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: Important: We're introducing scheduled maintenance windows
I'm having problems with ping, spikes and such does anyone else get this? And any solutions pls? Thanks :)
: Anybody like to check this out?
You have my up-vote and subscribe. Keep it up. :)
: So how many points we already have Riot ?
They will update it [here]( Every day at 9AM PST. Its 6PM for our time zone.
: A suggestion for the world championships celebration (2015)
Cool idea, would be great if Riot did a thing like this.
: A suggestion for the world championships celebration (2015)
Cool idea, would be great if Riot did a thing like this.
larmat (EUNE)
: Is this only silver and bronze elo hell?
Its all the same whatever division you are from bronze to high gold/low plat, dont know about higher divisions doe. Matchmaking suck. Every time when I'm in promo I get people with big loosing streaks or on their way to demotion (0 lp, 4-5 games loosing streak) and they are tilted(flame, feed, etc). Can't get out of G5 to save my life.
: Quick question about ADCs.
Lifesteal quints are kinda useless, Attack speed are better(last hitting, attack speed overall). Statik shiv only if you're behind or if you lack wave clear.
: Mundo goes where he pleases, so where is he?
He's op. With tp-smite he's a beast.
: How is EUNE compared to EUW?
If you don't care about players, EUNE is better, concerning the stability. I transferred from EUW about a year ago or so(when it was free), thought it was the biggest mistake I made(cause of the toxicity), but when I see what kind of problems you have on EUW, I'm kinda glad I transferred.
Sefi (EUNE)
: Cool, i don't really aim to play him in rankeds anyway XD I see ekko a little like katarina, in the right situation OP as fuck, otherwise just a free kill
I'm just kidding, you have right to play any champ you want, but every champ need some practice, its better for you and others if you know how to play the champ than to fail and feed. :) Yup, thats right, last game I had a guy in my team that picked Kata against Leona, Ashe, Malza, Jarvan and Riven, I mean rly dude... xD
Sefi (EUNE)
: I got level 4 mastery on Ekko, am i allowed to pick him? :/
: You say this like if someone was dumb enough to let Freelo Ekko get out of the banning part. If someone did in your games, he's dumb
I know they are dumb, cause they do exactly that, or they pick him and don't have basic idea how to play him.
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Khaery (EUW)
: What would be the next meta?
Support. Everybody takes support and support the hell out of each other.
: Eh, I'm still not convinced, I get the feeling it'd be too open to exploits.
I know, Riot could make a solution to that if they really wanted to. It ain't gonna happen, just like the replay system and whatnot.
: I'm in a premade... we decide to troll... we boot out random players because yolo... meaning we just troll lobbies. That's why.
Premade votes count as 1(one), just like when you and your premade report someone for verbal, feeding, etc. Problem solved.
: I quit my full-time job to do this for league and it changed my life…
Love the idea! Registered. Keep up the good work. I hope you start earning some money for your trouble. :)
Xrozz (EUW)
: Dude dont come up with "prove" crap... why do you have to "prove" that you can Carry 1vs9 in a Team based game? where is the logic behind that?
I dont know what kind of game have you been playing, but Riot "is all about team play". Is it team based game when you have 1 champ that can fight 1 v 3, if fed, (Riven, Fiora, Yasuo) kill them and die(or not) and leave your team relatively easy job to go 4v2 and win the game? Where's the logic in that? This game is all about proving yourself, even though Riot wants you to "have fun". It can only be frustrating for a player when he knows that he has to carry or has to be lucky to get someone that will carry him. Maybe 2/3 out of 10 games you will have legit teamwork and team mates that want to play as a team. At least in the lower elos.
Parasceniu (EUNE)
: how do one improne attitude in the game?
