: Nexus Blitz has been rather buggy. For example I was in a group of the three of us and despite us all locking in our champs, it didn't seem to acknowledge one of our players, thus shoving us into a ten minute AFK Penalty.
Thank you for the reply. I think Riot is mistaking public server and thus the main community for their beta testers. These are issues that shouldn´t get through the testing stage.
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: Where can i play Zyra ?
Hello as a Zyra mid main, I have to say, that she is still playable in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, but those ap item changes %%%%ed her up pretty good. Riot doesnt care about her being a mid lane control mage as she should be. She can still be pretty usefull if you know combos :). Btw, if you have any questions, you can sure ask. Btw, if your friends are below Diamond, dont listen to them, Zyra is still an amazing mage with some great mechanics.
: That Eve one is simple. It blocked the ability that activated her Charm. The charm proc is a different ability for the purposes of Banshee's. Also, Noc's fear is a tether, and tether will continue if you become untargetable or not.
So, if I am a squishy immobile mage, how do I stop Evelynn from instakilling me? No chance... so she has basically no counterplay....
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Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: BUG: Baron buff causes massive lags???
Yes I noticed last game, just tried it out in a training mode. From around 72 FPS the game, for me, goes to around 50, and when a teamfight breaks out, I have 5 FPS!!!! 5...thats unplayable.. I know its a big thing, to implement this big of a change, but they should have test it our properly on PBE.
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Testiclies (EUNE)
: Zyra as a midlaner
Well, what you say is truth, but not the whole truth. For everyone who is interested, the best Zyra in the world is a mid lane Zyra main, currently in Challanger. I´ve got to Diamond with Zyra in S6 nefore lethality came out. For @Testiclies - the best possible combo is: E-W-R-Q-W if you press E and W right after you can plant the seed before the roots get to that location, while that you can cancel the animation and use R immidiately on top of that and the Q there is just a finisher... play her with exhaust and flash, I got some nice runes set up for her, + masteries if you gonna play her mid lane more. Just add me ;).
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: Are low elo players in delusion?
This behaviour is common in every rank of League. I am Plat now and the higher you get, the worse it gets.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Padouch, It looks like you got 150 Orange Essence from that transaction - not 1,000. It looks like this transaction went through successfully, but maybe misread the 1,000? :-(
Thank you for ur reply :). I really thought I saw 1k. There is no backtracking so I couldn´t really check on that :).
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n33gs (EUW)
: Hmmm wether i agree or not Very few if any of you points made, makea boring game 1) agree client could need some love and attention but doesnt reflect on broing gameplay 2) rune concern last a very short time before you have plenty for whatever runes you need - again doesnt add to boring game 3) Im mid/high silver and rarely see smurfs. If they are smurfs they are gold which is only a bit above me anyway and i now regularly play with gold champs - this is very user specific. I dont experience this problem much at all. When i do it doesn't affect game play in a boring way. Your plat how can smurfs really affect you that much 4) Contradictory. You say the game is boring cos they make changes and cause balance issues. Yet not changing the champs leads to stagnation which is boring. You say loads of champs are not playable but how are riot meant to change this.......without changing anything. 5) This is the game design itself. You are rewarded more for a kill and less for assist etc. So although its a team game there are also individual benefits. Unlike say HOTS where XP and gold is shared. Loads of online games are like this not just LOL. The number of times i have played COD domination for my team to lone wolf geting kill streaks and bossing the match for us to easily be beaten as no one cared about objectives. (ps not making excuses for LOL community is SUUUUUUUUUCKS) - may have some affect to gameplay but cant see how it makes it boring All in all i think you may have some valid points but dont see how any relate to it being a boring game All in all i think Roit have done loads to shake up the game since i started playing a few years back. All these changes have made the game broken in places but never boring. Things change champs shine and dwindle out etc leesin OP - now barly see him Amu - OP now barely see him Elise - op barely see her New jungle New map (bushes) Jungle camp toooo strong Jungle ok New jungle items casusing new Jungle buffs Support boring Supp items Main sups more frequent Morgana troll champ Morgana OP sup Annie MID only Annie troll sup Annie OP sup Wu only top Wu troll jung Wu op jung Aram tanks useless Aram snowball SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIt tank is in my face New drake buffs New baron buffs interesting champs designs jinx a flat chested psycho, gnar malphit raped a teemo, ekko, tahm, yas, rek, bard, new hunter reworks (good or bad) sion, trist, skarma these are just a few i can recall that made a big difference and made sure the game didt become boring
First of all i´d like to say that you see my post in a very specific way, which I was afraid somebody could see. I think rune concern last a very long time. You must farm as hell to buy one runepage, and when you wan to buy champs it´s painfully slow. The way I said something about smurfs is that they r not in ranked rather they are problem when newbies are lvling up account. When Diamond player is lvli up new account and all he is doing is playing his main champ over and over it´s boring to play against, and even with. I don´t say champions shouldn´t be changed a little bit, or geting reworked when they need so, but unbalancing the game in such scale doesn´t give me the feel that this is the right way to do it. The thing with team oriented game is that objectives > kills, and a lot of players don´t know that, and they just want kills. Needless to say they are unable to cooperate with their teammates. I just wrote down things that I think should be changed a little bit. It´s your way how you proceed to see it.
