Pxerkza (EUNE)
: im looking at the average and the average is 2 divisions which is completely reasonable
Doesn't feel reasonable to me, but now I see your point.
Spearki (EUW)
: hes gold 4 with 20games played hes mmr wont be stabled until 50+games so the g4 probably has g2 mmr and even if the p4s dont have g2 mmr if you duo q you will get either duo q enemy team or matched against higher mmrs to even the playing field of duo q coms ik ppl want to flame matchmaking and yes matchmaking isn't perfect but often times ppl dont try to research the system and think logically before commenting about mmr
I **was not** premade with anyone. But finnaly an argument that makes sense. He hasn't played many games so his MMR might be all over the place.
: The gold 4 player can have a plat 4 mmr. It works that way too. Premades also affect matchmaking heavily.
I can understand that it can happen, althought i really doubt it ever did/will. But I can't see someone with Plat4 mmr and 4 games losestreak.
Mortismo (EUW)
: I would 100% rather have a gold 2 player with 30 games on my team than a plat 4 player with 700 games
Like I said before: >I see that Jayce and Kata are a premade with a really good winrate together, they simply didnt have a good game. That happens. But Lee just... Didnt have the same skill as rest of the players in said game.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Sure, i mean you can choose to ignore that and whine about a system you don't understand and have no evidence regarding :P
Like I said, the Gold 4 player is on a huge lose streak recently, so I really dont think he has MMR for Plat4. Also his very next game has awrage elo Gold2. So I am pressing my X to doubt once again.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: as you said you had a premade, just that alone screws up the matchmaking because the community thoughts its an advantage to go as a duo so the matchmaker matches them with higher opponents, then add that 63% winrate on jayce into the mix and its kind of a balanced matchmaking and matchmaking have nothing to do with the outcome, you are making decisions ingame...
Firstly: I didn't say I had premade. 2 players in my team were premade. >I see that Jayce and Kata are a premade with a really good winrate together Secondly: Matchmaking has everything to do with the outcome. Do you think that when 5 Dia players get matched with 5 Bronze players it will be a balanced game? Cmon now.
: Yea, they need to update it. With you the number now is 0.007%.
Even if there were 100M players the 0,006% would be 60000 players/accounts. And there is really no way that's right. I have 2 permabanned accounts myself and I really doubt that I'm 1/30000 of all banned accounts.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: difference in 2 divisions is miniscule
I either don't know what you mean or you can't do simple math. Gold 4 to Plat 4 is exactly 4 divisions.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Looks fine to me, you can be plat 4 with gold 4 MMR so i'm not really seeing an issue here
So you are telling me that 6 plat 4 players and 2 fellas on a huge win streak in Gold2 have Gold4 MMR? Oh I don't think so.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Because there is no guarantee of LP, if your MMR is lower than where you are you can still end up losing LP for fourth place, they only only ever said that "generally" 4th place will gain LP
Oh. well im still pissed.
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: All this will do is buff adcs even more, as you're an adc player I see why you would want that... But would suck for everyone else.
I'd help toplane as well. Or even some midlaners. But you are right, adc would get the biggest profit of that.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PermaBannedEjpon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HrYzR7fJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-17T19:23:26.828+0000) > This rune would be a balanced version of Magical Footware (or similar) as it forces you to do something, not just wait and get 300g. Think that statement again. Magical footwear isn't just waiting, you are forced to play without boots for around 10 mins. Sure you are rewarded hard for it, but not being able to dodge skillshots properly or having lower chances to run away from ganks is considerable sacrifice.
First 10 mins of botlane is a farming simulator, unless one of the supports has ADHD and always tries to fight. If it was a risky rune to pick, then why'd every single botlaner pick it.
Player 00 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=PermaBannedEjpon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HrYzR7fJ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-17T20:55:46.329+0000) > > Cull forces you to get at least 100cs, which could be easily increased or even removed. Getting people back to csing instead of fighting the moment they get back to lane could actually benefit the game. What a stupid statement. No one that knows how to farm properly is below at least Platinum or at least Gold elo. It would never work that way lmfao
I might be missing your point. So you are saying it wouldn't work because people know how to farm? What?
: why replace magical footwear? there free boots with bonus movement speed than regular
idk. Coz its a 100% pick rune for Adcs and basically anyone who goes for Inspirational tree?
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: I'll be honest, this item has it's niche uses, but it's usually a ctahcup item, not a starter
Don't get me wrong, as an adc player I usually go for Cull if im forced to back with only 500g in my pocket. But it's never your primary buy, just an item you bought cause you didnt have for anything else.
