: got banned due to not playing?
Riot has had many false positives like this recently. You should post this on the NA boards (https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com ) for more attention. (Also send a support ticket if you haven't already.) It is not possible to boost from B1 to B1.
: Did you forget about your chat restrictions?
> [{quoted}](name=twA Divine,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=f11swmVO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-03T17:19:03.747+0000) > > Did you forget about your chat restrictions? Not everybody gets chat restrictions before a ban. Yet I do agree that a ban is justified as it is always the result of long-standing toxicity. My brother got banned before the end of the season (without being warned by chat restrictions), and I wonder why it didn't happen earlier. He was more toxic than usual right before he got banned, so there is a threshold before a ban occurs. As for the season rewards, it is justified to lose them when banned. Being toxic should never be tolerated, so the punishment should be harsh. It is totally possible to stay calm and never flame teammates (or at least find clever ways to disguise criticism so Riot's algorithms don't detect them ;) ).
: Since preseason started the client has been laggy as hell sometimes (almost dodged more than once because it didn't allow me to ban), but now it's ridiculous, I can't even queue because there's something like a 3 mins lag. And, as always, it's a EUW issue. #makeEUWGreatAgain
> [{quoted}](name=Fisher No Chains,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=4NjeyA0J,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-12T19:58:09.700+0000) > > Since preseason started the client has been laggy as hell sometimes (almost dodged more than once because it didn't allow me to ban), but now it's ridiculous, I can't even queue because there's something like a 3 mins lag. > > And, as always, it's a EUW issue. > > #makeEUWGreatAgain Can confirm that the client on EUNE lags too, though it is more in the form of continual lag spikes rather than freezing.
: the shop can be entered by clicking onto the guy in your base, or on that one icon in the right somewhere. keep an eye on last hitting, back up when your trades are less powerfull than that of your opponent. buy counteritems if possible or utilizable and try keep imrpoving. try fitting your role, counteritems are mostly only bought on off-tanks or tanks. so dont rush sunfire, or randuins on a assasin or fighter. kills will come as well as everything else
You can also press P to open the shop!
cryroo (EUW)
: What the worst champ in your opinion
For most annoying: **What the worst champ in your opinion?** {{champion:105}} Fizz **Why are they the worst champ?** He is a slimy fish that always manages to dodge skillshots and death with his broken E - Playful/Trickster. His R - Chum in the Waters - is an insane combo of damage and crowd control. **Why should they get changed ?** There is no reason for his E to give him invulnerability. **How should they get changed?** Remove the invulnerability part from his E.
Alicta (EUNE)
: The most stupid thing which is in matchmaking system is that you can get unranked players in ranked games when you fight for promotion. I use to play as support but I rly thinking about quit that game at all after today 5 game loosing stack (started with games for promotion). Im not pro player I still learning, but I can't get how it's possible that during matching for example for 2x G4, 2xS1, 1x S3 in the same time I get in team 1x G4, 1xS1, 1xS3 and two unranked without any skill. Please, help me to understand it? Playing as a support it's more frustating because on early game I can't do to much. With unskilled player on line I can only wait for 10-15 minute just to join team fights (if it's not 2 late) or just to wait for 20 mintues but usually these people don't know that they are wasting time and dosen't surrender anyway. RIOT what do you plan to do to avoid that kind of situations?
When you are in promos, Riot matches you with a sub-par team. This is not officially recognized, but empirical analysis shows that it is true.
TTekkers (EUW)
: What the removal of Normal Draft will ACTUALLY do.
I quit League of Legends around mid-season due to the nonsense going on, and this change is the the Noxian Guillotine {{champion:122}} to the possibility of returning. When I used to play, I mostly played Normal Draft and occasionally ranked. Now I wouldn't have a queue to queue in, so I might as well uninstall. {{item:3070}}
Goofle (EUW)
: Good choice. I decided to do the same. Riot has become way too greedy lately. Also, the stupidity continues. Maybe if they bring back solo queue I will play again, but on the current ladder system it's kinda pointless.
Same here. I just came to peek at the boards like I do every now and then, and I see this thread :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} If they ever re-introduce solo queue, I might _consider_ returning, but for now _I must attend other matters_ {{champion:429}}.
