: Quinn can have a niche as an ADC assasin of sorts with the R, she has a lot of map control... But Rito nerfed her to the ground. They should add some armour back to her stats because as it is now... she's not in a good spot at all
The armur is not the problem! The problem is; 1 it has not movement speed 2 it has not attack speed 3 It has not ultimate her ULTY needs 3 seconds and is only to move around if u are in a situation u have only 2 abilities q and e the w makes nothing and if u press r u are ded cose needs 3 f seconds. Even when u move around with r u move with 480 speed compare it with 1000 speed old ulty ! They have destroyed Quinn . Other champs move with 480 speed she flyes and if a minion hits her is like teemo's q or 250 speed. 4 Her suggested build items are really bad .
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: she is not ... you are bad
How u know I am bad? Have u seen me how I play Quinn? So shut the front door !
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AliKoulA,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=zAMWfvb9,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2017-04-25T15:25:05.051+0000) > > Login works just fine with legacy client, new one doesnt work. At least on eune. Can you retry? Issues should be clearing up, there may be a login queue but things should be back up and running.
What I have done by reading your comment , feelsbadman. Clicking legacy client is like you uninstall your league in your pc, so people don't take this risk for making this mistake by riot team . T hey should solve theirs problem not us. By the way I got a question for you: why the server for eune or more clear for Balkan area isn't in Balkan but is in netherland ? With kindness to riot support team.
: Where is EUW server location ? And where is EUNE location?
Why these people do not put another in balkan or Italy? We lag so much here.


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