Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: And you know that because you are a medium...
No, because you can use 3rd party websites like OPGG and see that he is still playing weeks after weeks.
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: To me it seems like you just q in the direction of your cursor, try doing those q's with a click - i.e. pressing q does nothing until you click the enemy/place you want to q. that might give you an indication whether or not it's a real bug or just you moving your cursor too fast - that the q's just fail to keep up. If you have high ping - it could also result in the above description. I'm no expert, just expressing my thoughts.
Uh. When you hover with a cursor Riven should Q there. The issue here is that her Qs don't always follow this rule and often go towards wherever they want. Also Q often fails to follow the cursor when the collision happens with a unit or when she is on top of the target.
: Get rid of autofill
This is not an issue in lower divisions. This is an enormous problem in GM,Challenger where games are automatically lost if you have someone autofilled. You will get hard punished for getting on a position you are not comfortable on and you don't really know how to play on the same level as enemy.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Nightangael,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QGh8Vdo0,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-19T17:05:37.901+0000) > > These ppl are going to keep posting stupid threads like this unless she literally becomes unplayable. It's just like people who cry for yasuo nerfs. The counterplay is there, ppl are just too lazy to learn it. Yasuo was broken for a very long time, but yeah if they nerf him now they will reach the point where they might aswell remove him. But you cannot deny how broken he was some time ago.
He was when he was released and in that 'tank build' meta, but now he sucks very much. Yet people are complaining about him too in lower divisions.
: salty riven mains have dislikes this post because they're biased
I'd say salty low elo players that don't know how to deal with her even after nerfs are giving this a thumbs up.
: MMR does not decay. How about this? Also decayed? Do you want me to find every single complaint from 1k Challenger players being matched with low Diamond players? Sure, you have to find players for a game sometime, but 1k Challenger with D4 and less? Really? Why not say 'our system is busted' instead of giving me speeches? You know very well how a lot of people are complaining (challenger players) that they are more than often matched with low Diamonds, causing the games to be one sided and so disappointing and not worth to even play.
: > keep getting Platinum low Diamond players with 50% winrates The platinum player with 50% winrate in that screenshot hard carried the game. They decayed out of Master tier since April this year down to Platinum. You can't decay below Diamond, which is why they stopped at Plat. Using visible rank to determine the skill of someone in your game is problematic above Diamond due to decay. It ultimately serves no benefit, you should instead focus on how the player plays. When you start reaching Challenger and Grandmaster, we do have to spreading a net a bit wider to find people for you to play with because there are so few people at that level. But in most cases, like this one, the visible rank is a little deceptive as to what the skill of the player actually is.
What does it matter if he decayed from rank 1? If he decayed his mmr decayed as well, doesn't it? It should be P1
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Player 123 (EUNE)
: He didn't duo.
Btw the hilarious part is that my 80% winrate duoQ smurf botlane in Grandmaster were 0/11 and overfed this guy who was 17/0.
: You did not think that a player from the Planet could be a DUO with someone? But if he plays solo, then it's really funny how he got there!? XD
: Sejuani recently promoted out to plat. Jaxs overall winrate isn't great, but I would assume that he's been winning more than he has been losing recently, which is why he showed up in your game. Couple that with the fact that most people in your game have low winrates in gold, I'm going to assume that youre actually all around the same MMR, even if the ranks don't seem to reflect that. The Jax in particular seems to winstreak a lot. In the past 2 weeks he's won 20 games out of 43 (a winrate of just under 50%), but a few weeks ago he had a 13 game winning streak. To me this just tells me that he's probably in the mmr he should be but he isn't consistent enough to promote. Remember that silver 1 is only one division below gold 4. Also, just because *you* are gold 2 does not mean that your MMR is around gold 2 level - your winrate is also below 50%, meaning your MMR is probably a bit below gold 2, unless you've winstreaked a lot recently and are overcoming a bad win/loss record. This stuff happens - sometimes people just become unstuck and start climbing, so while their winrate might look suboptimal, they're actually gaining MMR because they are winning more than they lose. In general, we balance around MMR, not winrates, although one does tend to track with the other. I would recommend focusing on your own gameplay and improvement if you want to improve in ranked rather than focusing on your fellow players winrates - you can't change their winrates, but you can certainly change how you play! You balance around mmr? Then why do Challenger,Grandmaster players keep getting Platinum low Diamond players with 50% winrates. I get it that someone is hard smurfing and has 70% winrate which allows him but other than that what the hell ?
