: 14 day suspension
Okay i understand edgy jokes but man i have seen so much flaming and those people dont get banned and i got banned by making one or two edgy jokes?? what kind of system is this
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Juippi (EUNE)
: Can we do something about Viktor?
I agree with you. In season 6 he was okay. I needed a champion for my provisional games and I had never played viktor before and went straight 9/1 and hit gold 5. Now I would be really lucky to see him with/against me but he is still strong. If given 2 kills and just a little bit ahead of his opponent, he becomes unstoppable.
Fast Q (EUW)
: Can anyone reproduce this glitch?
I have had this problem for a long time and I fix it by dragging the square camera thing on the map really fast around my champion and it locks how it should be.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Appealing my perma-ban, probably hopeless but I'm out of options.
Why did you get banned? I dont see any flaming or discouraging. Maybe Riot should revisit you ban. Good luck and I really hope you get unbanned.
Try reinstalling the game.
dlanaras (EUNE)
: S+ no chest
Have you ever played with taric and got a chesf. There is a chance that you have forgotten.
x710 (EUNE)
: How to get Championship Zed
As Shiwah said they are released in store for buying around the worlds. Its considered a rare skin because its available for purchase during worlds.
: i'll promise i'll reform, just give me one last chance... please
You have been given more than 1 chance to reform. It was up to you. Permabans will never be lifted. Spending money doesnt make riot change their opinion. The only way to play again is to create a new account. I have friends who have been permabanned before 3 years and still it has not been lifted.
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: Just my feeling or?
What is the point of this post?
Joell (EUNE)
: So how do I win these and get out of silver again?
Top is bad at carrying. Even if you win your lane there is a really high chance of losing the game. Jungle is really important because you decide if your teammates will be fed or not. I had a bad time in silver when i was around s2. I was constantly losing promotions because of bad teammates but i managed to climb. Good luck to you.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Thanks, will try on 1080p.
27Cows (EUW)
: Can i get to plat with just ashe mid, or will it be easier to main someone else?
You can but it will be really hard for you. And you need a lot of luck too. Just find a champion that suits you and main it.
: Hextech bullshit ...
There's a percentage on which you get icons. emotes, skin, ward or champion shards. You are not just lucky. Once i had 8 skins in a row. The skins were even good and worth it.. not trash. Yes they tuned the orange essence ratio. I have noticed that too, but i rarely care about those changes.
: Is this enough?
Well. I gave it a shot and it worked nicely. Just that my cpu gets hot. Maybe I should get a better cooler. Thanks guys!!
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: The system won't notify you of punishments of others (or rather very rarely), you have no way of knowing if they got punished or not.
Actually it does, for me whenever a player gets restricted, chat ban, 2 week or even permanent i always get notified and riot tells me to continue making league a better place. Yes the ban system is kind of strange because I have been flamed really hard while keeping quiet and still those guys dont get banned.
: is unlocking honor supposed to take that long :( ?
I had a friend who was chat restricted and he needed 3 and half months to unlock his honour again.
: This game is going down
I feel you. I had moments like this but dont give up. For example i am in 2 wins and 2 loses into series for gold. I will probably lose the next one but just dont mind it. Shaco is bad in lower elo. People dont know how to play him. Find a champion and start playing only with it. I started playing udyr. Every game i go jungle and start ganking. Always have more champions than one. Just keep going and dont use cursing words in the boards. Its against the ToU
: I got scammed.
This is against the ToU. Riot will ask you for a ID card and information about the account (when it was created, first bought champions and etc.) which i am sure you dont have because you havent created this account.
: What cooler do you have. It doesn't surprise me at all that a 6700k to 5GHz is thermalthrottling
I have EVGA CLC 280. My cpu barely goes to 60C in very intense things. Before getting this cooler i had some deepcool cooler that was so bad there wasnt difference between stock and this.
: When streaming FPS drops slowly after the secound game
Check the temperatures with MSI Afterburner. I had this problem with the new Far Cry 5. CPU was getting around 95C and fps constantly dropping. Im with i7 6700k overclocked to 5GHz
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: LoL causing PC to freeze hard reset neccesary and need to select region/accept terms of use again
That seems like a hard drive problem. Before 1 year i had an old 250 GB drive which my windows was installed on and it used to crash all the time. Everything freezes and thats it. I need to hard reset my pc. I changed with 250gb ssd and 2tb hard drive and everything is fine now.
L1on (EUNE)
: Perma banned for defending myself against a toxic player.
What did you expect? You used the word %%%got at least 3 times.
: League of Legends study – First 10 receive skin
I would like to help. Always wanted to "lay off" everything i know about league :) .. Count me in!


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