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: why my legue decay fps 140 for 20..
because riot in the past patches inserted different VGA sprites and " visual aids " making this game gritty and stupid. The original engine was changed long time ago. Still if you have better resolution u win more games, so it's a stupid game ... not like chess.
Lamepaw (EUW)
: Skill difference in silver
1. Because MMR algorithm is %%%%%%ed, matchmaking dosen't work good on this game ... i'v seen bots play better in team and overall. 2. No, Riot not really do much thinking when it comes to rank, past 3 seasons were utter garbage ( all rank sucks ) 3. Yes, uninstall this game - it's not worth the time wasted. Biggest toxic community in the history of gaming, stupid and full with " genius " kids.
Stell (EUNE)
: Patch 8.19 Translated to pleb language
yeah, all the season they messed up things just to " prepare the game for World " : and in worlds Same Teams, Same old players some new players that do SAME THINGS.
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Gerbster (EUW)
: Now your saying it's babes that makes it a sport I wonder if your going to delete this post as you did your initial post.
hey man, keyboard warrior-ism is a sport now ... so i am making competitive arguments here. Female homo sapiens do not like front computer sloths
Gerbster (EUW)
: 1. 2. Two links to show you that darts is a sport (1) and the other is it's an international sport (2).
but can you have lots of babes with dart throwing ?
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: 10 Annoying League Player Types
and me .... i just play games for fun ... oh, sorry to waste everyone time
Gerbster (EUW)
: Last time I saw darts players they certainly weren't athletic! Also what does respecting nature have to do with sport lol? I think you just got a bee in your bonnet about e-sports being a sport but they are dedicated and they have to train a lot, sure you don't have to be in peak health but a healthy lifestyle is optimal whether you play sport or not.
Dart throwing it's a bar or a circus game ... really ? It's not even international sometimes ... but can be very unhealthy
Gojkov (EUW)
: and you're level 9 with 5 games on record on that account
actually i have 15 loses and 12 wins on blind draft, but ur favorite company here ... hides relevant data. I played 5 games this year, yes
: Why do i get matched against higher lvl players only?
is a dying game, man, better play it on ur real account and stop laying.
: I quit LoL
hey, u lasted to long ... for 6 straight hours ... jees man, u need a life
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Is this going to be taken in to consideration by Riot employees them selfs or is it just a volunteer thing to show some interaction between volunteers and users"?
u know it's official when u need Google Docs to do it for you.
Yllavyre (EUW)
: Banned, but no message.
reopen client ( close / logout - login \ authenticate ) again
: Ooga booga you know Shaco is an early game jungler right?
yes, actually Junglers in this season was a complete balancing mess ... but hey, let's just throw numbers in to a page and expect players really believe them.
: My opinion about Nexus Blitz
your joy will not last long
: What do you guys think about Nunu & Willump?
Satrap (EUNE)
: Good game => Bad game => Good game...
yes, that means your MMR is at 50 percent loses 50 percent winning from the total matches, so it's something that players say " hardstuck " . It depends of how many games you have basically ... let's say u have from around 100 matches, u must have something like 50 matches W ( win ), 50 matches L ( lose ) ... and because it's not a balanced ( THE RATIO OF THE TEAM FORMING MATCH ), it depends on how many matches u have. If you have 5000 match it will give you a aprox. elo number and team accordingly ... that breaks the game, bur JEEEEZ if you tinfoil that, and have a stupid computer compete thouse nombers ur a math Euler troll. This happens to me olso, because i have many matches played and it's harder to have a streak of Winnings or Losing, the stupid riot algorithm will forever give you L / W / L / W and so on, until more players with many matches will appear .... so you basically stuck your account ... there is no point in playing. (( one fix for this, is to play when servers have more players, si it's around 19:00 / 23:00 hour of the game ))
: To me, League has made me a worse person. When I was first introduced to League, a few months into Season 7, I'd just bought Star Wars Battlefront, and I was really easily tiltable. After being introduced to the game, I quit it for a while for Overwatch. In my Overwatch days, I was easily tiltable, and I would scream in my room to some of my teammates for playing so poorly. I am a toxic personality, there is no denying that. I loved Overwatch, but it was starting to die out for me, since it was getting so old, and new characters rarely ever got introduced to the game. In about 3 months after midseason, I came back to League. I played a lot. I actually lost some friends because of the fact that I was so addicted to the game that everytime I came home my only desire was to play League. I was really toxic, I would call my teammates with some horrific names and move on to the next game. This would go on until February of this year, when I got a permanent ban. When I got a permanent ban, I finally realized how toxic I'd been. I'm still toxic, there's no good in denying it, but I've done my best to change. But at this point, I was so addicted that not playing was not an option. So I just made a new account (this), and did my best to cut all the toxicity out of my games, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not. I think that I've now finally managed to get some sort of grip on my addiction, after at least about 1600 hours and hundreds of euros. I'd like to do get some new friends now, but since I'm an overweight nerd, it's proven really hard. My point being, that this is a really good game. Yes, the community is not the best. Yes, some balance decisions are really bad. But I still love this game, as the game what introduced me to a deeper lore in a game. I'm sorry for making you read to all this, I just need someone to talk to. I'm very lonely at the moment. Have good luck in your future lives, my fellow League players!