: practically everything here is right and although i agree with most of it, some parts are just unchangeble. i dont think league is dying like everybody is saying, but i do think riot needs to do some work on the game to return his glory again.
That´s exactly what I was trying to say :). Thank You for your reply.
: Forgot to mention the broken game engine, that takes RIOT years to fix minor bugs - A whole year, just to fix the problem with just placed wards, not being able to be picked up by an already used sweeper. - Hitboxes - Being hit, when you obviously werent anywhere near it - Movement - Eventhough, blocking the movement path isnt a viable strategy in LoL, unlike Dota and Heroes, sometimes there are a few perfectly placed creeps that dont allow you to pass, and the movement system doesnt register to walk around them, rather than staying in place. - Flashing away from a "MELEE" attack, just to be hit and killed out of range of the "MELEE" attack. Call it server delay, call it a bug, its still a problem LoL faces - Missiles / Projectiles derping - Ever hit, but yet missed that Ashe ult on a key target? Ever hit the whole team with a Sona ult, just to see that it neither did any damage, or stun them in place? For "probably" the flagship of MOBA games, this is intolerable, and its a bug that causes problems for both the competitive scene "LCS", and normal games. - Random exploits / buggs - These are in every game, but LoL has them in numbers compared to Dota/Smite/Heroes. One of the most recent ones being the invisible Jinx ult, that was seen being used in LCS. The invisible Nidalee spear, before her rework. The invisible Mundo cleaver, and so on....
We all said our points to that, so please, stop arguing and if you need, make a chat room on TS or something :), thank You. (I am writing this post because replys on this post are not constructive :))
cacarott (EUW)
: For the Emperor! (that was a W40k reference right?) I agree with the things you said dude. Imo some balance hotfix is seriously needed. Glhf in game :3
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Ok i agree and 1st , 2nd point and ye toxicity was and probably will always be a problem. But here are few questionable things: About smurfs, i always had doubts about this argument that new players are flooded with them or that they're all rude sons of bitches. For one i don't have alot of hope for the community, but i still doubt that the said smurf who's supperior in skill would actually flame his teammates for being bad while smurfing with the said bad teammates(sure some would) and i don't really see a point in makinga new account just to smurf from level 0 to silver, can that even be called a smurf? And knowing how ranked league works there can't be that much more plat+ smurfs that they would manage to flood lower leagues, because theyr number is just that much smaller. But i woudn really know, im plat 1 and i play only ranked, for me just looking at this logically it looks overexagerated. And about current balance, sorry if this comes out offensive, but you're blinded by nostalgia if you're calling S2 and S3 the most balanced seasons, there were always some top 3 picks for evry role and some pick and ban champion(permaban kassadin). This season right before the devourer introduction game was in the most balanced state, but right now we're close to those season 3 times, with few permabans and a bunch of top tier picks.
My point in was that in S3 you had about 3 - 5 top tier picks that got banned out. Maybe my memory is bad, IDK, but thank you for your post :).
FixxeS (EUW)
: I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! VERY WISE WORDS! I would just add some entries if I may... 1) yeah its slow and the laucher is crap. I personally need to click the shortcuts SEVERAL times to open league of legends... everytime there is a new patch I have issues connecting to games (the game it self, the one where you play with your champ), geting the disconnected warning... tryed to troubleshoot it with rito, they just send me a message to get a running process list and all that crap. the thing is I have this issue for over a year, I am so used to it that I dont even bother with it anymore... once I talked here at the forum about player behavior, the guy said that rito has a department for everything, since creating new champs, updating interfaces, a department to player behavior... I, like you, dont know why the launcher is still the same bull as usuall. does it costs that much add a damn log out button??? other thing I really really wanted to know is why the game grows in size with every patch. I have a small HDD, 320GB only, my league of legends has 4/4.5GB. I have a friend that has a riot games folder with over 14GB!!!! why??? rito forgets to eliminate older folders upon new patch's??? IDK. another thing: no tuturials for building rune pages, creating builds, nothing. as far as I know, the game only has tuturials for the gamemodes. I am silver 4 currently and I still dont know why I should buy this item and not this another... I neither know if my runes are good or not... they at least could have a tutorial explaining the basics of runes and masteries, since every champ has its own. 2) I totally agree. runes and rune pages are tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensives, with all that o's... using your way would be better. when I was a new player I bought a lot of rtier 1 and tier 2 runes, thinking they where good. but they're crap. I spent 15k IP on them. they could at least use that trading system I heard the game had on season 3 (I think), but I also have this Idea: mantain the currence pricing, but add a feature to the game, where you can "sell" your runes (not to other players, more like refunding), reviving the IP you spent with a penalty. for example, I bought MR runes and I dont need them anymore. so, I click the button and I revive 800IP of the 1000 I spent, so the game would keep 20% for it