: I beg to differ. What 99% of people whining about it are mistaken about, is that 99% of "trolls" or "int-ers" are just either having a shitty game, or are shitty players with some small redeeming quality that got them up to whatever rating they are at the time. And of course, to this argument, people always respond somewhere along the lines of "well in my games I had this guy...", etc. etc. But if you hard-press them to give you actual evidence, like exact matches to look up in their history, it ends up being just one or two games where bad stuff happened and they got tilted off the rails. And even then, it might not have been a proper troll or int-er. As for toxicity, yeah, there's a bunch of it, but toxicity is manageable. I can mute the idiot flaming, and keep playing together with him, and report him after the game. And if my time here on the boards has taught me anything, it's that Riot is not shy to ban people left and right when they break the rules.
I wrote this post because I finished a game with a player who took Singed support, and started running to enemy laners, stood for them to kill him, and that the whole game. During the whole game, he only bought boots. It the end, he was questioned by top, why he was trolling the whole game, because no one flamed him or anything. You know what he said? "Because I was made support". It was the most rage inducing game I ever had in league. I reported him, but no reply, no notification. I posted his name with clear evidence (to this forum), his match history full with 0 kills and over 10 deaths. My post with evidence of was removed to protect the clear feeder from shame. How DARE they protect such a player!? Did he get banned? No, because I just checked and he continued with his behavior. One huge losing streak after another. Toxicity I can handle, but when I see someone cost me 30 minutes of my life where I get punished if I leave, I get ENRAGED. I think you give Riot too much credit.
: OF course. But they are doing well enough that they aren't desperate for your money. If you or anyone else proves that they don't want to play by Riot's rules, they'll do everything in their power to stop you from playing the game.
"Or anyone else proves that they don't want to play by Riot's rules, they'll do everything in their power to stop you from playing the game? You say that, as we are talking about how there are too many people who are not following the rules set by Riot. B
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > You know what, I want more. I wanna see who, what, for how long Sounds like you just want revenge. Also, Riot can't reveal the exact names due to privacy.
These are avatar names, not real life name and addresses we are talking about.
: > [{quoted}](name=Prideful Hunter,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yzwpK66R,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-24T14:46:59.745+0000) > > In the times I have reported people in game for real problems (racial things and feeding ... Well, if you report them because they went 1/11 in one game, because they had a terrible game, they won't get punished of course...
You quote me saying I don't report bad play and anger comments, and then you say I report them for bad play. So, mind telling me what's up with that?
: Riot Eambo posted an explanation for why players aren't always notified about the outcome of their reports. You can see the whole post [here](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/btiXXzrL-alright-riot-i-need-help-with-this-guy?comment=0000). But in short: > this is intentional to prevent abuse of the system (knowing how and when someone was punished), as well as for the privacy of other players. Nobody cares how much money you spent, or are willing to spend. As long as you keep playing the game, you're supporting League of Legends and Riot as a company.
Every business cares about money.
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Curion (EUW)
: Champselect Behaviour + Position Change Idea
I had the same happen to me. I got junlgle, some guy got autofilled support. He was first pick I was fourth, He instalocked jungle and told me to play supp. I respond very badly to commands and even worse to blackmail. So I also took my role. He ran to my jungle and waited to smite away the blue buff. He would not do anything, just wait. Then top starts telling me to play bot as support. To me, not to him. Then they start saying they will report me for not playing support. Needless to say, we lost. I thought of the same thing as you, that if I play autofill without %%%%%ing and whining, everyone has to do it. I thought of ways to prevent it just like you, that another person has to accept the lane switch. The problem is implementing it. How would the game know what your intentions are in game. What about crazy builds and strategies. Invades and all that. It would be too expensive to create such a monitoring system and even then it would probably not work. I think the only way would be to allow a vote on banishing someone from champ select, where a vote would start and minimum 3 people would have to agree.
: Well, in world where bassicly EVERY SINGLE NEW CHAMP have some sort of blink/dash/reposition tool Udyr is useless. Champs, that can be easly peeled are trash tier bassicly.
Gap closing has never been a problem for me with Udyr. My only complaint is that he feels so slow clearing jungle and a little too squishy.
