: Tried darksouls 1 but it pretty much runs at 5fps. 4gb DDR3 ram i5-2450M 2.5ghz GPU is dead
that is a laptop ugh try ''Intel® HD Graphics 3000 games'' googling that and see what works for you.
: I prferebly play online games that are PVE based and grindy. As for my pc, as long as im not standing in the sun CS:GO is playble
hmmm can you run like windows+r dxdiag to see your specs you know like processor graphics and ram amount... as for online PVE i don't know many games that are PVE online just google grindy PVE games for lowspec PC lul. if it doesnt have to be online play Dark Souls 1&2 not sure you can play 3 it's fun and it's not as hard as ppl say actually it's easier than many other old school games. Idk play Path of Exile it's complex and grindy
Wesseł (EUW)
: I Watched A LCS Game But No Rewards
The most cancerous thing about the whole shit is the fact you cant watch it trough YT or Twich directly but have to watch it on crappy page they have setup to see idk YT AND TWICH FFS. just fix that bs RIOT.
: A game to chill :D?
How bad is your PC and what type of games do you like to play is the question.
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HitYourHead (EUNE)
: OMGGGGGG did you manage to get 100% winrate in so many games ? amazing! 3 games is a lot, really help you to draw a conclusion. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
idk either those were only 3 games where he was not banned or picked by someone else . kappa
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: I wish we could make our posts look this pretty when we write in the forums All I can do is --- This line (I think that's all I can do)
You can try by making .png image of center to make it centered in the post and then link it like that. only thing that comes to my mind if you want squiggly crap and other art.
SaaDistic (EUW)
: Sylas Fanart i made
Nice one but, https://imgur.com/lQGGAQT hehehe fixed
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: It sucks, because I'll lose because someone might *cough* troll *cough* and there is nothing that could be done. About the grind part, if only I had more time :( Also, it's showing me a winrate above 50%, so all I have to do is consistently still get good kda? This is all confusing :/
I'am not sure what Hansiman is on about but trust me KDA keeps your MMR healthier **if you lose**, KDA 2+ when losing it almost does not mater at all. Trust I go and Die 10 times if needed for my team to be able to win a fight or take turret etc. Don't count on team till you reach Plat 2 atm from all the games i had from w/e rank to plat 3 I had decent team as in team playing to win and for each other in about 20% of the games and you have 50/50 chances of getting a boosted player/s in your games till you hit over Plat 5. So here is how formula for climbing low elo works if you are first time LoL player I will skip bronze and silver as you are not in that ranking **Gold in a nutshell.** First the negatives. 1. Smurfs. There are about 15% chances you will encounter someone who can be called a smurf an actual higher++ skill lv player 2. Boosted players these are 50/50 chances Gold 5 Gold 4 Gold 3 and Gold 2 is like way lower maybe 20% max and then in Gold 1 you will have about 50% chances again to have a boosted plat player. Check op.gg before the game starts 3. Trolls/Inters this is the toughest one troll is basically Farming support, Soft inter aka team m8 bating player, ping spamer and ofc ofc rage quiters, Inter is someone who just runs it down and doesn't try to hide it or does by later on. 4. Flamer but that is no issue just say I'll try my best or smth and mute now how to over come this. Riot is aware of this yes all of this but Riot is also using 50% WR lock to keep ppl hooked on (aside from other social tricks) so that means you will have wining and losing streaks which in terms can be abused, when you have a Wining streak play on when you lose two games in a row don't try to recover but play another day when Riot gives you better teams. Other way is to abuse MMR you can either lower or bump your MMR to make your promos easier. **I don't advise this**_ if you dont know what you are doing_ as it can get you regulated to lower tier some times. So what you do is reset your MMR by having like 40% WR or so in 10-20 games so you would lower your MMR and make climb easier and promos more winnable again based on 50% win rate system. Third way is jungler tracking which none uses in Silver Gold and low Plat. basically when you force your opponent to back and clear the wave (or they just back for item) place a ward in their jungle near camp if champion is eve or jungler that has no good gap close jump dash etc. you see where they are ping him move to the other side of lane and that keeps you and your team safe making game 5v4,5 or 5v4 vs some junglers. Also by pink ward/s to further track them. Note that from Gold 3 to Plat 4 skill lv is mostly the same. So if you abuse the systems in place i believe you can reach Plat for sure also don't be a KDA player as not being willing to engage sacrifice your self some times is the difference between wining and losing. Best of luck climbing !
