000) > > I'm thinking this new champ will have a 4 hit passive i'm guessing. > > {{champion:238}} Zed - blind? > > {{champion:37}} Sona - Slience? > > {{champion:254}} Vi - Knock up > > {{champion:86}} Garen - maybe could be defensive - added armor or something, even a speed up like Garens. The only thing known about the new champion is that he's not going to have a 3-hit passive. Why mention that if it's not a 4-hit passive or something similar?
Jinx before release, had 3 passive and Ult. She had Q W E weapons switch. She was able to use 3 types of weapons dat modified her basic Attacks, later it was changed. So i dont know why 3 passive would be prob for rito :)
Sona Teaser is out. I think it represent Cleanse, Look at her hands, she is like "just do it", i think there is new guy, that help them, sona was mute, now she will be able to speak. BTW Dat Splash is beautiful <3
: Trynda ult was on 16 second CD and he wasnt banned thou he could just stand at fountain and kill everything before it respawns ult was ready
Tryndamere is not immune to Fountain dmg.
: Champion Concept: Adel, The stormbringer
Igglet (EUNE)
: Top 10 Strongest Champions (According to Lore)- Redone!
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meowsuo (EUW)
: Something weird is going on with Zed's champion page. I just found it on Reddit. Look for yourself.
Copy/Pasted from TheDemonicLegend from NA They all betrayed people they were once close to, Zed killed his former master, Vi abandoned her gang to help Caitlyn Garen protected Katarina while she was in demacian territory (betraying demacia I guess) Sona killed the person who taught her to play that instrument she plays Could Deadeye be here to make them pay for their past betrayals?
: Why bard's e don't give an assist
I read somewhere that Bard Magical Journey should give axxixt, probabbly bug. I bought Bard 2 days ago, and played 20 games, i am now big fan of him, but this bug is serious problem ...
meowsuo (EUW)
: Something weird is going on with Zed's champion page. I just found it on Reddit. Look for yourself.
meowsuo (EUW)
: Something weird is going on with Zed's champion page. I just found it on Reddit. Look for yourself.
Dead Eye hmm Shen have similar tittle > Shen, Eye of Twilight. If you look closely Zed gif, you can see something red ghoustly fly behind, looks like tango Evelynn cloth + Roses
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Which champion has highest skill cap? [POLL (with only 10 choices tho)]
Everything i saw in comments and above is not even close to mighty BARD! {{champion:432}}
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: [Champion Suggestion] : Neco, the Mind on Fire
too much dmg :D more broken version of brand :D 5000 range every 20 sec and 60% ap :D you should nerf Neco :D
: Just had worst game experience yet...
Smells like you are smurf who get smurfed hehe :) U made new acc to stomp newcomers, now better smurfs stomp u :) Karma(not champ) is a bitch :DD
: Lets talk Shyvanna for a second.
She was part of DEVOURER HYPE, Jax and other Rageblade + Fervor mastery are freelo atm :D
BobT (EUW)
: THREE fucking Miss Fortune Skins, a random Ziggs one, Veigar Whitebeard (good), Prom Queen Annie I only own Annie.. And only play Kog as an ADC, and not very often.
: http://s20.postimg.org/vx8075yff/personaldiscountshop.png Also, people could keep these things in one thread instead of posting new one with exact same topic.
Damn bruh u own them all xD @swampert919 i was hoping for Bloodstone Lissandra but i got 2x Hecarim skins :3 Still nice :))
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: Which 6300 ip mobile champion to buy? Give me your opinion!
Try Lissandra :) - Mobile, easy roam bot/top when mid. - Can be played at top and when you tp to bot for kills, u bring everything bot need to secure it. - Insane CC, every spell beside E slow / stun. - Great teamfighter, you can Rush in Q W + Ult their adc / urself and deal tons of dmg. - No matter if enemy team have fed MID/TOP/ADC with Lissandra kit all you need to do is ult them and your team will wreck them. - Hard to gank her due to Slows/Stuns and Ult + Zhonya which make her untargetable. - Its hard to turret dive Lissandra, once i W Lb under my turret after she Dashed to me followed by ult and boom shes dead. - Amazing Poke + Wave Clear - She counter most of current top mid/top picks. Also she is very fun to play and have beautiful skins :)
: Yep :D I even made a thread about it ^^ over 400 stacks 18 minutes into the game :D I love Illaoi {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} ---- Edit: Omg I looked up the game in your match history: Nasus 17/2/10 with 320 CS in a 37 minute game :D
Yeah, i read, cant belive how Illaoi ppl are dumb xD
Kitsy (EUW)
: Tip about Illaoi
PRO TIP: DONT PICK DAMN ILLAOI IN RANKED VS NASUS. NASUS CAN FARM DAMN TENTACLES AND GAIN FUKLOAD OF STACKS ;C One guy today ruined our game cuz nasus farmed tentacles and reached 1k stacks. He was unstopable lol
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Antony9 (EUW)
: how to climb the divison ladder??
Tryndamere, easy push. Easy top lane inhib at 20 mins. Strong 1v1. Jonorable mentions: Syndra/Lissandra/Talon
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: Zyra or Elise
Idk why people stopped playing Zyra. Her dmg is so high. Her kit is amazing.i would go for Zyra.
: Who should i buy - Azir or Yasuo?
Yasuo is perma bannd in ranked at bronze silver and gold. Azir is hard nerfed and there are other mid laners who are better atm. Btw Yasuo is easy to counter, Zed, Talon are atm best mid laner assassins. Mages: Syndra and her one shot ult. Lissandra and her 1v5 dmg.
: How can I become better as a player?
League win rate now is based on luck. Your team either get afk / feeder or u win :) No matter how good you are, if enemy ADC/MID 15/0 ^^
: So worth not giving a crap about aram
"Broken as Donald Trump mind" made me lol hard :'D
MiIan (EUW)
: Now we have an even bigger problem when an ally is AFK...
biggest problem is seeing ppl without masteries ;C
Germaxes (EUNE)
: Tham is total tard 1v1
If u let that frog eat u, u should stay in his belly xD
: Bud Spencers dead slap ftw :D
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Immahnoob (EUNE)
: So the support gets all the lolis? I'll be a main in no time.
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