Infernape (EUW)
: No amount of buffs is going to fix him. He would probably need a VGU for that.
I'd even welcome that. You know when a champ just clicks for you, the lore, the voice actor, the fighting style. That one is Udyr for me. I'm not asking that they make him meta again, but just that I can enjoy playing him without drastically reducing my chances of victory.
Rioter Comments
: Yes and no. I mean who stays there feeding and yells "gg n00b jungler 0ganks" is obviously an idiot.. But sometimes you loose lane cause you are in a bad matchup and there is nothing you can do about it. ( clarifing: I don't mean going 0/10, even simply being cs denied and/or loosing turret)In that scenario the jungle makes or breaks the game as it's up to him deciding where his pressure it's better applied, and the decision must be influenced by lanes matchup and enemy jungle behavior (that's why I think the jungle is the hardest role of the game). Sometimes a bad decision just looses the game for you, matter of fact.
As someone who mains jungle, I'm interested what you would choose in this scenario. You can choose to gank the sucessful lane and help snowball that lane, or leave that lane to not snowball, and help the bad matchup one, risking that even with the given kills, the bad matchup will not get anywhere. Honestly, I've had many times where I give kills to bad players and matchups and still it lead to nothing. I could have gotten stronger but choose to help, and we lost because the player didn't do anything with the lead. The same is for the support players. Once I gave my adc 7 kills, and we still lost because he didn't know how to use the advantage. :/ I think it was Trick2G who said that as a jungler, you help the winning lane, because that is a guaranteed good investment of time, while a losing one is counterproductive. When a lane feeds, it's a lost cause. I rather he gives low gold per death than risk dying myself to his fed opponent.
: Oh yeah it's just lovely. I adore how laners go "noob jungler 0 gank" when said jungler has tons more kills then they do (hint: they weren't in jungle). It's like laners think it's junglers fault for them not having 3v2 all the time, jungler's own gold/exp and other lanes be damned. Remember if you're losing your lane in fair 2v2 or 1v1 it's cause your jungler is noob ;) And ganks don't go above 0 until he's ganked you at least 3 times (2 is still 0!).
archerno1 (EUNE)
: 9 remakes in a row or people just dodge?
munraker (EUW)
: i think he was being sarcastic :)
I was. I thought I wrote it clearly enough. :D
: Top laner dying to lvl2 gank. "your red is gone"
But what about the bot lane spamming assist, cowering under their tower on the third minute because useless jungler isn't ganking?
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LA Losty (EUW)
: Well they can just do that in drafts lol, dont see why they would do that just for the rating in ranked.
Because most of the playerbase are kids who don't care for anyone but themselves. Just a game ago someone typed in champ selection that pressing alt+f4 will give a skin boost and ta daa, the champ select ended because one guy was too stup-...naive, pressed it and closed the game window. These days I just hate the game.
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Prideful Hunter,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EblE3E8A,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-08-19T16:25:52.226+0000) > > Garen jungle, Yasuo Jungle, Amumu support For the record, these work pretty well, bbbuuuuuut.....I doubt people in the lower elos know how to pull it off. :p
I would choose a proper meta pick over those any day. A Garen is still a Garen. Nothing mysterious about how to deal with them.
LA Losty (EUW)
: It doesnt work in high elo though, so if you want to play it, low elo would be the place.
No, I am in bronze and I am losing games. A good proper jungler champ can never be replaced by a out of lane one. Heck, Diana for example. People do her in jungle and even so she is still considered off meta. I just want a normal comp. I already have to deal with people not understanding that a proper comp needs a tank. No need for more BS off meta picks in ranked.
Xenoid (EUNE)
: Hello Prideful Hunter, Even before the loot system went live I warned, that this will happen. And.. it happened. Instead of playing for victory, they are playing for S rating and loot. I don't see any way out of it, except, removing champion ratings, which again, won't happen.
All they need to remove is the cheese and force that you are compared with the MAJORITY of players for those champs, so they can't do it anymore. Then they need to make a HUGE announcement for it, so people stop already. Between posting this post and replying now, I had to dodge a game because in the same matchup I had an Annie jungle and Ashe support. I guess I have to play normals.