: People overreact so hard... U think Zoe oneshots are bad? At least she has to hit a skillshot from miles away. Ever played vs season 3 lebonk with dfg who only needed dfg q r (all targeted and undodgeable, and possible to use within <0.5 sec) to kill someone from 2k health? That was some unbalanced shit. Compared to that, things seem pretty tame these days. Of course riot always struggles to balance a new champion's kit. It's been that way since the dawn of time (anyone remember release xin zhao?). It's always hard to prophesize how exactly a new kit will impact the game, and how well players will be able to make use of it. Before we get 99% kassawin again, I wouldn't consider champion balance in jeopardy for the most part. Not that there ain't some stuff that needs tweaking *cough* jax *cough*, but we'll survive until riot gets around to taking care of it.
: Add disenchant option for icons and emotes
They should let us disenchant champions/skins we own as well, that would fix refund issue on top of being useful.
: LP gained and lost
It's based on your MMR and others MMR best way to check from my experience is on OP.GG here is the link to your profile http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Gr8Jelly0fDoom Now it's not correct or exact as Riot's MMR system but shows you approximation of what it is. Your KDAs are good but you need to get 50% Win Rate at least to have decent LP gains I'am between 53-55% atm but it still happens that i gain between 19-23 LP all thou my WR should push me from 21-25 LP based on experience from previous seasons . Best way to climb is to win ofc but in some cases you can't even if you are above that skill lv... that is due to team m8 factor ++ and Match Making trying to keep you at 50% WR. best thing to do when you see you will lose is either to go for a desperate play to bring the game back or just play for KDA so your MMR would not dip as hard, and ofc grind grind grind.
I got that as a gift from Riot for wining some drawing competition.
: The problem with ADCs is a problem about team play
The problem about game is Riot... no that is it Riot sold the IP Riot doesn't give all champs Riot can't balance pro and casual Riot brought flame into community Riot brought kids into community Riot kept making broken champs Riot kept nerfing instead of buffing Riot kept reworking Riot kept banning Riot failed. Dota (1) was good but lacked speed and fast mechanics Dota 2 is welp as you said either you play carry or you are some fetch boy Lol was good had fast mechanics and had only one fetch boy now lol is bad has broken rework and legacy mechanics none is a fetch boy but that makes everyone fetch boy and none wants to be a fetch boy.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PRoxy oQ,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=BkML1OyB,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-06T02:42:36.140+0000) > > gj forum dweller that repeats everything like everyone else, obliviously you think you know everything EUNE lv 13 boards bot. Board bot ? :D what a board bot dose level forum accounts ? :) I explained to you that after 14 days ban which you had, the step to permanent is very small, so while you think you were not toxic you didn't need to be very toxic for permanent. Also base on the fact that 95% of players that complain they got banned underserved after they post logs they are extremely toxic + the fact that you are toxic and rude on forum is easy to draw a guess that you were indeed worthy of a ban.
Not gonna waste my time on you, you have an edit not worth writing back to cya hf.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: From what I see its a bug that they cannot send you the log file, not a bug in your punishment. I am positive when you receive the chat logs and share them they will be toxic, also permanent ban is given after the lowest toxicity from all toxicity levels since it came after 14 day suspension and its last chance, so even the smaller rule breaking generate permanent ban. In other words you can easier take permanent ban than 5 games chat restriction.
gj forum dweller that repeats everything like everyone else, obliviously you think you know everything EUNE lv 13 boards bot.