yeah. made me hate games ... hate my life, to hell with League of legends
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
it happened to me, i was called idiot several times then in after the game lobby i put something like " this f kid " and got a 10 games mute/ban ... lost all my honor in the mid season. After playing 300 games in rank, and spend so much time ... a premade, reported me without reason the hole game. thank your riot --- FAIL LOGIC.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
how is that fair and players trash talking, making others " idiot " fair ?
Quinzley (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Porumbar,realm=EUNE,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=djKXo63G,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-30T10:49:11.247+0000) > > well have a great day eating trash bins and cans, dumpster Keep hiding behind your fake account.
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Trash talk is allowed.
well have a great day eating trash bins and cans, dumpster
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Don't you have some actuall arguments? like for example maybe that you want new chiampions NOW and in the old system that was a bit more guaranteed, less RNG or maybe that im biased because im a veteran and already have most of the chiampions so this doesnt affect me or something like that?
i pity you, we play on the same toxic server .... my argument it's a waste of time trying to explain it to you. Or even if you have POOF of HOW STUPID THIS GAME IS ! You will never agree. You just posted some stupid things to argue the logic of the game or how come we are all in a big new thing called League of Legends that is not FUN any more. I was talking about fun in the last lines .... getting downvotes for a conversation it's not worth a conversation
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > yeah, riot will think a way to make money even though they offer free content. Look at the stupid numbers : > > To level up from 31 to 32 you need 2500 exp points. > First mission on the day gives you 520 exp points. > First win of the day ( that is still a stupid bug ) gives you around 250 exp points. ( i am not sure of this ) > Every win gives you around 100 / 200 points of xp. > > So you still need around 10 - 20 games to make 1 step of blue essence. or you could be just done for the day and play another game tomorrow for another first win.
i will just replay with a : THANK YOU FOR THE DOWN VOTE HUMAN CLICK, I HOPE YOUR VERY HAPPY ABOUT YOUR DECISION. u are a waste of time ... to bad That means i don't really care
: Tbh, the new level up system is not that bad in concept.. buuuut
yeah, riot will think a way to make money even though they offer free content. Look at the stupid numbers : - To level up from 31 to 32 you need 2500 exp points. - First mission on the day gives you 520 exp points. - First win of the day ( that is still a stupid bug ) gives you around 250 exp points. ( i am not sure of this ) - Every win gives you around 100 / 200 points of xp. So you still need around 10 - 20 games to make 1 step of blue essence. I play this game for 1 year, i got my champions, i got skins for them .. i do not really care. But the new players are suffering, they always get the 'roast part of riot'. They had no practice, they had no balance in matchmaking with smurfs all around. When asked why they do this Riot just IGNORE THE QUESTIONS ! Or answer with a ' It works ! '. Now they are avoiding to answer the 'market question' ... this game is dying, it will be pay to win 4 sure. The hole season was a joke - I AM HAVING FUN IN SILVER OR BRONZE !!! - i don't care about diamond or whatever !!! I learn new players to play !!! Not diamonds or so called masters who abuse 'breaking the game / fun' and abuse the META !!! I have some friends, that i quickly calm them, told them to calm down when losing - League is an unbalanced stupid thing that thinks it works ... they all understand. Me and my team, play maximum 2 to 4 matches per day ... some days we never play. The fun is broken by persoanal stuff ...
Eveninn (EUW)
: Hyyyyyyyyypeeeeee
{{champion:26}} girlfriend, you are all just some pedo full grown man developers
DiiNastey (EUW)
: Lvl 24 and my teammates and enemies are Plat+
cuz smurfing is very helpfull for them noobs


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