: I need someone to help me, i keep losing ranked games
I'm Silver, too, and I play support. What has helped me is playing with a duo from Gold V (no voice communication). That way, I know that I'll have at least one good teammate. Also, I've recently started watching videos of pro players when they play a champion that I'm interested in ({{champion:43}}). I try to analyze all their actions, see why they do them, and then incorporate them in my own gameplay. Lastly, if you want a checklist of things you should try to do/know, check this out: https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/comments/4dk74f/the_improvement_checklist_the_one_surefire_path/ Good luck climbing!
: When your team doesn't finish off the nexus......
Irelia? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} In all seriousness, I hate it so much when people do these kinds of things. --_--
Bombardox (EUW)
: Stop crying about urf lol
Immortal GaliOP {{champion:3}}
Flarre (EUNE)
: You better leave URF mode longer cause it's really unfair that we can't play :<
Unfortunately it seems it won't happen :/ Since Riot is not saying anything about it, we can prepare for the worst. On NA, it would certainly have been extended but since this is EUNE (Riot's HQ: _EUNE? Is that one of our servers?_), we shouldn't ask for too much. We should be happy we can log in...
: You know what I do to keep URF refreshing? I never play the same champion twice or thrice. In every game I play a different champion, that way I keep it fresh and see which champions seem fun to play. Then if I see a champion I really enjoyed, I keep wrttien down so I remember who it was and play it again. URF gets boring if you play the same champion over and over and over and over again. If you play something you´re gauranteed a fun game. Something else I do is pick champions with long range abilities like {{champion:110}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:15}} and/or champions with spammable stuns like {{champion:79}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:432}} Play one champion once and then play another. Its the only way URF entertains me.
Agreed. I only play a champion a few times and then move on to the next one. I recommend these if you haven't tried them already: {{champion:114}} (spammable Q = infinite mobility and easy vital proc) and {{champion:134}} (Spam Q and press R :D = guaranteed kill).
: I hate poro king. It's probably the most Boeing gamemode.
Indeed. Getting the icons became grinding. The only good side is you can pick your champion for Howling Abyss as opposed to ARAM.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Awww man, maybe we will hit EUNE as well a bit later too. Can't promise. But will poke you if we will ^.^
Better wait until tomorrow when the servers have cooled down...
: Servers are getting rekt
Typical Rito. I expected this to happen but I was just joking. Eh... It actually happened. It's like when they launch a new feature; the servers can't handle it. Since URF is here for only a short while, everyone wants to play it while they can. Usually EUW is the one to fail, but this time it was EUNE. I guess they took pre-emptive measures for EUW this time, and forgot about EUNE. Replace _EUW_ with _EUNE_: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v327/GeronKizan/The%20Bottom%20Lane%20Images/BL-1-6-15-3-1_zpsc5557bec.jpg
Rioter Comments
: even dynamic queue punishes you if you don't accept your assigned role. so this is not a problem at all. or it filters the scum out of the system quickly.
Role steals would become too common because it is not possible "to filter the scum out quickly." Role stealers are reported the same way as other toxic players, which is not very effective or quick as we've seen. If it was, there wouldn't be toxic players at all by now.
: Here you are mate ^^ http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/6WuZKauE-new-champ-select-update
They say it has "high priority" but that doesn't mean they are working on it :D If it actually was a high-priority task, it would already be fixed. Moreover, I don't see what they can do to increase the number of supports (without creating an abusable system)...
: ı already tried ALL roles :(
I'd say top is your best bet as long as you can play top in the worst case. I queue as mid+top and usually get mid.
: they refuse to introduce incentives for underplayed roles and that's why their stupid game modes/concepts don't work. they know that for sure. the question is why they choose to ignore it.
It would be hard to prevent abuse. E.g. Someone queues as support -> steals another role -> still gets the rewards because the system thinks he was support. The incentives would make it far worse because role steals, which are currently rare, would become commonplace and cause huge amounts of toxicity even before the game has started.
Flubby (EUW)
: I have the same problem here.. I'm actually getting my main role less than in the old solo queue champ select. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}. With primary mid and secondary support I get support 100% of the time, I actually had to switch to my 3rd role in order to sometimes get my main :(
This new champion select has made me learn all roles because if I don't want to supp (my main), I have to put a combination of the others. If I want a chance to get mid, I need to put top as secondary, so when I sometimes end up as top, I have to learn it. In the old champion select, I would never have taken top from someone else.
urbday (EUW)
: 2 items that ruin SoloQ
What Solo Queue? There's only Dynamic Queue for me.
