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: rank
Why don't you get challenger in flex?
: Bad teammates in League of Legends
If you are good enough you can win your games alone IMO,if you perform like this in every match i'll assure you will win 8/10 games.
This would give him a lower winrate than Sejuani, the whole concept of Rammus is being a thornmail with 500 armor,so he directly counters Yi.
ville1001 (EUNE)
: Illaoi skin concept!
KazzumiTV (EUW)
: Victorious Orianna ???
You need to be atleast Gold V in any ranked queue and have Honor level 2.
Bursukk (EUNE)
: acctualy it appears but i don`t have it been a couple of hours idk how much maybe 10 or so
Well that's weird, but I guess if it doesn't appear in 24 hours from the moment your purchase it you should contact riot, come back here if you don't know how.
: i dont see how im meant to rank up then
Well you either lose enough to reach the rank of your current MMR or win enough to improve it.
Bursukk (EUNE)
: pumpkin cat ward not recived
Does it appear in your purces history,if so you might just need to wait a bit.
: Why is it i gain 16 lp but lose 21 lp per game
OP.GG is actually not accurate at all, it's a vague estimation. I would say you have a Silver III mmr by your gains, which is the main thing you should be focusing on when trying to guess your MMR.
: > When you choose to play league and rank up, do you actually believe that you will have a 50% chance of having a good team as having a bad team? Yup. Then I take a deep breath, and tell myself : > Wait a second, you're a 63% win-rate mid diamond player. LOL, you gotta relax bud, the game's already in the bag. Then I get into the game and win it, if I have to, I get a better vision score than my supp. If I have to, I outdamage the ADC. If I have to, I outfarm everyone. I outpush everyone. I spare nobody. I take every damned objective. And in the end, you see, I win. Because I have the mentality of a winner, and even in defeat, I'm thinking of how I could have won the game, not complain about my team, _**while performing in a mediocre way, in an entry level ELO**_. For god's sake, you have 46% win-rate on your OTP champ, and you play him mid, which is clearly not a viable option. It's not Riot, it's not your teams buddy, reality check - it's you. Only you. PS : Oh and your little theory about game numbers, is just hilarious.
Dyr, league is supposed to be a team game, and it's pretty much the opposite. If we ignore some parts of what OP said, he's stating the problem of the matchmaking system being very random when getting a team together, and that most games are decided by which team has the least players performing bad.
League of Memories, google that.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=BlueEyeLightning,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=qd9P1RA4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-16T12:35:27.587+0000) > > that notification is actually a good thing. Might be, but it's a false claim that i was AFKing in fewer games recently. If it's something i do not do in league then it's AFK or flame.
You get that if you stop leaving games, it resets leavebuster timers if you ever leave again. It says in fewer games but it doesn't not imply you are still leaving games.
Lari (EUNE)
: For those you have not noticed!
On your profile you can also see what rewards you are eligible for.
: Rate me pls
Pay more attention to the map and don't overestimate your damage, you have quite some deaths in most games, not trying to be rude or anything. Stay on lane more and focus on cs, only roam to other lanes if they are overextended, the enemy is going there or it's a guaranteed kill.
JaxRelax (EUW)
: New champion personality
Not more sarcasm jokes..
zedxlegend (EUNE)
: no no,i bought RP and i bought skin for myself and i still have like 2 refunds left so i can refund skin i bought and get back that RP and then when i get back RP from refunded skin,can i gift someone same skin or other?
> [{quoted}](name=zedxlegend,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=9kQy1k2h,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-10-09T12:26:56.787+0000) > > no no,i bought RP and i bought skin for myself and i still have like 2 refunds left so i can refund skin i bought and get back that RP and then when i get back RP from refunded skin,can i gift someone same skin or other? Of course, that's what refunds are for
zedxlegend (EUNE)
: question
wat You can refund a skin and then gift it to someone else, gifts aren't refundable afaik
: Help to improve my kha zix
KDA means nothing if you can't carry, stats don't matter either. Maybe you can try improving your macro, more map pressure and ganks could result in their laners not being as fed. Also looking at your runes I can suggest you going Sorcery as a secondary tree with Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm, I find it more effective than Triumph and Coup de Grace, and in Domination Dark Harvest, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection and Ravenous Hunter or Relentless Hunter.
Eveninn (EUW)
: If I remember correctly yes. It's actually one of those things I'd like to see changed about him just for consistency and fun of playing against him. But I guess he isn't in that good of a spot and it would be a significant nerf. :/
If Tryndamere couldn't R while stunned or surpressed, what's the point of Tryndamere? A stun would be enough to shut him down in 1 second because he has the resistance of an ADC
Rioter Comments
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: If Riot checked this post, (Which they wouldn't because they didn't even answer my bug report yet.) then it would be instantly shut down.
Really doubt that, Shaclone shot that video, and he's a pretty popular streamer, Riot must know about it.
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: As much as I hurt to say this, I think by this point the only thing left to do is to go play DOTA2. Again, League was originally a fanmade hack of DOTA called DOTA All-stars, then was made into the more modern and less saturated game we have now. If you can mod DOTA2 to be like the old LoL, then you'd bring all of those 'Gen-one' lovers a treat. But I'm sure no-one has done that yet, and if they did the server isn't big enough for a couple million people trying to play the hack.