Player 123 (EUNE)
: And the fact that all of my smurfs are higher than you are, but sure. "we are the same"
Only reason you should be sad about is that you are a s9 player talking to someone much higher than you and comparing yourself. Sad part is that you don't really have the game knowledge to talk about anything.
assembIer (EUNE)
: 100% win rate 14lp per win HELP!!!
LOL, you were Silver in Season 8 but in Season 9 you are winning solo Q games with 20,30 kills. What happened in between or let me rephrase it how much did you pay for this.
Player 123 (EUNE)
: Yeah, except i keep getting challenger on main and smurfs at the same time seasons in a row. We are totally the same, sure. lmao
And the fact that all of my smurfs are higher than you are, but sure. "we are the same"
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: oh opgg is trolling anyway grandmasters 52% win rate after the mmr inflation early season while abusing riven while she was busted im sure you aren't d4 lol
Yeah, except i keep getting challenger on main and smurfs at the same time seasons in a row. We are totally the same, sure. lmao
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: i am d4 just like you but i guess the possibility of me not using my main account to post on the boards is too far fetched of a concept for you the weirdest part is that you are complaining about ranged matchups top when you are only playing adcs and jungle but oh well i guess you are a master at something you don't play just because you are at supposedly high elo
where does it say i'm d4? how are you like me wtf i don't play adcs or anything lol, you are braindamaged.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: im at your rank it pains me that there are people like you in my elo
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: do you want riot to hold your hand? 30s not enough for you? please stop replying
Was typing for someone that is much higher elo than you so they can see it, so i don't repeat myself. I'd prefer if you don't talk thought, your opinion as someone who never went above Platinum doesn't matter at all.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: a lot of melee champions have spells that have range the ones that don't, tend to want an all in and a 100 damage mitigated from bone plating will not be enough if you play it right as all those champions tend to overkill
45s bone plating cdr meaning you have to have your rotation of spells back before it comes back in, most of bruisers that have a range ability like Camille or Irelia got a long cooldown to proc that (around 15 seconds). This means that you only have that window to all in or it's a circle all over again. But this is if the conditions are met, like who is pushing, whos wave is bigger, where is the jungler etc. I'm counting all of this as you not using any other ability, in order to have them back at the right time.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: You mean to tell me it's impossible to tag your opponent at least once every 45 seconds in order to remove the plating and then trade after it falls off? league is ruined definitely because you can't trade more than once in 45 seconds
Let me know how you do that effectively as melee vs range
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: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Why is that hitbox for Ori so big lmao
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Shamose (EUW)
: How would you prioritze gameplay over skins when it's 2 different teams working on those things?
2 different team, same company.
Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah we should have the skin team fix bugs. Make those artists work for their money for once.
Nobody talked anything about skin team lol They need to prioritize gameplay over skins right now and they are releasing lots of skins every patch but no fixes at all for the gameplay.
Shamose (EUW)
: Lmao. Yeah the only changes to balance are made on the first day of the PBE cycle. Nothing will be done in the rest of the 2 weeks.
Lots of things are wrong with the balance in the game and there are lots of bugs on the plate, so i see no point to push skins so much every patch and not prioritize these issues.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Here's the notes for [patch 9.16]( Nearly the entire thing is about balance changes. Only at the very bottom is there a small reference to the upcoming skins of that patch. That's what patch notes look like, not what you read on 3rd party sites.