: They said it's not coming unless the fixes they have planned for DynamicQ fail not that it won't come at all.
That's the literal meaning, but you can infer what they mean: no solo queue.
Synthix (EUW)
: Suggestion - Hextech Trading System.
I made a thread about Hextech Trading two weeks ago but its purpose was a bit different: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/lT818bAu-hextech-crafting-trading . The idea is that friends can trade shards of the same type every once in a while. In my opinion, it should just be a small extra thing instead of a massive trading system with public chat rooms created for the sole purpose of trading.
Tenchev (EUW)
: I got mine in about 80 or so did not count them unfortunately. Still you can get your 12 keys in 12 wins if you are lucky. It doesn't have to be 80 wins. 80 wins is the roughly approximate wins you need to win the keys. I know a guy who won 3 keys in a row and oppened his 3rd chest. Pretty sure non of us has done that :D so lets say that 10% chance can mean 1 win, however, it can mean 20 wins and so on. Thanks for your opinion anyway. Wish you good luck openning and getting more keys <3
Since I got those 12 fragments I have received 0, and I don't expect to get more of them unless the droprate actually resets after a month.
Tenchev (EUW)
I certainly got my 12 fragments in much less than 80 wins so I don't think this formula is very accurate.
pdX Lye (EUW)
: Can we please ban the surrender option from ranked now?
If four people want to surrender, it means they have lost hope and won't try anymore.
: I have bought over 30 different skins and I have not received a single bonus skin :( Instead of complaining you should be feeling lucky
I believe you can only get bonus skins from Legendary+ (1820 RP) skins, and only at specific times?
: You do really believe in the lie riot told you. Thats sad. For 5s its true but overall for everything else its pure bs.
At least I haven't seen any hard evidence against what Riot has said about matchmaking. If you have some, feel free to share it so I can change my opinion. Additionally, the scenario you described (5 premade vs 5 solo) is _extremely_ unlikely to happen since solo players are used to fill the gaps instead of making teams.
: I can't play Kayle without her aether wrong skin. That's the reason I bought it.
Same! The Classic one is unplayable, and it seems we are not the only ones to think so!
: The point is that later on in the season you'll have less and less new chests, since it's one per champion per season and you're not getting an S on every champ you own. So if we had as many keys as chests now, we'd have too many keys in November.
Just a sidenote: you don't need to get S yourself as long as a premade does. Then the chest counts towards the champion you played in that game. So you can actually fairly easily get all possible chests.
: Favorite champions
Design: {{champion:43}} Fun: {{champion:432}} Skin: (Forecast) {{champion:40}} and (Aether Wing) {{champion:10}}
: 5 man premade vs 5 people that never played with each other and dont know each other. Tell me how exactly personal skill and spirit will win you this game. Just because they can communicate via ts/voice makes them win the game. They are faster in every decision while 5 randoms almost never have a plan or teamplay.
The system actually matches equally sized premades together: 5 vs 5, 4+1 vs 4+1, etc.
: does anyone have a link or know where i could find damage formulas ?
This is neat website but a bit complex until you get used to it: http://theorycraftr.com/#!/
Ryunedo (EUNE)
: so is it just me or do you do some secret build and mechanics to get S ?
Creep Score affects the grade so try to steal some farm after laning phase xD
Godsons (EUW)
: Matchmaking - normal games - What has happened?
I've noticed the same thing. I was once matched with a Master tier player even though I'm just Silver. The teams' MMR difference was about 200 according to OP.gg, while it usually is under 100. You said it has begun to happen since the introduction of clubs, which seems to hold true in my case as well. Either people are playing more often as premade with highly varying MMRs or Riot changed something.
Almighty (EUNE)
: I like how ever since Rengar got disabled i started to see Nocturne picked more in my games. _Almighty._
I've seen a bunch of {{champion:121}}! (Though probably because he's free to play.)
: lol I was telling what I normaly do after every game
You go to your Riven runes after every game? xD Concerning your actual topic, I had a similar thing happen recently: http://i.imgur.com/ICXX2n4.png The only problem is that he is still continuing to play according to OP.gg :( Probably just a chat restriction instead of a ban.