Rioter Comments
raps1355 (EUW)
: You have already said it but not got it right completely you need to pressure the other two lanes or even dragon/herald but leaving someone to waveclear as at the 10th min they cannot tank the tower yet so if you deny the wave they have to idle for 30 secs while losing towers or leave. Waveclear is a critical thing in mid these days if this is happening game in game out which i havent seen it in my games but if you are seeing it so often then maybe a change in champ if your ones arent able to wave clear. Just imagine they all come you have lux e hit all 6 take out back 3 and use Q on the front thats 1 wave gone they wait, 2nd wave you just ult thats two waves and right there you have tied up 60 secs + travel time to the rest of your team. 60 secs can equal 2 towers + a herald/dragon if timed well.
I just bought Xerath and won the first 2 games because I also realized I have to get someone with wave clear. Sure,maybe Victor would have been better or Anivia, but Xerath gives me an ulti that can help the team without me being completely off of my lane. Super fun. I was considering Taliyah, but someone said she has long cooldowns until late game, and that won't help me.
: Grouping for mid turret is pure waste of time, bcs ONLY bot tower has no fortification ( armor and magic ressist ) so it can be taken a lot faster and easyer than mid one... no idea why are they grouping mid like monkeys when they can do the same thing on bot with less trouble, and time spendt. In my elo people are gangbanging bot lane with 4 man every second game just to get that first blood tower but NEVER on midlane...
You play in an elo with smart people, I went through my promos stupid not taking it seriously, because I didn't know how it works. :-(
: That's stupid. It's way more effective if you let your carry take the entire turret gold for himself.
Bot gets drawn to mid instead of staying bot.
Rioter Comments
: thanks for the tricks and tips. is it wise to get Frozen Mallet if you're underfed? btw your information got me a kill xd i hoped over the toplane jungle wall and killed Lux xd
When you are behind, often the best option is to build utility. Frozen mallet not only gives you a good increase in health, but you can slow enemies down, preventing them from escaping, so yeah, it's a great choice. That and a Black Ceaver. We all want to kill, but sometimes it just doesn't work. When we have a 0/5 score, time to build tanky and save the game. When you are behind, the least you can do is become an obstacle, a wall for the enemy, so go those two mentioned items and a defense item, best is Guardian Angel.
: i am a fan of kindred and whenever i try to jungle with her, its pretty hard. (i am still starting to learn) and whenever i go in for the kill they just run away with 3 limbs in the grave and my teammate takes the kill or somehow magically i use ignite to get him ;/ {{item:3073}} and the marks are pretty hard and Kindred seems kind of slow-ish. i prefer getting PD for that atck speed but i might have to try Firecannon instead. i dont usually get Hurricane cuz its feels kind of useless even with the large clear and a significant change in farm time aswell as the atck speed boost it gives you. PD might give you that missing movement speed that you want/need. btw got any tips and tricks i could use in the future?
I use firecannon because she is so super squishy that in a teamfight, the more range I have, the better I feel in my survival chances. Dead champs deal no damage. :P I have found a great way of using her ult though. She is perfect against those champs who dive in 1v5, like a fed Jax or Yasuo or Malphite with his ulti. Pop your uti and see their strongest champ die without being able to kill anyone (if they focused you initially,your goal is to jump away, even if you lose the kill to a teammmate). After you do it the first time, they will try to burst you down first, hence the rapid firecannon, so you can still peel from the backline. If you get caught out alone, you will die, because the incarnation of death does not care for petty movement speed (unless you can hop over a wall with your q). Funny how a lot of Kindred guides say that early, she can 1v1 anyone. It's pure bullshit. It's like saying Ashe can 1v1 anyone. Nope. Kindred is a backline champ through and through. Her passive needs to be reworked. Now that they removed her self heal, and reduced her base defense, she is simply too squishy and to immobile to go after stacks in the jungle. Seriously, there is never a situation when picking Kindred is a better choice than picking VI. Vi can solo drag on lvl 4! Kindred is an adc. You always have an adc in your comp, but many times you don't have a diver., only wannabe carries who are scared of going in costing you the game if the enemy team has anyone with proper poke range like Cait, or Zerath, or Brand, or Ziggs. 2 more tips. Before a teamfight, mark the squishy slow targets first for an easy stack. All you need to do is get one attack or ability off, because an assist also gives stacks. Get blue trinket upgrade as soon as you get lvl 9. I have died a lot to champs waiting next to one of my stacks. I go for it, free kill for them.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: The only Kindred I see in games is me, so I can tell only from my experience. I'm in super low elo, so you don't have to listen to me. Kindred is odd, I play them a lot, have mastery 5, I have so many S games and still I'm not sure if I can play and don't feel confidend when I pick them. You build too much AS, I used to do that too. I know what you want to do. You have free %hp from passive and Bloodrazor so only need attack speed, right? Well AS without dmg is useless. I usually go like: {{item:1416}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3072}} or something like that. People also suggest {{item:3053}} and {{item:3071}} (I didn't test it). You need to start fight with E. You need a lot of games, so you can predict what will be marked and make your route around it, for easy stacks. But you kind of right, Kindred got nerfed too much, that's why they have so small playrate.
