: What exactly is not understandable in the word “permanent”?
> [{quoted}](name=Sidney Crosby,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hhNoLvEM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-11T16:33:33.478+0000) > > What exactly is not understandable in the word “permanent”? That Tyler1 got perma banned from lol, and they removed it.
: Two things could have happened. 1) you allowed someone to play on your account therefore they elo boosted you. 2) you played with someone that elo boosts meaning someone duoq with you to carry you/elo boost you/inflate your mmr
I see, but I don't understand 1 thing. Why I can't get proof why I was banned for Elo boost? This is really unfair to leave the player in dark, and do whatever you want because you are the dev.
CJXander (EUNE)
: No you cannot, each region is dealing with their own support center. I'm pretty sure you can make up a lot of nice stories, but in the end you know what you did and the ban is well deserved.
Don't you think you trust a system too much? Just wait untill it will happen to you too. And then tell me how you feel when you put money and time in your account, and get banned without reason :). It's just sad that I can't get help from NA support team. My friends are telling me that sometimes this happened to them too, and NA helped, unlike EU support.
: A-sol and akali games kinda gave it away tbh.
Hmmm why do you think so? I played not so good with Sol and Akali i won alot of games with her after rework but my deaths doesnt make it proof that I am boosted? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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Riot says: "Competitive bm is allowed, Hate speech not so much". That sounded more like competitive bm :)
The same happened to me, I got banned for MMR Boosting, and I didn't share my account with anyone. I don't know what really happened I was gold 5 and I had a really good weekend and got promoted to gold 3. Then I was happy with my league and left it like that. Then I went playing on flex more like for fun (I hate normals) and I was hardstuck silver 2 because I was playing new Champions that I don't main in solo queue. And I got banned 14 days no more rewards nothing.. I just think EU support team is kinda bad no offense, tried to explain it and to show me proof. They say they can't show it to me. How they can't show me proof that my account was banned, I invested money and time in it and they ban it without showing anything. (I got banned on my 1st account for flaming, at least I got proof there I was toxic and got banned, but for this one it's not fair.) I just wish I know if I can move my problem to NA support, EU feels like don't care at all about players problems.


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