Urf Undead (EUNE)
: It's a dynamic queue now, so find some friends and climb easily to silver even to gold! Good luck :)
but if i dont have friends who play lol? i can find some players, but we can be enemies again 5 guys with Teamspeak and we are KO
Urf Undead (EUNE)
: It's a dynamic queue now, so find some friends and climb easily to silver even to gold! Good luck :)
i saw somebody who in dynamic queue have enemy pro team, it is on ytube..
: You are able to see what mistakes your teammates do, you persumably know what to pick in which lane. But how do you know that you are not terrible at some aspect of the game ? I mean, there are clearly things you are still doing terribly wrong otherwise you would've climbed out of bronze by now. Just because you're better than others in one aspect, doens't mean you are better in total.
supports are discriminated in this, i think they are in worst positions, they cant really carry team
Mr 44 (EUW)
: 10/10 = Bronze V
Hello, i ranked today as silver II with 9/1, well this is weird, because last time i placed silver II with 5/5, well, i wined 1 game, losed 3 game, and i looked on stats... why i silver, play against platinum players? it look like system is trying throw me into wood division..., thanks for answer
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: [BUG] Veigar stun with Twisted Fate ultimate
i think it is about this - he is teleporting and while he is teleporting he already clicked on you to attack when he teleport, he will teleport and in instant attack you, before game see, he was stunned, it is like whe nyou can shot ultimate before you was stunned with malz ult
Cosmick (EUW)
: [Request] Please make a detailed 3-5min guide for the launcher's front page!
it will not help, people who want be good and play for fun know this, or will learn this in few games, troll people will ignore your guide
: a champion that looks like a dinosaur ??
Hop Tzop (EUW)
: I see. Thank you guys for clearing this up for me. From now on I'll expect such plays.
i know it isnt about hooks, but it is about flash:D if leona hit you with her sword, you have about 1 second when she hitted you to flash under your turret, and she will dash to YOU under turret
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: The Black Rose is composed by memembers who are, in general, magic (and black magic) masters. The truth is that only LeBlanc is confirmed to be a member (she is the Matron), but champs like Vladimir, Elise or Swain probably are members too due to their dark powers and their ties with Noxus and/or LeBlanc (Vladimir is one of Swain's commanders and as Elise he is friend/ally with Swain and LeBlanc). It is believed that The Black Rose was the ones ruling Noxus in the shadows during the aristocracy period. Nowadays Noxus is governed by the Grand General, Swain, who gained that position after he defeated the previous GG Darkwill (the one who appears in Sion's lore). But, as The Black Rose is sorrounded of mystery, also is Swain: how did he suddenly get that power? If you read his lore, nobody knew about Swain until he appeared as a powerfull being and master tactician. One theory defends that Swain is the person he is now thanks to the power of the organization, who helped him to climb positions in Noxus and turn into the Grand General. Thats why I think Swain is/was a member of the organization. As Riot haven't said anything of Noxus since the Kalamandra war (3 or 4 years ago!) we don't know anything new of this mystery or the one which says that Jarvan IV is prisioner in Noxus and LeBlanc is the one who is acting like him under an illusion (what makes the Kalamanda war a trap weaved by The Black Rose to turn Swain into the Grand General). So many and interesting mysterys! :)
LeBlanc, VLadimir, Swain yes - because they are Noxus, Elise is from Shadow Isles
GX Draxeid (EUNE)
i dont think they will make it, because you called them Rito and they are Riot
: [SKIN] Battlecast Bard
most people think Bard will have christmass skin, and i dont think battlecast is good for him
TeiX (EUW)
: this is not something that needs massive precision :\ its a matter of good champion control or failing that disabling autoattacks :P
it is not like we have one more cd to see from normal champs, + it is not like cd of this is lowered when we use ability and it is not like it can activate while already autoattacking minion, but ok
: only problem is: isn't the Black Rose supposed to be composed only of LeBlanc's clones?