Thanks for the reply. I'm low elo as well, but I won't dismiss your advice about item build. I'll try that next.
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Magneset (EUW)
: I dont have to deal with it, since its never gonna happen. Doing something that takes 1 second is not an inconvinience lol. Its just straight up lazyness on your part. I support Riots decision in not doing it. Just like the other 90% of people. Stop acting like a special little snowflake. Its not going to happen. Deal with it, accept it, and move on.
1. It does not take one second, stop trying to make it look smaller than it actually is. 2. You did not answer my question. If you had to enable chat in every game, how would you love it? 3. What is your source for the claim that 90% of players would mind an option to insta mute games at the start of a match? 4. Why are you feeling the need to stop any change that does not affect you in any way? Maybe you just like to trash talk people and don't want it taken away from you.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: > The one who could take ANYONE on So you want an overpowered champion. No, he's fine as he is.
First, when you quote someone, quote the whole sentence, not out of context. "The one who could take anyone on, >>>given the right items<<<." A 2.6% play rate is fine where he is? That puts him next to Urgot, and Yorick. Let's just ignore the meta picks, Vayne, Yasuo Zed, Annie, Leblank, Xin, Darius, Ashe, Jhin, Ezreal, Teemo, a Katarina who can get back in the game with one well placed ulti after you kept her underfed for 20 minutes, yes, Udyr, at his 47% win rate and 2.6% play rate, after being one of the strongest junglers before the nerfs, is where he needs to be. Your statement is very, very weak, it's baseless. Your "He is fine as it is" is as well researched and factually backed as Udyr's playability right now.
Magneset (EUW)
: Its not how i prefer it. Its how everyone other than you prefer it. Making mute a default options removes a social aspect in a competitive game. Sure you can say that people can use pings, but a lot of others prefer using the chat aswell for more in depth calls. How are you going to fake a baron or drake without chat? How are you going to ask someone to duo the drake with you without calling the entire team down there? Not having the chat is a bigger inconvinence more than the default mute option. It takes 2 seconds to click the mute button. Why dont you just have /mute all copy/pasted before the game even begins? Thats even quicker. You want Riot to use man power on a function that already exists. The only probably here is your own lazyness and selfishness. Your idea will never go through.
And again, why are you forcing your opinion on me? I want a mute all option that I don't need to re-enable every game. Deal with it, accept it, and move on. I already mute everyone, so all of those tactics that you talk about, miss me. I have played LOL for almost a year now, only recently started muting, and NO ONE, NO ONE has written any of those examples that you mentioned, so don't give me the "there is this once in a lifetime useful thing that could happen, so for a whole lifetime endure the inconvenience, because when it happens, it will pay off". They prefer chat, cool, I don;t mind, but I don't want it, because I rather have no chat at all, than shit talk, and shit talk is in EVERY ONE OF MY GAMES! Don't tell me, the one who is doing the mute all, what is an inconvenience FOR ME, you aren't doing it, how would you know? Why are you adamant about me not getting what I know I want? I don't like it, 2 seconds to enable chat. Easy as that. I'm not even suggesting that Riot makes it the default option for everyone, just give me the option. Imagine it was the defaul for everyone in every one of your games and you had to enable chat in every game, and someone on the forums telling you it takes only two seconds to do, you can have it on copy paste. Would you think that's a valid solution? That's what people are doing as a workaround, not as something they like doing. This is the game with the biggest playerbase in the world, so I won't give you a pass on the "They are poor starving artists, a small indie studio, cut them some slack" because that is NOT what they are with this IP.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: lmao I don't entirely agree with your post on Udyr himself (not with all your points), but anyway the guy that completely missed your sarcasm made me laugh so hard. Though not sure if he's joking as well :O
I doubt he was joking, because his explanations are NOT ridiculous, but rational.