For which patch bud? Do you see the difference in patches or
Hansiman (EUW)
: Isn't that surrender@20? That site isn't hosted by Riot.
Doesn't matter if it is or not, actual patch notes are exactly the same and nothing deviates.
: Unbench the Kench
He is oppressive on top with bone platting, grasp and his shield.
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: wukong
Because Wukong is only strong with Lethality and into squishies. It's not about buffs or nerfs, his kit is for one shot only and that's it. The only way for him to be viable all the time or playable is to get a rework. Buffing him will make him broken even if lethality is weak and buffing lethality will only at the same time ruin him and make him broken. Other champs might use lethality better while at the same time Wu can one tap anyone.
Minute 15 around Drake, you start a fight and get caught by their entire team. Vayne comes to help you, but you die. Vayne also dies because of helping you. You type :"1v4, smart and how pyke and vayne are probably premades since they play like that" -------------------------------- Minute 21 around Red Buff, you and 100% your DuoQ Nasus who you have been camping unsuccessfully this entire game ( i have never seen someone fail so much) die to Leona and Akali while everyone else is mid or bot farming up. You type:" Gj bot you lost it" Honestly, unistal you game because you are one of those dumb ones that are blinded with their ego. I have never seen such a terrible player with no vision and map awareness, i have never seen someone fail so much then typing to someone else. Holy shit i just got tilted because of the players i will never see in my god damn life. AHHHHHHHHHHH Unistal your game **EDIT** : I encourage everyone to report his channel
KakarotDZ (EUW)
: doesn't change the fact that quinn is the first champion in ranking when it comes to winrate top lane of all champions , and adc,, how ironic, also , vayne literally has more winrate than renekton who people are saying is broken , nerf tooo op and trist winrate as of now iss 48.33 it rose up buddy
She was designed for botlane but like several other adcs she was moved to other lanes, like Graves was.
: why are you bringing up challenger? none of us play there, so its irrelevant. You need to look at silver, gold, plat and maybe diamond. If you balance champs according to challenger, nothing will be balanced anywhere else.
Why would i bring Challenger unless i play there or play against them? It's pointless from my perspective to look at lower divisions since most broken champ according to a lot of websites are teemo,garen etc. where in challenger those champions aren't even played at all. Balancing around Challenger is the appropriate way, not gonna say it should be done, but it is appropriate. Challenger players play whats meta, whats good and play them the way the should, using their weaknesses and strong sides while lower divisions mostly play whatever they feel like even if that champions is super bad for soloQ. This is the reason why it should be balanced around at the top, but not always since a lot of champions aren't played that aren't meta in Challenger.
: The issues with marksmen these days is that they are way to strong way to early. An {{champion:18}} can all-in you on level pre 6 without much issues. It doesn't matter what level you are. If your missing one spell from waveclear or poke you are pretty much death. Litterly the only counterplay their is right now is to take {{summoner:3}} with the hope you get Grievous Wounds in time by the time a bruiser get's out of controle. It's really strange that a regular marksmen can match an all-in from an assassin, bruiser or burst mage. And is able to match the trade of a support that early in the game. What happend to marksmen need to scale in order to get strong. That litterly doesn't exist right now when someone like {{champion:145}} can trade even. Before the only two marksmen that was capable of trading even was {{champion:119}} (because lane bully) & {{champion:51}} (with range advantage). All other required to have good landing poke to even the trade. What's worse now is that supports don't start with one less potion that they used to be before so trading with them on top of the buffed sustain on marksmen just isn't that rewarded anymore. And than you hope they didn't go the utility tree for the additional pots what makes trading against them even more unfair if you didn't get them yourself. What's also funny right now is that marksmen suppose to exist to kill tanks. How can a dubble marksmen comp be so effective against zero tanks and 2-3 assassins.
Strong early Items with more impact are cheaper than bruiser items 2 item adc can toe to toe vs 2 item bruiser Bruiser needs more time to scale and get the exp,gold he has lost in lane vs range adc who harassed him entire lanning phase. Unless you are playing a bruiser with true damage, it's going to be hard for you to deal with resolve secondary, PD shield, BT shield, ninja tabi ADC.