nope, i readed LeBlanc is head of Black Rose and she is alive like a lot years, Black Rose is under Noxus - Swain
TeiX (EUW)
: ermm no? the passive is not weak in any aspect and certainly should not be changed to make up for missmanaging your autos, you need ot keep in mnid that asl ong as you have cooldowns and mana and pay attention that passive has no cooldown.
mismanaging autos, you know, not all players are dia and more hell, they buffed Riven Q, because noob players and people with weaker pc cant cancel their animation
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: Ziggs passive, explain riot?
you forgot lich bane... 3 AA and tower destroyed
: ziggs vs yasuo
keep calm, and think, you have superior reach, simply dodge his Q, if he go land his Q on minions, Q him or minions near him (better miniosn near him, they will think you missed, but aoe from Q is suprisingly big) if you see him dash to you, throw right before you minefield, they normally disengage after that, your Q and aa animation are nearly same, after lvl 6 he can burst you down if he reach you or ulti you, vice versa you have Q to poke minions from safe distance, poke him from safe distance, W to disengage , throw right before you when you see dash to you before he place his windwall
: So many years and we still can't select a non Duo Solo Queue
definitely, if they are on teamspeak, against premade is hell, because they can better weave their skills and plans
: [Champion Concept] Jagen, The Kor Dwarf
it look good, only few thing - i dont think in Riot franchise are dwarfs, in few skins of Rakkor - where is pantheon, it look more like Sparta setting, so i say no to dwarf his R - Riot said they dont wanna make more champs who can freely switch R (they said it when they released Gnar), maybe it will need big cd, or can only switch in base
MrPinki88 (EUNE)
: Diana and Leona skins
it go directly against their lore, so i dont think they will make it
: Skins Idea: The Black Rose skins
i dont think elise is in Black Rose, because she is from Shadow Isle
: Not entirely sure about the Team Builder matchmaking
.... well, i played now game - we silver, unranked, gold.... against 3 dia.... tell about fair game
Poromania (EUNE)
: HELP - how lower Network buffer measurements
: [SUG] An reversed Sterak's Gage
i cant imagine that item (+ 25% - % is crazy
Ceiron3 (EUW)
: Champion experience
maybe, but i dont think so
: Why this name "Karma" for a champ?
Karma is Ionia champ, Ionia believe in balance, + i somewhere read she isnt really named Karma, she have that nickname, becaue she is serenity Jinx isnt Jinx too, i think
: First Friday of every month
they will not ban on day all champs who are you considering noob... yasuo isnt noob champ, he can be countered, CCed, or not feeded, xearth isnt "pro" champ, akali power spike is on lvl 6, if you shut her before.... jinx have no escape ability, she have root - that need few sec before it start, she is slow until she kill somebody, her slow make her root herself...
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: "We are premade"
i was premade only few times with friend, we were premade bot, and we were good, when we played another game, somebody said bot first and we said premade bot late, so friend said ok, i will go top, and i said - ok, i will sup bot - why cant be people be like this?:D
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Cryware (EUNE)
: It's not about AI or not AI, it is about you getting reported by your teammates or not. If you do get reported, then the tribunal will get your in-game messages and decide if it is flaming or not. If it flaming, then you get punished sooner or later. Correct me if I'm wrong {{summoner:31}}
nope, you are right {{summoner:31}} back
: New Champion Idea
ultimate - new darius...
: Arcade Riven chnages her blade on every base?
if she will be changing weapons in battle, it will be really distracting, maybe after every teleport to home, but if it will be liek this - price will be a lot more + some wepoans will be looking really weird on her
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: Do people not understand the concept of learning new champions in normals?
if you write it IN game... i will be little mad too, last game Draven said 1st time, why he didnt said it in lobby? if he said it, i can pick support who is better for him, if he is playing 1 time - blitz,sona,leona - i picked bard... so i needed roaming, and everytime i was roaming he pinged like hell and said i am noob ,because i am not on lane... hello, maybe hug tower more? dont push until i am there?
