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: Copyright?
This two picture too [[ORC]]( [RENGAR](
: Riot is also creating their characters & skins from already existing movies, myths etc. Did somebody complain about it ? Nah e.g. Big Bad Warwick, its obvious why (Grimms) Aatrox - Illidan Stormrage Udyr - Fenris Wolfbrother Lucian - Blade (movie) etc etc Its like never ending cycle. Change its name, a bit of color there and there and voila, new character :) Also try to download Heroes Charge ... every character in that game is copy from Dota 2, only with different names. Milions of downloads and its still there.
ok,it's fine, but you can't find these character models in game, they just used this photo to promote their game. I forgot to mention that. I can agree with your examples expect with luc.
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: I'd like to see a good solution for trolls, i've been trough a lot. Feeders, 1 v 5 (the premade of 4 afked out right at the beginning with the word said "Bye noob!"), trolls. "Hungarian, polak, Two good feeder, They flame and loose Together"
Luckily we can find report buttoms there too. Because what you wrote is kinda offense, since I am form Hungary. You are right that sometimes i have bad games too and feed like hell, but i don't flame at all. And yes many of us flame and feed all day long, but it is also a shame for me. So waht you wrote looks like that every brown haired man is a bad guy. And yes a few weeks ago i was playing in 2v5 with my friend, since my team members went afk after they flame each other. Also get same members in my ranked game who were trolling. Just don't forget. The good guy will be punished all the time, while the bad one has huge success
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: Usually this happens due to premades. Or someone sits in Q for 20+ minutes (longer than usual ) - at some point Qtime>MMR But keep in mind that MMR is not the same as League/Div. A low lvl can easily have a 2000+ MMR while you only have ~1500. And, for example, a one-trick Yas might be a god on every level but fails with most other champs.. Btw: Had a game today with people from B3 to D4!!! Imagine which team stomped the other one...
the problem is ,that it never happaned before,but at least four time in the past week
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: "high elo" "gold and platinum" lol what
You know what i am talking about.Still i can agree with you that we need lot more skill to talk about high elo. But plat,gold should be in the same skill group as an unranked player.
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: oh yea? Go on their profile and reload them, they will update with level 30. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
i updated it.... [Pic](
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: That's very odd. In the first game Lux was premade with Lee Sin. Lux also has a high MMR for a level 20 player, so he's probably a smurf (I say this because in his solo games he's usually playing with and against mid silver). I believe that being premade with Lee Sin (plat 4) is the reason why he was matched with you. The second game is just a mess and I'm not going to try to understand what happened there.
I can agree with you in that point,that lux could have a high mmr, but i were playing with her and he couldn't skillshot and no warding trinket. In my view he also bought the wrong support item.( I not play lux at all). He made 0 good ult too. I mean he not even used it in tf or on lane. Secondly I still can't find the connection between lux and lee. I refreshed his profile,but still he played only one game with lee.
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