: He doesn't need a minion right? What you see could just be the champion with abilities. It could be a support champion and a cult leader in the lore. Blood Moon is seen as a cult but that's just skins so...
Soo, something like {{champion:20}} ?
Papuciitis (EUNE)
: Just a small improvement
Maybe my example of multiple acounts wasn't good, but this could be used in some very small tournaments, to save those couple of seconds or in internet cafes also to save time, even for those who need to go away for a couple of minutes and they know that they will get back to play some more, so they just log out. My suggestion wasn't meant for abuse, but for saving time. This could also help for slow computers, for example, on my old laptop, this new league client would open only after minute or minute and half, and if there would be an option like this, this would have saved me even couple of minutes.
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: Has to be that Taric
Ou yeah {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Woooo a scot! And he hates pretty much half of the League. Animals and scots are born enemies. Like englishmen and scots. And scots and scots. Damn scots, they ruined everything!
He just got bit by dog, that's why he is so hateful towards Animals :D
Voidner (EUNE)
: Extremly Broken with the scalings and his ultimate... Well done for the idea though! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Thank you for your comment! :) I made some changes, maybe now it is looking better: **Passive skill: ** _Bonus Attack Damage changed from **+25%** to **15%** Bleeding time changed from** 3** seconds to **1,5** seconds. Bleeding damage changed from **5%** to **3%** from full health. Attack speed increase changed from **15%** to **10%** Duration of attack speed increase changed from **15** to **5 **seconds._ **[Q] Deadeye :** _Waiting time changed from **0,5** seconds to** 1** second Projectile speed changed from **3000** to **2250**. Passes trough **5 **enemies not **10**. Damage reduction changed from **20 %** to **50%** Range changed from **1500/1750/2000/2250/2500** to **1200/1300/1400/1500/1600** Additional attack damage changed from **150/160/170/180/190 %** to **100/110/120/130/140 %** Projectile speed changed after first enemy hit. (Loses now **50%** instead of **20%**, but doesn’t get stopped further)_ **[W] Grenadier:** _Sight range changed from **1500** to **800** Recharge time changed from **35/30/22,5/15/12,5** to **35/32,5/30/27,5/25** seconds Cooldown between grenades changed from **none/none/5/4/3** to **none/none/10/7/5** seconds Range in with you can’t throw your grenade changed from **125** to **250** Added info that slowing effect is for 1.5 seconds_ **[E] Juggernaut:** _Juggernaut time changed from **7** to **4** seconds Attack damage bonus changed from **25/30/35/40/45 %** to **10/15/20/25/30 %** Added info that attack range is 250 Every player( aslo enemies) get notification, that Juggernaut suit is being deployed_ **[R] Unspeakable Rage:** _Skill time changed from **10** to **5** seconds Added info about enemy stuns and debuffs. Your stun time changed from **2** seconds to **1** Bleeding time changed from** 5** seconds to **3** Enemy hits now do **3%** less damage instead of **5%** He now gets **1%** bonus to stats instead of **5%** for each dead ally Allies now get **1%** bonus to stats instead of **3%** Allie range to get bonus is changed from **800** to **500** Now can’t pair with Juggernaut skill. Attack speed bonus changed from **50/75/100 %** to **25/30/35 %** Movement speed bonus changed from **25/35/50 %** to **10/15/20 %** Attack Damage bonus changed from **35/50/75 %** to **15/20/25 %** Health Regen bonus changed from **+10/+20/+35** health per second to **+4/+8/+12 **hps_
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TrikRisk (EUW)
: Yoru - the Bidding of Balance (Sign Combo System) [Hardest Champion Concept]
Looks hard, but seems interesting ;) ! _That's what she said, huehuehue :D_


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