oKMz (EUW)
: he went 2/14 also lmao
So you point? How did you help him improve? Did you comfort him? Did you give him some advice on how to improve his score and help the team? You chose to harass him and attacked him back. No tolerance to toxic people.
oKMz (EUW)
: someone flaming me whole game while inting and i get permad for calling him silver garbage X D
: You dont have to be afraid if you dont break the rules, false reports wont get you banned but be sure that you arent blaming your temates ( even if they feed like hell ) just dont say anything related to their bad score, dont curse, dont say gg EASY, and expeccially dont ask others to report someone, report-calling is punishable also. If you have bad temate just report him after the game but dont ask others to report him. You can talk to people normaly, you can make jokes ( not offensive ones ), you can say gg wp - that isnt punishable, dont suggest others what to build and criticize their builds ( even tho that is nor punishable, better say nothing than be victim of the system ), dont ask questions like - why are you bad? why are you feeding? dont point out someone who is missing all the skillshoots etc etc. And noone has riot protected account, that is a lie, doesnt exist. So basicly if you are nice and if you arent putting your nose into someone mistakes/builds/deaths/deccisions and talk normaly, beeing frendly, and your 4 temates report you bcs you lost, you wont get bannedm system will check your chat logs after those reports - and will find nothing, so you wont get banned..
Agree there brother. But if you criticise someone, in a good way offcourse why you need to get reported for that. I mean you give the guy a suggestion in his build e.g. and instantly he answers with "stfu noob" or "F**k you noob" etc etc. I mean you are being polite and kind in a way that it will help him be better in the game and also help the rest of the team... About the riot protected account or riot account heard that in many many games. It's a really bannable reason for someone. I don't know how the system works... but I guess it has it's flaws also. Guess best way is just say nothing... Well you know just in case... :)
Indalecio (EUNE)
: You wont get a ban if you say GG WP even if you indeed get reported by a raging 12 year old. If you curse and flame...thats a different story.I got reported multiple times because some people couldnt handle getting killed,but i never got a ban. Just dont break the rules. Also the Mute function exists for a reason.
Yeap if you curse and flame it's different. Defeated team always reports you for whatever reason they can think of... I agree in the mute button but it's bad cause you can't communicate with your team mates...
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: well same story here i was actually cursing so much in a game that i had 4 noobs in the game somehow i got managed to carry and win and then they reported me and i got a 10 match chat-ban and since that moment when i start a match BEFORE ANYTHING i press tab and mute every one and NOT TOUCH THE ENTER BUTTON EVER
Yeah it's the best tactic. cause getting reported for no reason it's really bad... :)
: Put your music on and play your own game. See others like they are bots.
True dat. That's what i am doing. :)
Rioter Comments
: Scanning files AFTER being already updated
Starting to hate this game, infinite files to be scanned after playing. No idea for what reason... Ok guys... i am aware that it takes a lot of effort in a game company to make things work the way they are supposed to be... That applies almost to every company. But it's UNACCEPTABLE for huge gaming companies that make millions not to test/user test each and every little detail. That results in giving the users buggy games, buggy patches, unexplainable errors etc. A lot of them had destroyed their games by releasing them too fast in order to make more money (e.g. Call of duty). It is about time to start giving people (gamers) the thing that they expect and of course i am not talking about the 8-15 year old kids ( from which you make a S**tload of money) but us the rest the healthy gamers. We also give you money and in return we receive a buggy client full of errors. Just focus on fixing it please. I am pretty sure you were some day in the past in our position, before becoming a developer, 3D artist etc. You were gamers and you also hated it when these things happened. Respect your gamers, they can make you n.1 and they can also put you on the bottom of the list. That's all we want, respect... P.S. Also a last thing. Fix you judgmental system in ranked. It is also unacceptable in each and every game to have an AFK, someone who will troll.... Soon enough you will loose a lot of players, they will all switch to DOTA 2, including myself... peace...


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