: -Tiger stance-additional to the current, instantly drain all mana from a target champ That's a crazy suggestion. If they are an ap caster relying on mana (karthus, anivia) getting all their mana drained has no counterplay other than to cc him and not let him get close to you. -Turtle stance-no damage for 3 seconds so on an ability you can level at level 1, you expect him to be a taric ult on a short cooldown. -Bear stance- blink of a range of 500 and stun, with ghost effect remaining. Having the blink AND the stun is too overloaded on one ability. -Phoenix-Using the power of the Phoenix, when he hits champions, he simultaneously hits all enemy turrets. Just no. The nerfs were directed at the AP playstyle, which isn't supported by riot. They want him to be played as a tank, not a niche ap jungler. If you want him back, all he needs is slight buffs, just like the slight nerfs he received
You don't get sarcasm do you? That whole part was MEANT to sound ridiculous. Read the whole thing until the line at least. I said the same thing. return the pre-nerf Udyr. Its a new meta. Items changes, champs reworked and tweaked. Xin can melt anyone 1v1, he has a gap closer, he even gets penta kills easily, but no one nerfs him.
Magneset (EUW)
: Because having such a button wouldnt solve anything. You never end up with your entire team being toxic and its in the rare end that 3 or 4 of them are toxic aswell. Using the mute button is only a simple click away for each person. It takes just about 2 seconds to do. Its also a bad thing to have in general since a lot of people would just have everyone muted by default and wouldnt be able to communicate verbally with the rest of the team. Imagine you playing top and the jungler wants to gank your lane and you go "im low on mana" and since he got everyone muted by default he wont see it, go in and die. So yeah. Its a useless feature since deciding who to mute is way more efficient. Other than that you could just use the /mute all function which does what you are asking for.
You can ping ganks and click on your mana to give messages how much % it is. There IS NO NEED FOR CHAT to play the game efficiently. It's just 2 seconds that pile up and I have to hold tab, cover the screen from whatever is happening, look for the fucker who is causing problems and then click a mini icon. It's a nuisance and would you stop acting like I'm taking something away from the game. I want something THAT IS ALREADY POSSIBLE IN THE GAME, to become THE DEFAULT, which IT IS THE DEFAULT THING BUT I HAVE TO DO MANUALLY EVERY GAME. . I WANT IT, ME. YOU don't, NO problem! Why are you insisting on inconveniencing me, making me play the game the way YOU prefer it?
Bosnis (EUNE)
: Use black tape on that monitor place where chat is. :/
Hahahahahahahaha, that is brilliant! :D You made me laugh. Thank you.
Rioter Comments
Humpf (EUW)
: Doesn't make sense the request, if such functionality is made available it's like assuming that chat is useless (which isnt). Just the sole existance of the "/mute all" is, in my opinion, a bad choice from Riot. Mute each of those that are ruining the game and report in end. By doing mute all you are basicly restricting yourself from those that are actually proper players that want to comunicate positivly with the team (setting up strategies, requesting red/blue, etc...).
Will mute all option affect you, mute people in your game?
Magneset (EUW)
: Why do you feel that you have to react to it? I mean if people are toxic just mute and focus on your own game. The general problem i see with people complaining about toxic behavior is that for some reason they have this idea that they HAVE to react to it or they HAVE to talk back because its their right or they just have a fetish for correcting others mistakes. Just mute them and let them flame their brains out.