: Until riot decides to tie champs to roles, so that you for example cant pick cait unless u have bot role. Then play whatever champ you want in whatever lane you want :)
I'm one of those OG players that grew with this game so when the champion would come out as 'adc' it was only thought to be played on bot. I did not see it fair playing anywhere else, at least i would never do this.
: ADCs cant play alone unless very ahead. ADCs need peel and protection. ADCs can and will die from 1 mage or assasin rotation no matter how much ahead.
Right of course. This is the biggest counter. Playing like those dummies in practice tool.
: Lol get over yourself. Grandmaster and challenger players are no more correct in the crap they're crying about than anyone else. I'd be rich if I have a penny for every time a challenger or pro complained about something that was a non factor.
: First off people complaining about something in league of legends is nothing new. Just because it's challenger players whining doesn't mean they're any different from anyone else when it comes to complaining. Secondly if duoq was so strong why are there only 3 people in challenger with a 70% winrate in euw? You would think out of a sample size of 200 more than 3 people would be duoqing correct? So why so few people with crazy winrates like this? Even the people he duos with don't themselves actually have high winrates with the exception of one player. The only major consistency in all this is him. It's the variable that doesn't change while the people he duos with have much lower winrates they win when they play with him however when they duo with other players they don't win nearly as much. But obviously the only reason this guy has the number 1 spot in challenger with the highest winrate in the region for that rank is because he duos. Congrats on your achievement!
Yeah, it means very much that they are very different when they are complaining over gold,silver.
: The idea that champions that are trash normally like Akali and Ryze become good in challenger is completely false. Over the last 5 patches in challenger Ryze has floated around a 48% winrate and akali around a 46% winrate and more importantly champions that are still good in lower elo that require not a ton of skill like jinx for example remain incredibly good champions. It's really sad that people still believe this bullshit about higher elos favouring other champions. The champions that are good in silver gold plat etc are also good in challenger and vice versa. Where there is a difference is pro play because of the nature of the game itself being incredibly different to soloq. Flex picks are not a thing in soloq they don't mean shit but in pro play a champion that can be played in more than one role and therefore not be countered easily is incredibly important and on top of that champions like ryze that have point and click CC allowing other players to make plays much more easily off of some simple communication make the champion far more important. Edit: and going back to the guys original point about champions not being good like tristana mid or top to which you claimed it was different in challenger. In 9.15 tristana had a 44% winrate in both top and mid at challenger level play.
Akali and Ryze are the most frustrating, oppressive champions to play in Challenger. In a semi-coordinated play and in good hands, it's really unplayable. People complain about Riven being broken, but Akali is the one to be worried about. And Tristana as well as all other champions don't play around winrate like Akali,Ryze are. Just like i explained. They are played because they are super oppressive on lane. People might troll around later and lose which is why her winrate is like that, but that's because this isn't the ADC playing an ADC top, it's a toplaner or autofilled one. They got some knowledge about the lane, or a champ but it's not the same as Challenger adc main. My issue is that these range harasses ADC that moved to solo lanes are super oppressive. I never said in any of my comment that they are broken, strong or whatever. It's just that Riot accidentally or whatever allows this kind of thing to happen. When bruisers were lit, and with normal winrates, people were complaining about all of them. Nobody complained that they are broken, but that they are oppressive in duo botlanes against these adcs that weakened. Same way i'm saying here that bruisers top already have enough issues with range champs like Kennen,Jayce etc. These is just an add on everything else and it's frustrating to play against. I don't see people complaining much about it now like when bruisers were bot.
Zikryx (EUW)
But Harambe keeps reaching Challenger with him?