: i dont think getting banned is a so called "BUG" and judging from the way that ur talking i can see that ur indeed toxic soooooooo idk maybe those people that reported u where right to report u after all think about that maybe
read comment/reply above before you assume things :*
Shamose (EUW)
: You aren't reporting a bug. You think you getting banned is a bug you're wrong. Make a ticket. Get your cha logs and see you got banned fairly.
how can i get banned on acc i did not use 2-3 years xD LMAO just bcs you think everyone is toxic it's your mentality issue kappa, if you are so much about making a ticket make it your self i don't give a single f about making one. If riot does their work they can see reported bugg if not don't care either .
Shamose (EUW)
: _"CONTACT PLAYER SUPPORT FOR MORE DETAILED INFO"_ Yeah making a boards post whining is what you should do instead.
It's a bug so i don't give a dame about sending some ticket to support that i have to login and what not and wait for who knows how long to respond whit an automatic or copy paste reply/ies before forwarding it to a maybe human lmao. Wow he used word whining and quotes so says online wow. Its not whining ffs it's reporting a bug see a bug board wow.
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gabi007 (EUNE)
: i know my cpu can do like a champ 4.2 on air,but i need is a guide cuz it is hard to lean out voltages while wanting the system to be stable
Unless you know what you are doing and trust me mobo and cpu name don't help there i would suggest putting 60-70% over clock you see on the internet and small voltage bump .
radetari (EUNE)
: they wont when the new season starts (talking about the borders) and for flaming I saw a lot of people here that get banned because they kind of just got mad and started using swear words but not by a huge extent
yup look at this guy https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3818688525/2003230898442592?tab=overview Saying on boards that he got someone banned bcs of flame when he inted in game https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/NtnLepNA-a-msg-to-my-mid-laner-aatrox And he get's up votes on Boards shows how toxic this game is and how much riot doesn't do anything.
jOhNyP (EUW)
: a msg to my mid laner aatrox
4/29 in jungle you are the one who should be banned am sending this to Riot as a ticket. You died every 2 minutes in game.
radetari (EUNE)
: dude plat was my goal i'm done for the season i already know what to expect in plat i saw it in my promos and it ain't pleasant to look at one bit about riots punishing even the flamers don't get banned unless they wish the death to someones family tree or something similar if it was me i would only punish players that wish such bad things upon another but never the ones that are just salty and tilted
They do punish flamers and only that , I would not punish flamers for anything if you can see in match history they have team mates with 0.01 kda etc. or 500 dmg in a game. But let's be honest Riot doesn't care. Anyway congrats on Plat be ready for shit storm. Plat 1- Diamond 4 is way more toxic that just stupid lower elo flame. They are smart about it they will do all it takes to tilt you and make you flame. Only advantage of Plat is the border Icons suck since S3.
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: You can be sure buddy - that nobody ever gets banned for AFK. Worst case scenario players who afk get into low priority queue. That's it.
Yup and don't forget if they have any iq they will just run around base as game is being lost and Riot is clueless about it. Best thing you can do when someone is inting or afk is not to say a word bcs they can bann you for saying report X for AFK int soft int. Riot wont do shit about them they need those kids. Actually I know a guy IRL who ints afks all the time but he buy skins and other crap and never got any ban LMAO for 3 seasons now.
radetari (EUNE)
Are you sure m8 nothing under master/challenger has any good players. Half of the team m8s will flash into full team lv1, run down mid, and other int starts that riot doesn't seam to catch up to. Also plat 5 and diamond 5 feature most boosted players that you cant carry bcs they are wood at best. Also you will see most ppl use their ults on nexus and other crap . but good luck out there and remember Riot only punish flame never int!
Sefi (EUNE)
: My heart goes to FNC!
Am glad they lost bcs they cant pick and ban and did not start soaz to till them. Remove kebab!
: she gets like perma banned though. well not perma, but u know....
