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: Ive been maining udyr since season 2 on euw, i currently have 2 different builds. First one is press the attack, triumph, legend bloodline, coup de grace with resolve subtree, conditioning and demolish/unflinching. Max q, go tiamat>warrior>triforce>titanic hydra>tank item>deaths dance(this lets you solo baron whenever you get it). I use this when i want to splitpush and fight 1v1. Warrior is taken because precision tree gives you 18% attack speed so dmg is more beneficial. The second build is phase rush, nullifying orb, celerity, waterwalking, inspiration subtree, slightly magical boots and approach velocity. Bloodrazor>triforce>full tank. Max q. This is a more team oriented build, you get movespeed from 5 out of 6 runes which makes your ganks way more powerful and since you go full tank after trinity youre more useful in teamfights. Bloodrazor is taken because you go into sorcery which gives AD but no attack speed.
Isnt the slow mastery better then for the team? instead of you gaining more speed, the enemy is slowed. I found myself getting alot of kills using this mastery that I wouldnt have. I will run both these builds and masteries though, thank you!
: what runes?? you need to explain, put the runes for us to see..
+1, i shit on everyone with udyr ... I run EVERY rune. xD phase rush, slow thing, press the attack, lethal tempo..
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: It's bad luck, but eventually this happens to everyone. Happened to me in my placements and i got silver 4 when i was silver 5 last season, went on a huge win streak after i got placed and my mmr is gold, im s2 now. Streak got broken by a 1/10 adc and a 1/8 jungler. Everyone will come across feeders, but also everyone will get a chance to climb. I looked at your game history and you do well in Flex, but everyone messes around in flex and usually are full of premades, but in duo/solo que people try. Try not to tilt, and just wait for the wins to come through. Also, even though it may seem as though your performance is the best (which it most likely is), it is not as beneficial to your team when you take the kills. All in all, it's only 2 games. If you play like 60 you will realise stuff like this is more unlikely than getting a good team. Good luck, dont give up.
Thank you, I understand your point about taking the kills, I usually play udyr tank and try to leave kills to my carries, but in some games its just impossible.. thats why for example i lost a game where im 11/5 but all my team is 2/8. They didnt know how to play as a team that much, i babysit the kata lane but there was no one to give the kills to, i was always solo and when tried to group they focused leona tank while i was on backline.. well thanks alot for the comment! il keep trying.
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PentaCR3W (EUNE)
: Join my club so we could use a tag please :3 [EUNE]
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: Discord! - bonus exp 5 man premade maker!
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: If you got no ban (does not matter what kind of) before the season ends, you are fine, i think. If you are reformed you will still get the rewards!
Last season if you got a ban like 1 month before the season ends you didnt get any.. i'm very sad its my first season with a rank and i wont get it because of a stupid mistake i did and me getting triggered ;/
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: Sh*t up with Dynamic Q (pls)
Honestly even though I was complaining alot in the PAST , I have to agree with you. ~~~~~Kappa Incoming~~~~~~ Oh wait , 80% of plat elo are boosted animals? WHY AM I HERE OMG ******** THIS TEAM COMPS ** AND *** AND THEN THEY DO THAT AND ELO HELL OMG UNFAIR I NEED TO BE CHALLENJOUR Rito dont remove comment plz its sarcasm X_X {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
ezeewins (EUW)
: Question about Games
Yes , Teambuilder wins counted as normal wins. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Ritooo Plzzzzzzzzzz
FeelsBadMan {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I got lord dominik's regards second item so I could just go in 1v4 and get a triple.. Only in that gamemode though since everyone is troll. In other places I think you are right.. Even though you can just proc your passive stun easily and you have your shield which is OP , Leap , And ult.. but still yeah haven't though about that ;3{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Tennoko (EUW)
: Feels like bronze
Nothing is impossible though... I got from bronze 4 to gold 5 in like a few weeks :3 I was surprised myself.. Now in plat 80% are boosted xD{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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S0kaX (EUNE)
: Rito
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