Did some more searching around, if you google '' league of legends private server '' the first result should be a video of gameplay on the old map, posted 2 weeks ago, so it might happen, but it sure won't be stable. It's from Season 4 which is a good start, if i remember correctly the new map was added in Season 5. Regarding DOTA, can't really enjoy playing it anymore since I got used to League, the differences are pretty major.
: They should, make a new league of legends server, with all of their old things, old champs, old maps, old mods, old everything, so people can stop complaining about it, if they wanted to play old league, they could play in that old server, and if they wanted to play in the current one, they.... played in the current one, they should do it like warcraft did, but yeah.
Wasn't there something similar to that created, like a private server? Or that chinese rip-off, which would be better left unmentioned.
enlighten3d (EUNE)
: about project:hunters event
I doubt any event will happen again, and I don't know about any list of future events
Salamura89 (EUNE)
: DO WE GET EXP for 24/7 InGAME?
You don't get xp for being in the client,if that's what you mean, only if you play
: In 5 years, when everyone forgets about this event, having the border might be quite a unique thing since it's an on-release offer only (I think) . It only raises the collector "factor" of your account, I personally try getting any limited offer I can put my hands on. If you're not that passionate about LOL, it's a useless thing.
That's a thing I really like, having legacy skins and old icons that nobody can get anymore. Wolf orbs would probably get me 2 skins i'll never use, since i looked at some YouTube openings and saw how rare it is to get something nice.
: In case you did not know, you have to buy the skin for it to show. Yeah, I know it's a bummer.
I do know, I'm most likely getting the skin
: Do you want the border or not? That's the only question you should ask yourself. The border gives you nothing in game at all, you just get to see a border during login screen, a border nobody would be about to get after the event ends.
Yeah you're probably right, a loading screen picture doesn't really change anything
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: yeah but usualy you have to use tyoure e first to initiate cause they always run away lol
Yeah that's right, I'm trying to include Righteous Glory into my build to initiate better but I end up getting only the core items
: Should I go back to maining support?
A good support can do wonders, I used to main Draven and I guess i played about 50 matches or more with him,and a good support always came in handy, and you can also save a bad adc by giving him kills and allowing him to farm safely A jungler can't really do much if the botlane keeps dying constantly so I guess supporting is the way to go, but it's still up to you
: 1 slow and nearly every champ has slows most of them have very hard slows like nasus or chogath so keep in mind 1 slow and you can kiss that kill goodbye
Yeah I try to save my E for as long as I can ,I try to attack, W to reset, attack, Q ,attack,E,attack again and chase him for a bit until i can ult or use another ability, I play Flash+Ghost
: Depends on your playstyle. Darius has no mobility but can 1v2 or 1v3 in the right circumstances, try Urgot or maybe Warwick top for example and see what works for you
I can manage with the lack of mobility, I am usually not panicked if i get ganked and try to get the most out of it,I don't like really Urgot, nor Warwick I played a lot of toplane so I know how to counter most champions
Rioter Comments
: Report for ''ks''
No,they just think they can report someone for ANYTHING,from a support stealing minions to a KS,don't worry,you can't possibly get punished
People wait for years,some wait for months Bans and restricts lower your chances I belive
: Runes: Should we stop buying them?
They'll most likely refund all of your IP and RP spent on runes,they can't be that cruel after all
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: Insanely strong mordekaiser/Jhin bug
I've seen some of these threads,I think it's supposed to happen
: What is this pls answer?
Check your mail,you will receive a download link from Riot,it will download the Alpha Client(the next client) Patch it,log in with your current account and you can test it out to find bugs and stuff Note:It's not PBE,you don't have 9 billion ip or rp
: How many games can i lose in a row in G5 0LP?
Hey, It solely depends on your current ELO, The ELO requirement for GOLD 5 is 1500,you have 1565,which is quite higher than average. I'd say...3 games,altrough I am not sure how much ELO is deducted on a defeat.
: Mastery Token not obtained, eventhough getting the correct Rank.
What Jesper101 said,you can't get tokens on featured game modes
: championship jewels
The icon you receive,see that?Spend 10 jewels on that And in the shop section,you can also find team representative 250 icons,that can be upgraded to tier 3
: This is our AFK Yasuo
They can't send essence
: LoL should have at least one anti-mage
Galio and Kassadin are enough Anti-Mage
Letz Stil (EUNE)
: Account date
You can either find the original account email confirmation from Riot,or just write an email to riot asking it Or,you can also go to Control Panel>Programs>Programs and features and search for League of Legends,it will show the instalation date,but I don't know if it works if you ever uninstalled League completely from your PC,or fabric reseted it
Weelah (EUNE)
: [Bug Report] Vel'Koz E [Tectonic Disruption] blocked by Yasuo Wind Wall
Arklíght (EUW)
: upgraded to tier 2 icon now what
You can upgrade the 1 IP icon to tier 2 The other team representative 250 RP icons can be upgraded further to tier 3
: Why R u motherfuckas so mean
manamune and mejai is 80% winrate in koreea
Arklíght (EUW)
: when is doom bots coming out read
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