: He have a Jojo Reference in it.
Which part of it is the said reference?
: banned..
How exactly do you know he didnt get punished?
Morrhen (EUW)
: Holy crap. Not only it's menacing, amazing looking but also has a T-Pose to assert dominance.
I really wonder why your comment got upvote, when i literally said the same thing sooner than you and got downvoted... democracy at its best
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: New Fiddle ult
The T pose at the end... love it!
Rioter Comments
Majordx (EUW)
: Yeh..when a champ is picked "is strong".Thats a bad way to think about it. And btw highest ban rate is ekko.And still not nerfed.Oh ye and he got 53% winrate too while lee 50%.
I never said Lee has highest banrate, btw Akali does, not Ekko. Not even close with that.
Majordx (EUW)
: SO your logic...because a champ is played more then Others "NERF".I see...
If champion is picked 35% of the time with 33% banrate, out of 30 different playable characters, I do, in fact, think said champion is strong. Also well done on ignoring my second argument
: stop being rude to bronze players
As stupid as the flame is, the situation that bronze and Plat players are in a single game is just wrong. That shouldnt happen in rankeds.
mistry (EUW)
: The problem you have, and many people like you, is that you only see LP and rank rather then your own personal skill and ability. Climbing has absolutely nothing to do with all these ranks that you keep looking at, climbing and progressing should come naturally with improving as a player, which is the only thing you should really care about. You said you want to become diamond? go and focus on improving and learning on how to get better and stop looking at your elo.
You know, if you want to get to Diamond, you either have to get way more LP per win, or grind stupid number of games. And losing all (if not more LP) you got from a previous win can be extreamly demotivational and frustrating. So far I've played 40+ games this season, with 66% WR and barelly climbed 2 ranks. Getting +19 and losing 17 LP. Not the best feeling in the world, especially when I (as selfish as it sounds) carry most of those games.
Majordx (EUW)
: You know...{{champion:236}} gets picked a lot too.nerf him?I dont think so.I hope riot dont listen to people like you.Will ruin League badly.
There are 14 adcs right now, half of them playable. and 40 junglers, nearly 30 of them playable. See the problem now?
Majordx (EUW)
: So because a champ is played more often he should get nerf?Who the %%%% agree with this lel.He is not op at all. Why should a champ get nerf if his not overpowered..People this days man.
He doesnt have good winrate coz of his playrate. If only players who can play him played him, his Winrate would easily be around 55% Also yes, if champ is played often he should get nerfed. Because it means that champ is a safe pick. Something everyone can just randomly pick and do ok-ish with, is clearly a strong pick.
Gashru1 (EUW)
: Coming from you. What would some hard stuck plat understand? I ended D4, but i peaked D2. I clearly understand what lane should and shouldn't be ganked in certain game's. You on the other hand... not so much.
I am "Hardstuck" only cause i get easily bored of playing the champs im good at. I normally have around 60% WR with my champs and 30% Winrate with some random picks i feel like playing that day. But you are right, I only play this game for 7 years, I clearly have no clue what is going on in it.
: Summoner name does not exist
I think you now have to add #EUW or something like that, but i dont have any friends so can't try myself, sorry!
Gashru1 (EUW)
: How is the enemy jungler going to dragon? When he's top lane? Riddle me that. Because dragon is more important the having useful lanes. Ill tell that to my jungler next time he ganks bots, and still ends up losing dragon, while top was free. Also i'm diamond, not bronze i understand when its viable for a jungler to gank, and when its not.
Wouldn't count D4 0LP as Dia, but whatever. If you're Dia then your post is even more disapointing than it was before.
Gashru1 (EUW)
: The moto for top lane this season
As a jungle main, ill tell you this: The moment I show myself anywhere near toplane, enemy jungler will instantly go to dragon and rest of the team will flame me for "not contesting drake" Or the more common situation: You are pushed under enemy turret 24/7 without ward in tribush Or the third possibility: You have no clue if enemy toplaner warded river, so trying to gank top might just be a pointless walk just to spam my Tier 7 emote and go away Edit: Oh yea, and not to forget: The way to win a game as a jungler is to camp winning lanes, not those who are losing and risk getting 2 v 1 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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ÌnDeed (EUW)
: Windows 7 vs Windows 10
Maybe your hardware is not Win10 rdy. what are your specs
Rioter Comments
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: How can they understand each other?Its solo que.You get some random guy bot probably autofill.Thats why i see riot stupidity for nerfing bot once again.