DutchPro (EUW)
: So because a few challengers manage to sometimes win with a pick it means its totally broken in every elo in every game. Teemo is also giga broken in lane but hey what a surprise every champion has weaknesses and strengths. If you lose lane against and adc it just means you are not as good at the game as he is. Why do you think the only lane that requires a support is the lane of an ADC? Because ADCs are super squishies and basically insta die to 80% of toplaners. Support covers the early game weakness. Ignoring winrates is just plain stupid. Take akali for example. Sure she can shine in many situations and outplay enemies. In challenger she might even be a viable 50% winrate pick. But just because she shines in certain situations doesn't mean she is a viable pick for every game nor every elo. I hate to see ADCs in other lanes, but right now the only reason it works in because of the off-meta effect. It works because nobody is used to play against it. It's not called off-meta without reason. Once for example Tristana mid becomes meta and people see it very often it would become a garbage pick. ADCs in solo lanes is a coinflip depending on the enemy laner. If they have a brain and know how to play against ranged, the ranged will be useless. All this rage is just a 'mad cuz bad' situation.
Few? Manage to sometime win? She is played in soloQ and pro scene. Oh boy, you are on the next level. "mad cuz bad" You are probably between 1300-1400 lp Challenger am i right? I mean, you must be right?
: Unfortunately thats just the reality we have to live with... anything that slightly inconveniences adc mains gets nerfed or reverted, while tanks have been useless for over a year now with only the tiniest token buffs to try and shut us up... It sucks but I doubt there’s anything we can do about it besides banning all adc mains from reddit when riot do nerfs to them
Nerfing one class or buffing another to get the balance is just wrong. If bruisers get buffed to be equal, then they will dominate the game, if adcs get nerfed they will cry about it. I don't see why limiting a lane to specific classes isn't a thing. We wouldn't have this issue. Riot will eventually try to fix this (eventually) but only with nerfs to these champs which is not the right approach.
IzzŸ (EUW)
: Taking a cursory look at the stats, tristana has a 47% win rate in top lane and a 46% wr in mid; which is very, very low. The highest win rate of any ADC in solo lanes is Quinn, (53% top 51% mid) and the ONLY other ADC with a positive winrate in solo lanes is Corki... neither of which have been solidly popular in the bot lane for ages... Can't help but feel like you just aren't very good at countering them.
Take a look at Akali stats. Negative. But she is still one of the strongest picks in Challenger,Gm across all servers, especially EUNE and EUW. Ryze is another example where bad stats meaning nothing to the champ where is played. They can have a free lane due to their kit when they want to, which is why they are strong there. When bruisers were meta some champions also had bad stats, but that's because people were playing them for the first time on lanes where aren't supposed to be at, where bruisers that were played top by mains were bringing that winrate up. Taking winrate into an example to tel me that ADCs top aren't that good and that players are bad at countering is so troll and ignorant. Lanning phase is unplayable because of them and that is where they shine, it's not my issue they throw the lead later or int to have that winrate. The point is about lanning phase being unbearable for melees. There is a reason why ADC's are played on solo lanes in Challenger. So i'm not sure why you think people in Challenger are bad and can't counter them, but here you are telling me it's fine. Are you rank1 smurfing with that account or am i missing something?
MSF Akito (EUW)
: Well, ADC mains just cry the most on reddit.. Thats the reality. Jungle got nerfed so hard, but Riot will probably never revert these changes, just because junglers are not crying enough. I know, sounds shit.. but that's how it is.
From what i see there is no post regarding this on reddit, not a single one. When bruisers were all over the map, it was filled with threads about them. They were so loud about this issue that Riot actually changed them back fast. Back in the day when Tanks were strong and bruisers were weak, nobody said anything except for bruisers who complained. This lasted for years. But when ADC's got outclassed, they got the revert and change in the matter of couple of months.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: In case you haven't noticed, ADC and Yasuo mains are the spoiled brats of League.
I know, but this is getting ridiculous. Nobody is talking about this issue and i have been looking at Boards for the past month just for this. You can't do anything on lane against them, all you do is be super behind and hope they int one way or another.
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