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: quitting lol
Kinda agree with your first two arguments and I TOTALLY agree with the last one. Finally someone who wrote the truth.
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: lets just troll and flame everybody to hell and back so we won't lose lp cause someone's nerves might actually not take it. Ironicly, it would increase trolling, inting and afking, not decrease it.
Then they should do something about trollers and flamers. I don't care really. It's objectively totally unfair to lose LP from a game that you would actually win if your teammate hadn't leave the game.
sayuο (EUNE)
And the worst thing is that we don't get a "loss prevented" and we lose LP too.
: Team recieving no lp loss when teammate is afk
I totally agree. There is absolutely no difference from the remaking system. An AFK player is the same problem either in 1st minute or the 20th minute or at 50th minute. It will ruin your game in every phase of the game. Riot should do something about this like subtracting 0 LP from the players that were in the AFK's team. Yes 0. It's totally fair.
: Ah yes, remove autofill. And we shall have an hour to wait before we get any support/jungler at all. It would do more good to remove support role as a whole. And a jungler too. Like: you people want to carry solo, always? Go on please. It's 3 vs 3.
I think you are wrong here. In higher elo there are many players who main support and consider this role as usual as the others. Yes the waiting time maybe a little more, but it's better to wait more and have a normal team in the end than waiting less and end up with a troll pick in your team.
: Trollers
Something worse than this is the troll picks in champion select. Two days ago, I had the ADC role and the support was autofilled, he said that he is smurf and picked Syndra after declaring that he is going mid without asking anyone, and picking after the regular mid lane who had picked Zed.. I ended up with Zed as a support. Concerning to Syndra, you know the rest.. he finished with 1-8. Remove autofill or do something for those guys...


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