And hence I ask for a default mute chat option. Why is this even debated. Changing your personality takes for some people YEARS. All I ask for is a simple option that makes something that is already possible in the game be the default setting. Imagine you had to resize the screen at every game. That would annoy you as well after some time, right?
Magneset (EUW)
: Just use /mute all Now why would you want to mute everyone? Ive never been in a game where every single player on my team were being toxic. You can turn all chat off, which is actually very good. I played about 20 games with it off and its been a much nicer experience, since they usually only write toxic things in the first place.
There has never been a game where everyone was toxic. But there have been plenty where 5 have been. 3 ganging up on one bad player. I don't need to know that shit while thinking how I can save the game. Not just toxicity directed at me, but also at other players, especially and most frequently, when arrogant ADC players go in WAY TO HARD and die, and then blame their, up until that point, great support. Injustice INFURIATES me! I play support sometimes. I play jungle. How many times have you read after a game someone saying "We won this game because of this great jungler/support". But you can get double that in hate." Report this support/jungler". I just don't need that info. All my games end up being much better when I see facts, not emotions. Desn't help that I am one of those people who HAS to react to something stupid being said.
candoodle (EUW)
: there are "hacks" where you can go into the lol files and resize the chat to 0 so it doesnt show up at all but really, honestly, seriously, is it too much to just type /mute all at the start of the game if you are truly that cynical about the community if you want a real quality of life update maybe a little faith in others and a more positive outlook is what you need instead of a toggle that saves you the trouble of typing 2 words at the start of each game or maybe like Vixen says you just need a bit of a break, maybe play some small single player games (I play donkey kong country 3 on snes when i need a break from "charming" teammates and feel salty), it seems a shame to block out the entire community just because a few toxic players
We all deal with our saltiness in different ways. While your suggestion of playing other games is one I also follow, when I wanna truly play good, I mute all players so I can focus on important info. It's not just when I'm angry.
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Magneset (EUW)
: You blame Riot for people trash talking you in game. What are they supposed to do about it anyway? They are not in control of what people say in game. If you dislike it just mute.
I actually AM blaming Riot. They could start punishing people who are being assholes, you know, things that other companies do, and you would be surprised how well it would work. Ban the first 100 and ta-fucking-daa, they don't do it anymore. Small sacrifice, considering how toxic the community is.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I started in B4 this season and am S2 now. trust me i;ve been through what you said as well, the difference howeer is, that I don't make up excuses for my bad gameplay and just accept the fact I got a loss. there is a reason you get linked which such players yunno.
Yeah, there is a reason. I didn't take my promotional games seriously. On normal games I'm gold.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Prideful Hunter,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=As3TnGay,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-07-15T18:07:58.067+0000) > > You DO know that we are talking about bronze, right, so use that brilliant mind of yours and compare it to the bronze standards. I wanna see your brilliant score when you are playing 2v5 in the sixth minute. I am sorry, i was under impression that u want to leave bronze. Depends who my 2nd is, if i could choose my duo partner im sure we could beat 5 bronzes just 2 of us. Hell we beat 5 intermediate bots in custom game when we try skins and bots are at least capable of hitting/dodging skillshots and are better at csing. How hard it could be to beat 5 bronzes...
The bots are bad AF. Why are you talking about beating people of less skill than you? I was playing against people of my skill level, so in your answer, could you keep a 80 to 100 cs score with 3 members gone?
Perilum (EUW)
: Seriously. Why do you come to the forums for whining, you "working" entity? Your whole thread is just a rant. No content.
Wait, what kind of content do you expect from a post titled as it is? A fucking poem?
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Complaining about teammates in his promo, yet dying 16 times while placing 3x less wards than he should have, only outdamaging support , ending game with 100 CS in 50 mins( YES PEOPLE THIS AINT A JOKE, HE LITERALLY KILLED 2 MINIONS PER MINUTE- as Brand btw). At least his second promo game was a bit better 7 deaths only in 25 mins and whole lot of 50 CS(YES GUYS HE IMPROVED, 5 CS PER MINUTE). AND 3 WARDS. 1 ward every 5 minutes.
You DO know that we are talking about bronze, right, so use that brilliant mind of yours and compare it to the bronze standards. I wanna see your brilliant score when you are playing 2v5 in the sixth minute.
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