: Promos :)
For some reason, the system matches you with subpar teams (favoring trolls and AFKs) whenever you are in promotions. You really need to carry them, and as a support, it can sometimes be quite hard. That is why, in the era of Dynamic Queue, you should always bring a friend or two to promotions in order to make sure you have a few good teammates.
: The only reason I can think of is that Riot want to pander to a younger demographic so by making easy champions easier, they are encouraging younger people to play? I dunno but you are right, you never see Viktor anymore because Riot destroyed him. Just another mage casualty..
They want more children to play because they are more easily tricked into buying Hextech chests/keys. Regarding your main post, I never thought of it that way, but it's actually true. It was more interesting to play against skilled high-skillcap champions than the current easy ones. With the mana item changes in 6.9, I think this trend will simply be amplified. {{champion:134}} will basically be deleted without mana regen items, easy burst champions ({{champion:1}}) will rule. {{champion:11}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:24}} won't be affected and will therefore continue to dominate 1v5 unless a miraculous nerf happens to {{item:1415}} and {{item:3124}}. Master Yi was already strong in the past but now it has got out of control.
: That...Trinity.....KILL ME!
Let's not get sidetracked as that is not the point of the screenshot! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I like that trinity on janna. i have to try it on my big boi {{champion:111}}. plz be op..
I knew someone would notice xD I was trying Hybrid Janna, but after actually trying her in another game, she's a bit too squishy to have the time to damage.
: thats pretty troll. gotta try it when i get home.
Rioter Comments
: Sakura Karma is ruined for me :/ Only skin of hers I actually liked and bothered spending money on, and they wrecked it. Actually a bit pissy I likely won't get a refund. I don't care if it's outdated; I spent real money for the skin I bought, not this new version. I wouldn't buy that. Irelia's new default isn't too good either, but at least they didn't touch my favorite skin of hers. All in all I am unhappy about the new splash art. The only positive is that Taric got his ugly pink skin upgraded to a more fabulous one. BUT WHY DESTROY MY SAKURA???? Ok, venting over now. Carry on. Seriously, a lot of us should get our money back. We pay for a product, we expect that product. Not something else, it's basically consumer fraud. Sure, a few touch ups to improve drawing quality if mistakes have been made or something doesn't look right, but not changing the entire skin to a different style. I am usually not in the "darn riot" crowd, but this time I'm onboard the negativity train, unfortunately.
I'm glad I bought Order of the Lotus Karma instead of Sakura Karma...
: Sakura Karma had darker skin and a different look. It was rich on shading and detail, quite elegant really. I actually loved the esthetics of the colours and style of that skin. Now I got a woman who looks different. And the degree of artistry in the drawing is not nearly as good as it used to look. Instead of a realistic style, it's now sloppy anime. Not what I paid for! Like I said, I wouldn't mind crappy skins if it wasn't them taking a skin I owned and ruining it. They can add as many anime skins as they'd like, at least then I can choose whether to buy these skins or not, but this one I have already bought, meaning I liked it. Why can't they just add the skins then, if they want different art into the game, but leave the original material alone. Touch ups to improve quality, like fixing lighting or correcting some bad lines or something, Ok, but this is total reworking of the skin. And not even for in-game reasons as Karma wasn't reworked the way Taric was. It's like I buy a Rottweiler puppy and someone sneaks into my house to switch it out with a damn decorated poodle. And then tell me simply; well, you wanted a dog, you got a dog, what's the issue?
When I bought a skin for {{champion:43}}, I wanted Sakura Karma at first because the splash art was so beautiful. Then Order of the Lotus Karma went on sale and it was cheaper than Sakura, so I bought it instead. Now I'm really happy that I made that choice. The new Sakura Karma is a dramatic change to the worse. I really hope the Order of the Lotus splash will be kept as it is now!
Namikage (EUW)
: **_Some of the splash art is awesome, especially Yi skin splash art. It is ridiculously awesome. However, some are pretty much really shiity. I hope they make us vote on the splash art because there are alot of them sooooo good , even better the ones we had!!!_**
Sir/Madam, your excessive use of _italics_ is interfering with the clarity of your message.
Jonxx (EUNE)
: Well, bad luck, besides riot want you to BUY these keys ;) No wonder they drop rarely.
It's not about luck. The system has been engineered so you can get a maximum of **four free keys (12 fragments) per month** to open the four chests.
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