Still doesn't justify lack of balance for sake of selling skins .
253IQ (EUW)
: Im wondering why no rioter listen to us ? we are suffering of this champ . her dmg is high she can build ap but get ad . she can be invisible . not fair at all .
Bcs without that she would be useless in ''pro'' play and thus they don't give a %%%%. AND They tested that out on Kha'Zix R (evolved) realized it was broken enough for them to strap it on a rework champion and sell some skins Akali was perfect as she already had plenty of skins. oh yeah remember that also made kha zix viable in pro play do we see a pattern ?
: Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!
Describe a moment of hard stuck would be every time i get to any tier 1 as you can feel the boost in the air, promos are not hard as I got to master on other - acc but it's luck based if you get boosted players from gold - diamond they are very hard to carry as they have no clue what is going on. I managed to have to try hard for plat LMAO bcs unlike DOTA you have to buy champs and sometimes there is nothing good to play vs their comp LOLOLOLOLOL I hate duo quing primating as 5 is pointless unless your payed to do so
: Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!
Have to carry every game 1v9 so i pick cleanse ghost to make team doge when they can't pick ban. Also when ever i try hard i lost when i troll like zed supp or crap my team plays well and carry.
: Play Ekko, win, easy
y seen that working at worlds lmao
: > [{quoted}](name=Esdese,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=aArhk719,comment-id=0006000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-01T18:33:03.176+0000) > > The fact Clash has not begun and you are already having server-side issues makes me think if IT will even be able to go through the initial stage. To be absolutely transparent with you (and hopefully this comes across well) - EUW is one of our most "at risk" regions with Clash due to the sheer size and player base. We're super aware of how bad things go when Clash has issues, as well as the recent issues we've had, and we're very much taking them into consideration and doing risk evaluations on the chances of things going wrong. Part of the Clash beta is to check how things go with our new changes to make things a lot less painful from our learnings earlier in the year, but part of that is the chance that we could find issues we didn't see first time round. Long winded, but basically - we know this is painful, and we're going to be keeping this in mind.
I know this is weird question especially with all that is going on on EUW but can you transfer this acc to EUW please i don't have what it takes to pay for it and am sorry but EUNE is full of complete garbage players I'll start flaming how utterly horrid they are. I miss EUW so much :/ Make it a compensation for this EUW issues :D
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FleaLess (EUNE)
: riot is a company, and they can do anything they want, they can make any rules they want, joining its community means you agree and follow THEIR rules, and if their rule is that flaming is punishable then you can do whatever you want it will be still punishable... >Trivial things such as flaming could effortlessly be avoided without actually causing any type of inconvenience to the "victim" ( AKA the person being flamed ). you dont know that, anything can affect anyone... im pretty sure you heard of bullies, they are the real life flamers >And last but not least... Get off Riot's %%%% and face the real problems here. Store and loot are down. this is how any "mature" person reacts to things s/he have no idea how it works
Still can't protect your self from a head shot or even armor piercing bullet or high caliber... and this takes /mute all or two presses of a button. On the other note it's not a community it's using it's product, and flaming was cried out by kids who don't have human interactions or should be allowed to vote or use a product till a certain age. Guns are not real life flamers get a job and when you fck up see how others will ''flame you'' bcs your are not contributing positively to a goal . Guns are tools of war firstly used to get ahead of your opponent by any means necessary. I would love to see Riot make a vote on if players want perma banns for flame in Ranked and other ques to be a thing as that would be mature thing to do in a '' community '' that or insta bann players who use mute in bcs they are refusing to communicate with a team.
PepsyZero (EUNE)
: RIOT issued a permanent ban(for my friend) after I tried to ease his 14 days suspension, without is
In a game where blocking and muting is an optional flame banns should not be a thing , anyway store and loot are down.
Vytautis (EUNE)
: Dear Event Team!!
If it's not about quests i don't see what it is about i mean most of this game modes are BORING as hell . Dominion was fun but it's no more .

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