: > [{quoted}](name=Kjelldor,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7mFJTR8B,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-14T11:47:51.766+0000) > > That is because the Allistar skin is a lot older. At the time nobody had a recall animation, so skins didn't either. Now champions come out with their own recall animations and special taunts (for example, Tahm Kench has special taunts for over 50 champions), etc. > > This is because the game is being gradually upgraded towards a higher standard. Editing all the skins like you said, though, is a huge ordeal. It will take a lot more time then you realize, probably. That's all well and good, but if they new skins are better because they got better at it you either: - sell them at a higher price( what rito will do probably) - sell the older ones at a smaller price, because they don't compare in quality ( what rito 100% won't do).
they are slowly reworking old champs, so wait, maybe your will have special animation - or no
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: "We are premade"
i played nasus against Jayce - JAYCE mister i will not let you hit only one Q, evelynn didnt ganked full game, and when i said i lost top, i cant stack because there is no gank - she said, we are 4 premade, report you..... like really?
Eveninn (EUW)
: Why you no say gg? :(
it is bad when somebody say gg as irony:( i myself have all chat off, if game was enjoyable i say gg or wp on post gamelobby, and i honor bot if one was afk, and that guy still lasted and dont feeded:)
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kiwishrew (EUW)
: Okay: **1)** Ekko has been out for what, less than a month now? He doesn't need his third skin already (here comes Academy Ekko; aren't you just creaming with excitement?) **2)** Lux and Zil have plenty of nice skins already, with recent releases such as Star Guardian and Blood Moon respectively, again, they don't need more right now **3)** Particle effects such as those given to Arcade skins will always make the skin cost 975rp or more (and more likely 1350 nowadays) **4)** I'm _sure_ Rito will cater to whatever you want just because you "can't pay for more expensive." I'm _certain_ Rito is just pretending to be a cold cash-absorbent business model hell-bent on consuming wallets globally Sorry to shit on your dreams.
or wait loooong time for sale
Sidias (EUNE)
: More Arcade Skins
there will be only one arcade after riven, because on screen for her - down is 5v5
vZork (EUW)
: I'm not complaining about my ban, im complaining about the fact that a lot of people Troll, feeding intentionally, leaving and if i have a bad day and i wrote to one of this people "fukin' noob" i have to get the ban.. is not right. Those people deserve the ban, not me.. Atleast i deserve a restricted chat.
i never saif fuking noob.. most i said was bottom losed, or feeded
Hatzum (EUW)
: Pizza Deliverer Sivir & Pizza Baker Yorick
maybe, there is tahm kench skin with food thema, so we will see i dont think sivir will have skin, because there is rumor about victorious skin for her, she have relative new skin Warden
Nherax (EUW)
: Styx the Parallel walker Champion suggestion
because there is no concept until you will ahve his QWER and passive writed, his role etc PS - it hit really close with phase walker form dota allstars
tpx4hawk (EUW)
: [Skin SUGGESTION] Arcade Secret Boss Viktor
nope - well, name will not be Arcade Secret Boss, because Arcade are players and bosses are - bosses, Viktor will not be Secret boss, because AP mid post have alredy Final Boss Veigar
: Yasuo's dash
if i remember, isnt he stunned after dash?
Kjelldor (EUW)
: Kalista's oathsworn and AFK'ers
if you bonsd with someone and he go afk, well you are unlucky, but if "Kalista should get a possibility to change the oathsworn if the original one goes afk".... in laning phase you simply bond with supp, because of dmg, well, after that supp will end game and relog, and between kalisa bond tank...
JoshFam (EUW)
: Trolls in Champion Select
i was in game lobby, where guy literally said he will be afk full time, i dodged because of that
: late game boots \ sightstone ideas.
some champs need boots early, + boots help to dodge skill shots, mainly support build boots of mobility early, and 1800 g for it?... are you crazy?
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