: ye put it so that we can take this klepto and magical footwear to not get a 2000 gold lead min 10 anymore but to get a 5000 gold lead for doing absolutly nothing.
Like i wrote, replace Magical footwear with this.
: Then people will get a free cull in runes. Next discussion.
Cull forces you to get at least 100cs, which could be easily increased or even removed. Getting people back to csing instead of fighting the moment they get back to lane could actually benefit the game.
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Player 00 (EUW)
: The problem with League community
Giving up is still a reportable reason. The thing is, everyone in the game things they are "the One"; "the Carry" They are not playing to win "5 v 5", they play to win 1 v 9, trying to prove to themselves they can, but most of the time, they'll just die again and again, blaming others for their deaths. (Including me) Also, don't talk sht about ? Ping. We either get a new "WHAT THE ACTUAL F ARE YOU DOING YOU DUMBSTER" or never stop using ? as that. If my jungler pings "on my way" and heads botlane, but for some freaking reason he decides to go for enemy golems instead, you bet your ass that ill _? ? ? ? ? ?_ him ALSO: Your teammates can easily lose you Elo. If you met 2 or 3 teams in a row and lost all those games (-60LP). You might've just hit 0 LP and the very next game will demote you, thus lose your Elo ;) Just coz some ProPlayer said it, doesn't mean its holy.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > So, can anyone explain to me, how a Silver 1 with less than 50% winrate (so definitely not high MMR) And you know their MMR how? Oh thats right, you don't :P And his winrate is only indicative of his S9 matches, not what he got in S8 etc, considering the compression of the ranks he would have been gold 5 under the old system and your P4 would have been gold 1, so there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with this in terms of MMR, it just that you seem to be latching on to the platinum and silver parts while ignoring how the system actually works and how ranks were screwed up this season by the ladder changes
The plat guy has a huge winstreak right now, so I suppose he just hit Plat, my bad there. But Jax has a win/lose/win/lose pattern in his games, so I really can't see his MMR anywhere around G2. Jax was gold in s8, and silver in both s7 and s6. So from that I assume he is an awrage silver fella
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Its more that its a minor issue, in terms of bug fixes it will be low priority compared to anything else, they will probably get to it eventually, its not actually gameplay impacting like other things
It just shows how little do they care about the small details lately. There is so many small things in LoL right now (e.g. the plants that Riot never mentioned were bugged nor fixed) Every patch something leaks because they are just thowing out content nonstop, without looking at what they are doing with the game. (im writing this really tired, some of it might not make any sense)
Cypherous (EUW)
: > If there is a team purely focused on in-game tooltips, what else are they doing when they don't have enough time for said tooltips. Doesn't make sense, Huh? Because there isn't a team just for tooltips, it comes under the blanket of the UI and translation teams, and they have more than just the tooltips to deal with
So, back to my first point. They are too busy implementing those pointless Ethernals or any other shit for RP... edit: Added "for RP"
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because cosmetics are worked on by a completely different team, its almost like you think riot has 5 employees all of which do every single job
I am well aware that they don't, yet it almost feels as if they had. If there is a team purely focused on in-game tooltips, what else are they doing when they don't have enough time for said tooltips. Doesn't make sense, Huh?
: I do not play too much, perhaps daily 1 or 2. It gives me monthly 1 checkpoint. (more or less) Nomver 27 is the end if I am correct. 4 months... Well. I have doubts.
Number of games shouldn't have impact whatsoever. I remember like a year ago someone did a statistic of going from Honor 0 to honor 2. He was getting a checkpoint every 2-3 weeks, which (+-) fits to your experience as well. Even number of honors from teammates has no impact. They are there purely for a feel good effect.
: I had the chance to talk with a _non-dev but doing something by the name of rito in theory_ guy who was so nice to letting me know that, not important things will be fixed later. An error like an incorrect description is not a big deal next to client crashes and endless reconnecting issues. So it shortly means that, this tooltip error will be fixed after those. _***~~Aka, never.~~***_
yet they have enough time for TFT and the new Ethernals... interesting...
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: You can't think a second at the both situations? If enemy remake then you win LP and if your team make a remake then you lose LP. If you need 20 LP for the next promos but your team remake then you will lose LP and if the next game you win then you will gonna have 95 LP because you lost 5 with that remake. And after you will come on the boards and ask "who have this idea to lose LP when you remake?".
I've never said anything about losing LP for remaking. Although that'd make remake more of a decision if you want to try fight 4v5 and hope for the 5th teammate to reconnect. Which doesn't sound like that bad of an idea either. We've played this game for 6 years without remake and it somehow worked. After remakes became a thing the number of afkers increased in my games.