Aaand here we go... Some players preffer to be more agressive on lane, poke a lot others preffer to wait for either jng or mistake from the enemies and then all in there are ppl who will just farm the entire lane phase and hope for their support to roam and win midlane/jng
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: For the record, the opposite is also true: as a support you are only as good as your adc. You're just as likely to have your lane ruined by your adc when playing supp, as you are to have it ruined by your supp when you're adc.
The funniest thing about this: Both adc and support can be good, but when they dont understand eachother they won't win a single 2 v 2
Twanglet (EUW)
: Sylas Ultimate cooldown bug
did you try to reset your game?
: My ban and issues there is in league of legends
: Not everyone has money for razer products dude
First of all, Razer software for macros is the worst. Trust has way better. but anyway: You can also only use a free software like this https://www.macrorecorder.com
: Run from this game while you still can , take it from a 7 year veteran .
Started playing 2012 aswell I see? Well, the thing is. I am addicted just as you are. I've had my ups and downs, but I dont want to lose this account aswell. Its just not worthy for the 3th time.
: Skin Idea
He needs to have a suit on this one.
Wolity (EUW)
: It does , just look at all people getting banned. But they getting banned for a reason not because support got madat adc cuz the adc missed few minions and support spaming to report him for inting.... A lot of people false reporting , thats the problem. System works fine , not perfect but fine.
Check my name, buddy. I know something about bans in this game :) The system doesn't work.
Rioter Comments
Wolity (EUW)
: This is just so unrealistic.... I mean think about all of the resources system like that , will take... Time , effort , money ... Even if they make it , it will take them probably years to make it on 100% functional. And whats the out come? Replacing a system that does a good job , but people has no idea what inting means and they blaming the system.
The system really doesnt work. Just don't lie to yourself
Pepeu2445 (EUNE)
: Autofill thing
Curently queueing up with Mid/jng, I get autofilled every 4th game (the moment my protection goes off), play jng most of the other games. Yea I really do love autofill
: Thing is, Riot still is against jungle timers. I heard someone had a tool that made jungle timers appear on the minimap. He got banned for that even if the game already has those, but basicly, this player does not need to press tab to see those timers, which is why its not allowed. Riot is not allowing anything that gives you an advantage over other players. Period. No matter how small the advantage is.
blitz.gg op.gg basically any internet guide, including YouTube Even a bloody Discord server you ask your teammates to join for an ingame voice chat all those this are an advantage, yet compleatly fine with Riot Some rules Riot has are you a stupid joke. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Shamose (EUW)
: > They weren't unitl Adidas and Puma came up with them. The first regulations about football shoes were in 1863, Puma was founded in 1948 and Adidas was founded in 1949. Don't make up stuff. The fact of the matter is that no matter what you think about macros, Riot is actively banning them.
Another thing: Riot is already making its way to allow macros. They already introduced buffers so it is easier to chain spells (Alistar WQ would be the best example)
Shamose (EUW)
: > They weren't unitl Adidas and Puma came up with them. The first regulations about football shoes were in 1863, Puma was founded in 1948 and Adidas was founded in 1949. Don't make up stuff. The fact of the matter is that no matter what you think about macros, Riot is actively banning them.
Alright, my bad. They only did a replacable metal studs, but yea. Riot was also actively against jungle camp times, and this preseason introduced timer to every single camp. Things can change. It's only a matter of time when Riot realizes that macros would cause no harm and will create their own (most likely paid) macro thing in game.
Shamose (EUW)
: Football shoes may be made by a 3rd party, but are a requirement in the sport. Baseball Gloves too. Macros aren't part of League, Riot is actively against them.
