: My cousin is a toxic Bastard he banned 14 accounts in generale
You leveled his accounts and thats not legal its account sharing
Rismosch (EUW)
: How YouTube Content Creators affected League
: lol mages nerfed? like... they got shit tons of item changes and even runes...... what nerfs dude, WHAT NERFS????????
: Permanently banned accounts (Possible solution)
Permanently banned players should get a chance to redeem themselves. I don't think Riot will give a f about this post tho... But my ultimate dream is to get my permanently banned account back. I would level 5 accounts to level 30 without getting a single valid report to show that I deserve my ban lifted. Its literally like a dream to get unbanned and I would do anything for it.
: Do you feast on other people's sorrow?
BuppleBg (EUNE)
: First you really wont see hackers and Permamute is a stupid idea. Riot got obviosly terrible system on banning peoples who have been toxic bcs of themselfs..If they add that you shall br banned already and as a annoying consumer you will lose their time complaining..
Scripts exist and there is a popular bot hack I see alot in coops vs ai games.
: Permanently banned accounts (Possible solution)
I totally agree with this. I see a lot of comments about the fact that Riot had already done that and failed because alot of players failed miserably (they didn't reform) I don't really see how is this a failure, some people chose to reform and got there ban lifted while others didn't and still got banned. The level 20 challenge and other chances Riot used to give permanently banned players wasn't a failure imo
Raül (EUW)
Raül (EUW)
GreyfellD (EUW)
: This game feels like wasted time now
Yeah I agree those season games are so snowballing and I hate it
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: Really 25chat bans worth???
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: You mean boring and cheap?
Nah she is really fun for me haha
: Which Sup champ to main s8??
Janna op and fun to play.
: What is next when LVL 30
Watch neace caoching videos
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: Ryze R concept (suggestion for the upcoming rework)
: Player reaching out for advice to reform
One tip that worked for me is type all the toxic things u have to say then instead of pressing enter, press esc.
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