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: Xins model didn't change his abilities and visual effects did. The models are the same just without character inking. Anyway a ori visual upgrade would be nice.
oh i didnt know i thought he also received new model because i didnt played against him before mini rework and he looked pretty new for 1350 champion after mini rework
: Well I think Orianna is supposed to be this robotic because of her lore and how she was created
in her old bio yeah but in her new one i dont think if she with her father replaced every organ one by one why would he not give her normal color of body ?
: Yeah I gotta agree she looks a bit... rusty. Dunno how they could rework her visual tho
Well there is another augumented champion in league, Camille and she looks good. I understand Camille have different kind of augumentation - hextech augumentation while Orianna have clockwork augumentation but that is no reason for Camille to keep her human look while Orianna looks 100% like robot. I would make Orianna to look more like human(like giving her normal color of her body not silver) but still keep some of her clockwork visual parts Hope you can understand me since my english is bad
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: yes, wasted time learning the champ.
well shyvana right now isnt hard champ i played her few times and every time i was like 20/10/10 but i lost most of games anyway because everything that matters is botlane and midlane
: Kayn is fun since he has 2 forms. If you play jungle and want to climb, most played champs and strong soloQ junglers are Kha,Eve,Twitch,Seju,Xin,Kayn,Rengar,Hecarim. When you open anyones opgg in higher divisions, you will only see these champions since they are the best for abusing early lead and getting pressure.
well i dont know if i want continue to play jungle because whole jungle is boring for me i farm when i see a gank opportunity i take it but its so hard when i getting teammates that lose lane 1vs1 in 10min they have like 5deaths, botlane pushing while losing and crying its my bad because i didnt ganked them but i didnt even get opportunity to gank them because enemy always have control ward
: I can tell you right away which champions are the best for soloQ and which are always abused on EUNE for high divisions. Let me know which lane specifically.
i just need to be able reach gold+ with that champion right now im g1 i reached that with kayn spam from s4 to g1 in 40games, but kayn get pretty boring after few games i just played him because i was happy i reached gold that never happened me before i always was max s2 2seasons in row. I would like to main one of those i mentioned because i like their visual, story, abilities
: Shyvanna will soon™ be reworked, so thats a bad pick. Akali is pretty bad for solo queue. And the world does not need any more Ezreal mains {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Rest sounds like nice picks!
she get reworked that is bad ??? she will get new better dragon ass i think that is good
: Do you want to climb or just for fun?
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