: There is a section called "Games, Contests & Jokes". You should put your post there because people will think that you say this for real. _Sorry if I still have hope in humanity_
I might be missing your point. You are telling me that since Riot gave us a new function that ends 5 v 4 games earlier. Sure, you didnt earn or deserve those LP in any way, but: If you are a good player, you'll get those LP sooner or later. If you are worse player, you'll lose those LP in a game or 2. I am not talking about a 20LP per remake, but something small like 2 to 5LP, which make do difference at all, but might save you a game at 99Lp once per year. And don't tell me you wouldnt want that.
Shamose (EUW)
: If your team remakes you should lose some LP. ######Sounds stupid doesn't it?
I've lost +- 10 mins of my life (basicaly a half of a game nowdays) for no reason whatsoever. Maybe some tiny compensation such like 5LP (at max). Like i said before. Those are games you would 90% win anyway, so where is the difference. Before remake you'd spend 15 more mins in game and get 20LP. Now its 5 mins and 0 LP.
: Absolutely not. I hate when people waste my time, so maybe give a measly amount of BE, but not LP. You're not supposed to "rank up" with afkr's.
You are also not supposed to "derank up" due to afkers in your team, but here we are. edit: Also if you think something tiny such like +1 to +5 LP per remake will grant you a free masters...
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: > [{quoted}](name=Εlin,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=m7089ZEU,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-08T03:15:31.016+0000) > > This also counts for me. > > Lately I was thinking. I often encounter trollers, feeders, afkers in my matches. This makes me tilt with rage and I lose my mind. > > But why, really? Because I expect everyone to have the same goal as me? (Climbing & winning). I always try my best, never feed hard or troll. But that is me. I am not the entire player base. Just because I have this goal, doesn't mean others have this goal too. > > People log in for many different reasons. Some simply don't care about their LP and try new champs in Ranked for the first time. I can let it tilt me, but what does that bring? I cannot change anything about it. > > Also, since trolling is such a huge problem it seems like many people enjoy to do it for whatever reason. I think we should accept it and see it as part of the game. > > Because let's be honest here. Someone can softly run it down and go 0/13 in 20 mins, spams emotes, so he tilts his teammates. Then their teammates might flame. > > The teammates get a punishment because chat behavior. The troll does not get anything. We all know this. There have been many topics about it on here. It is just the way it is. Riot won't do anything about it, and I guess we need to learn to deal with it. Yes, it sucks, but we have no control over it. > > I think we need to see it as an extra RNG/dice roll game when you hit "accept" in queue. You might get the troll, or the enemy might get the troll, or no one gets the troll (or both get them so then it's more equal again). > > I have spend many hours raging behind my computer because someone "accidentily" dies 5 times in the first 10 mins while refusing to ward. I have smashed my keyboard. But I want to let that go. It is a game , overall. I think we should not let our emotional health get affected so much. > > If you are stuck in an unwinnable troll game, let's say its 25-5 kills for the enemy( I get these matches weekly in my elo, honestly!) and the trolls obviously refuse to surrender then don't rage. It is what they want you to do. Just focus practicing your champ, turn off sound, put on some nice music and just let it slip by. yes lets go even a step further and accept rapists and murderers because they are random too in real life! might as well accept bad behaviour right? they are just thinking different than us! let us all not punish or teach our children for their misbehaviour! their minds are simply not fully developed so their different way of thinking is acceptable! let us accept all terrorist because they obviously have a reason for it, other than us trying to live a normal life and having the goals to have a family in a decent home with a fun job! they have a different way of thinking where they think violence will change things! its k. let us all stop fighting and accept all the shit! because its easier O____O its not like it will spiral out of control even more or anything, like more players behaving bad, because its ignored and accepted...... so what the heck! no consequences anyway! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} or we can attend riot at it, by sending them mass emails, signing a petition, or upvoting topics about misbehaviour by assembling all players from all servers..... but nah lets just lie down and die......
Im almost positive OP's post is made with sarcasm :)
: Point of drafts is to enjoy game and don't worry about outcome.
and where is the fun part in that? If I don't care about the outcome, why should I try my hardest?
: You don't want people working on skins working on balance of game. Most of them don't even play lol. >Don't like it, don't play the game? Yeah. Let me just stop playing game I've been enjoying for the last 5 years It was more about you destroying your mental health. And as i said you can try playing drafts. They aren't as stressful.