They weren't unitl Adidas and Puma came up with them. Its evolution. You still need your normal skills (decide when to ward jump) to use macro in a way that helps you
Shamose (EUW)
: Because one is an advantage of putting in more time and having talent. The other is getting ahead with 3rd party tools. You're basically saying that it's weird sports players who aren't good enough aren't allowed to use peformance enhanching drugs to get along with the others.
I'd word it more like having regular shoes or football shoes while playing football. It's a really huge advantige, it is a third party tool, and yet, here we are using them in every single game. Or maybe baseball gloves. Sure, you can catch the ball with your hand, but using the glove is easier. I can see how scripts are cheating. But macro is quite literally the same as using glue to connect 2 keys together and press them at once...
Shamose (EUW)
: The thing where you shield yourself and it works has been there since 9.15 Now just because one champ that isn't supposed to build it does it's a problem?
Same problem as Tank Ekko, Tank Fizz. Yes, it is a problem. Remember Ezreal mid with the blue support item? That wasnt really fun either, was it?
Rioter Comments
GLurch (EUW)
: Depends on what you mean by "macro". If you for example got macros on your mouse and you make one of the buttons on your mouse press 4 when you click it, that's allowed. If you use macros to execute combos, like for example making the button on your mouse press 4 and then W, that's not allowed. Using macros for single buttons is allowed, using macros for combos is not allowed. Generally, you just have to keep in mind that anything is allowed as long as it does not give you an advantage compared to others, which using macros for combos does.
I mean being better at the game gives you advantage as well, having more time to play... All those things are an advantage, I really don't see how macros are different...
0111001 (EUW)
: How to fix the game.
As a toxic person who only plays ranked myself, I have few things to say: Toxicity in chat? You already get chat restricted, thats the first punishment before bans - you can only write about 7 msgs per game, basically what you said. better solution: in game chat "firewall" - in a msg is full caps, toxic word in it or anything, just don't show it to other players. Urf? Couldn't agree more Ranked? Just cause you play only rankeds, doesn't mean you are not trying your hardest every game. Most of the time I am the only one trying, or at least it feels like it. Not to mention that normal games are even fuller of trolls and noobs. Not to mention how unbalanced the normal matchmaking is. Also getting teamed up with 4 man premade haunts me till this day. Better solution: After player has 3 games losestreak or so - give them 2h ranked ban to cooldown and clear their mind.
: Permabanned i didnt deserve
Yea, welcome to the club! You'll get used to it {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
: still faster respawn than turrets, which respawn for 99999999999999999 seconds <3
Well, depends if enemies end the game in the 50s you are respawning. Then respawn time of turret and you are the same :)
: Unnecesary Advice but somehow still an issue
Side note: This only works in early game, not 40 mins into the game where you respawn for 50s {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Inf7nite (EUW)
: You have the option to simply ban Kai'Sa though...
While this sounds like a lovely way to get rid of my problem, I have to ban meta jungle picks, as those are always stronger than my lovely Zac.
Santinel (EUW)
: No, but on a serious note while Kaisa is a bit crazy she's not impossible to deal with. She seems relatively weak early game so you can just play something against her with a strong early-mid game to deny the scaling, also cc, your positioning against her. Sure it feels bad when your team ints vs her and someone skilled plays her making her bat-shit crazy, flying around the map one-shotting everyone, but in most scenarios, there are multiple ways to "tame the beast".
Yea, punish her early seems to be the key. But if her support is half decent thats nearly impossible as they'll play super safe and you cant risk since she'll just ult/go invis
Torkl (EUW)
: Kaisa is just that, a late-game champ, shit on her in lane and you will not have these problems :P
Im a jng main and even when I babysit my botlane and Kaisa goes 0/5 she still destorys us the moment she hits second item. (Which can be literally anything btw :^) )
: Question about malphite.
But look at that temporary splash art. So cute! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Rioter Comments
hShCedric (EUW)
: Remove ranked borders from ARAM
Is this satire? Are we all getting trolled?
Rioter Comments
iKatarinaa (EUNE)
: Thank you for your opnion, i appreciate the comment tbh
like don't get me wrong, Fizz is pain in the ass. But at least he can kill max 2 players in one fight. Kata just never stops killing...
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