qko pate (EUNE)
: So Riven...
She wasnt nerfed to the ground bcs she has lot of skins and makes lot of money. She wasnt reworked bcs she´s fun to play and play against unless u play against one of top 20 riven mains out there. She might be getting nerfed soon tho she´s pritty strong right now.
Miloshovsky (EUNE)
: Permanently Banned
I´ve played a game few months ago.. The guy on my team who got autoffiled said he´s a smurf and he want go top instead of me. I refused and banned his kled expecting him to resign and pick support and play normally. He did not. What he did was picking cleanse ghost nunu and straight up running it down. feeding all laners (esspecially mine) making us lose early game so hard. At some point he stopped dying to avoid system noticing him but he wasnt helpin us either. During the game he filled the chat by many words trying to explain his actions everytime someone gave him opportunity. He was saying things like: u could have freee win if there wasnt Riven(me), that I should kill my self, and that he wont be banned. And that banning his smurf wouldnt do much to him. He did not get banned. If u are asking why the reason is he didnt say anything noticeable by system and his KDA was on lvl of really tilted player. The most sad thing is that he was acting with intention to hurt me and all my teammates just because he feeled like doing it. I dont think the permanenty banned guy up there ment his teammates to straight kill them selves, he just wrote words that symbolize the most toxic behaviour in the game. It doesnt make him any worse then others that are still playing. However if u are asking who should be banned and who not, the answer is everyone! the fact that shitttters like this nunu are not banned yet will never be argument for people to escape bans just coz someone more toxic (and smart enough to not say "%%%") is not banned.
AvivKing (EUNE)
: Summoner spells not saved
: summoner spells always change to cleanse and exhaust, how to fix?
52 Cards (EUNE)
: Summoner Spells champion select bug
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