What is the point of drafts. You will never know if you won coz your enemy is a newbie in the game or an equally skilled player you simply outplayed. + even more trollers not knowing what their champ does, but they play it anyway coz they just got a new skin from reroll. (Happens in ranked all the time)
: Just got hit by a ddos here in my ranekd game, at 1:30 my internet totally shut off, but when i closed my league client, suprise suprise my internet is back, so i login afterwords just to see i lost . middle when we were about to start a team fight.
teamfight at 1:30?
: "_Every battle is won before it’s ever fought_"-Sun Tzu. Well you are right. Better team gona win. >And trust me, adding new fancy skins Are you aware that riot have a lot of employs and teams working on skins have nothing to do with balance of game? >Every game is decided in the first 5 mins. It's not. It's decided befor it even start. Better team gona win. >Every game there is at least one mental break down. If it's such a pain to play a game don't do it. Go play draft or find another game.
I've been playing this game for around 5 years now. Games never felt so one sided. Even some streamers (Redmercy, KP) are saying the same. Riot having a lot of employees doesn't mean the quality of game shouldn't be their first priority. If noone enjoys their game, noone will buy their skins, simple as that. One team is always weaker on paper, sure. But there was a room for a comeback, for that underdog story. For one lane that was slowly building up small gold lead to win the game. Now it's extremely early game based (yet again because less people are enjoying the game for longer periods,) making, like I said in my post, every tiny mistake extremely punishing. All champs that are late game based had to be either reworked or buffed (Nasus, Kayle, Veigar, most ADCs, Kayle again.) Which yet again proves how much the meta has shifted to early game. And those buffs didn't even fix things. Nasus now has 500 stacks at 20 mins and still doesn't have impact on the game. Kayle would 1v9 the game at lvl 16, but she never reaches it unless she manages to win early with the help from both junglers. Most ADCs can now play solo lanes and get some plates, but they will slowly fall behind because every other class will outdmg them in midgame unless their positioning is perfect. Don't like it, don't play the game? Yeah. Let me just stop playing game I've been enjoying for the last 5 years because Riot, or more likely the "new" owners, is forcing LoL to a grave by trying to prevent the same.
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Thinghs are broken in this game wall traveling , true damage new champions skills ... + reworked champions Autofill + nerf adc runes + nerf support items and nerf support champions = adc in more great danger... jungle camps got really messed in experience , as jungler is really difficult to get time to make ganks because the camps reseting too fast etc... and don't leave you time to gank if you don't have fast clean in jungle
You are joking with the jng part, right? I litteraly have games where my jungle is empty, I gank 2 lanes and am forced to counterjungle since there is nothing to do. Most of the time I am not strong enough to do so, so I'll just die like a fool.
: Well, you may get early game with an ADC but the rest of the game you just get stomped by everything. Top Vayne is absolute crap if you could have a Garen or whatever - he may lose early but in late that Vayne will cost your team a lot.
But that's the thing. Even tho you know you will most likely win, the early game is so tilting that you might lose focus and then the game.
Antenora (EUW)
: Vayne top has 1.8 pick rate. Tristana solo lane is a cheese pick that will disappear in time.
Its not about the pick or winrate, its the pure fact that facing such a pick will cost you your sanity, you'll never enjoy playing lane like that and even tho you win the game, you won't be happy. Its so frustrating
: What's up with tanks?
Poppy is a champion designed to counter mobile champs. Darius, Mundo, Urgot are not that.
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Ratatouka (EUW)
: mana restoration was removed in patch 9.14 (or 9.13 dunno)
But passive still says it, I think that's why op is confused
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matemar (EUNE)
: Don't forget the poor game optimization. I see all the streamers have FPS drops at certain parts of the game, it's not something that really affects the game, but it still shouldn't happen. Also, the game has problems with duo core CPUs. Fix it or add more then two cores in the system requirements.
alcanii (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=PermaBannedEjpon,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RdQ2r911,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-30T08:03:36.372+0000) > > 1. there is limited amount of units in the shop (shared by all players) > 2. TFT is about adapting to what items and champs you get > 3. Git gut i know, the issue is u cant adept if u roll down 200gold and cant find a green unit no one else picked up so far its a %%%%ing joke! this kind of stuff happens way to often what means the game is to much rng atm... there are not even that many units yet and it still feels more random than to original wich got more units
The higher your lvl, the lower chances to find 1g and 2g units
alcanii (EUW)
: TFT!?
1. there is limited amount of units in the shop (shared by all players) 2. TFT is about adapting to what items and champs you get 3. Git gut
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