self as the penalty, wich would not help riot in nothing but, a huge help to players dont you think??? so they would be able to have more IP to try new things out. 3) I agree and disagree. being slow means you get more experience, so you will learn more before you can play ranked. about the smurfs, I agree with you, but thats nearly impossible. even if riot adopts some sort of system like the ranked system to use in normal games, players would suffer anyway. lets make an example with you and me. if I remember right, your P3. I am S4. if you creat an account just to play with me and you level it up using that system I said, at the end, I will be playing with P smurfs...so it would be the same thing as you playing with your main account, I would end up dead anyway :3 riot can say that players are not allowed to creat smurf accounts, but well, you just need a new email xd. there is not really much riot can do about that I think... 4) I agree. juggernauts are tooo OP. I only play since season 4, .but I noticed changes as well. the major change I noticed is the player behavior: flamers flamers and flamers... there are a lot of flamers comprared to season 4. back to the subject, in a recent custom game, a friend made morderkaiser deal 3000 damage ONLY WITH Q!!!! meaning you can oneshot, well, tripleshot an adc, support, mid lanner and possible a jungler... garen well, in a PvP game I made garen regenerate 250-350HP each 5 seconds!!!!! so I just needed to stay away fro a TF and after 10 seconds I was full HP again!! its impossible to lane against garen now!! the other juggernauts I dont know, but I think morde is the best juggernaut in question of being broken, it has no limitations. garen has no limitations too, but its only related to his HP regen and basic atacks damage. darius has its spin casting time and speed holding him back. skarner out of those circles seems a "bee", just slap it and dies (at least in my rank)... morde is the most OP, neither of his habilities have casting time, and if they have is less than 0.5secs, lots of damage, when you use an hability you get something like sivir's E, you can control a dragon from ANYWHERE of the map: yeah, you can, it has no range, just get drake, TP to top lane and you are playing dungeons and dragons on bot lane hahahhhahhah 5) saying that the community is bad IS WHAT I WANT TO MEAN. here is why: flamers everywhere. the blame is always from the jungler: several times actually, I was dead for like 20 seconds, mid lane asks help, dies and says in all chat: "report jungler for no help". and I say: "dude I was dead" and he says: "report jungler for flame".... this is serious logic... what you say (split the normal games to play for fun and taining for rankeds) the game already has that. normal, team builder, aram and dominion to chill, play for fun. draft for training for rankeds. "This community is extremely unforgiving and can´t outstand someone that is performing extremely well. Not everyone is Pro Challanger Zed with 500k points. No, I am also a noob, and I am in Platinum 3." - well said. fully agree. you cant commit mistakes or feed the enemy just because you cant handle them that they start saying "report report report!!" and start harassing you. my love for writing... I need to control that, I have less points than you and my text is bigger hahahahahhaha
I´ve actually red your whole post ;). I think you couldl say it more peacfully, not blaming Riot and the game so much :). Calm down a little, because this will reflect in your games. Well, I started a smurfs account just to play with my S5 friend, and not forcing him to play against platinum / diamond players all the time, but I couldn´t lvl it up :/.
: Which emperor, exactly?
The Holy Emperor, God amongst mankind (W40k) :).
Ceilonnn (EUW)
: +1 for smurfing and rune system
: what about shen (my main top) atm i have armor reds and yellows,MR blues and health Quints with 0/30/0 masteries
Shen is not viable at all as a top laner now, I would say he is best as a support. And he got nerfed now (his heal on Q) so....-.- And for your masteries, dont use 0/30/0 masteries, you wont get anything out of it. When is comes to top lane, everything you can do is farm and w8 for you jungler to come help you.
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: thanks i mostly play champs like Mao,Shen and nasus top and i try to build things like randuins and thornmail but he just outfamrs me so getting items is slow
Problem with tanks are that they are not viable now. I think that every tank that is not Malphite or Singed is totally useless now. I would suggest that you should buy full tank runes, and go 9/21 masteries for max defense stats. If you are playing like Maokai max ur Q and smash him with it every time he uses E to hit you. If timed well you can stop him before getting any dmg. Otherwise, farm underturret and freeze your lane in there. Then it depends on jungler if he will come for an easy kill or not :).
: How to beat Trynd
First, note that Tryndamere is a mid to late game champion, and his main source or dmg is from autoattacks. Building stuff like Randuins Omen and Thornmail is extremely effective against him. As for the top lane match against him, there are different ways to aproach him, depending on which champ you are playing. If you are playing something like Riven you can go ful ham and smack him before he gets lvl 2 or even stacks rage. For champs like Maokai or Sion (tanks), there is an only option to poke him before lvl 6 :).
Mecar (EUW)
: In-game disconnect ?
I have the same thing NOW. I am not able to connect to the game. I got there once and it said that I have 8 - 6k ping. WTF. I have stable conection 30Mbps/20Mbps. Also it says all the time (the little label or something) "Check your internet connection...". All reports, and any ban will really, well you know what. Thank you for listening to my problem and have a nice day.


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