Tell him it's just a game. I had raging issues but I didn't flame in-game. I would yell and shit but didn't actually rage at people in-game. Well sometimes. The biggest problem is that people stopped having FUN playing this game, they just want to WIN. When you enter a game your mindset should be "Ok, I'm gonna try and improve my game, and most of all I wanna have fun" if you play this game just so you could win, you ain't gonna have fun, you ain't gonna get better at the game. > **The Dunning–Kruger effect** is a cognitive bias wherein unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than is accurate. This is his problem also, thinks he's better than everyone else and he flames a them thinking they will listen to him and play instantly better (cause I'm better than them, fuk these noobz).
: "Hi we saw you didnt play for a month, how about we screw you up with unbalanced matches so we can make you stop playing again for a month" ? Seems legit... And remind me the logic again +13 +11 -26 +18 ??? what next? :D
Hahah the same thing happened to me. Gain 10-15, lose 20-25+ :D
: I didnt play for a whole month. When I came back I had this "system balancing" crap they wrote about few years back "You do good and you get weak team vs strong enemy". Which didnt have any logic to happen. Clearly not playing 1 month makes you a pro and forces you weaker teammates so you can balance your W/L ration... So yeah. I didnt tank anythin, they just had their awesome system not thinking. Obviously now I suffer for it. Clearly I am silver material douh... First game 34/2. Second 8/3 then balance shot me in the face again and suddenly 3rd game 25/4, while my whole team is 4/11, 4/15, 8/12 and 10/14... Totally I'm the one trolling my MMR and not the "balance" system...
You tanked your MMR by loosing 10 games in a row. I had that same thing happen to me. Lost promo to S1 and went on a loosing streak got demoted to S3. And the reason you're getting stronger team against you is that you need to "prove" that you deserve to get back to higher ranking. Its the same thing in promo, you get weaker team mates and you have to carry them to win promo. It sucks, I know.
: Riot I hate your system so drasticly much...
You tanked your MMR, that's the reason you have low LP gains and high LP losses. Take a break from ranked a bit. Or you'll just tank deeper and deeper, like I did. x)
: [Skin Concept] Arclight Thresh - League of Legends Community
It's a good idea, but he just got a new skin, so I don't think they will make a new skin for him cause there are champs with only 2 skins. They should be the priority.
: You do get points, just later. Still I don't like how I can't see my rank because of that.
The problem is that it's not updating. I still have the same level of skill points with all of the champs I've played.
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Petsho (EUW)
: It does not. It only does if you had vision of it.
Btw, you dont need the vision on dragon, you only need to have vision of the enemy and the scoreboard will update.
Kobatzz (EUNE)
: Do you have like one more for me please :3
I've sent you an invite. Check your inbox for an email from LoLwiz.
: Uninstalling.
Cya in a couple of days :)
Godalor (EUW)
: I never argued about anything using your rank, because I know that rank basically means nothing, If you look at my profile, as you most probably did when you looked up my rank you might notice that I was Bronze at the end of Season 3 and got placed Bronze 5 at the start of last season and the difference to Plat is pretty much negligible apart from a bit more coordination the higher you get. > Meh, It's cool, he's just but-hurt. Doesn't even have the facts about that game, but he HAD to find a way to come back at me. :) As for this... The only counter to Rengar currently is GA and normally, Rengar would just pop it with his oneshot combo and then run away with the movement speed he gets after he jumped with his ult... or if there are not more than 2 other champions nearby that pose a threat to Rengar, he just waits for the GA, meanwhile gets 5 ferocity back because for some bullshite reason, his ult has to give him the possibility to surpass any counters he could have and then simply oneshots the target again with another 5 Ferocity Q. Now from what I've experienced, a reliable counter to Rengar is mastering Kha'Zix and building Randuin's and Guardian Angel after Warrior and Black Cleaver before you can barely manage to 1v1 him. And then you notice that he didn't even have a Last Whisper... I wonder, if the Rengar in that game wasn't that stupid, whether I would've been able to 1v1 him and win the game. I have enough facts about the game to know that RNG sucks and that there are enough Armor pen Items for Rengar to choose from to negate any Armor in the game and fight both tanks aswell as carries as if they were minions. As long as the Rengar player doesn't forget to build them, he will dominate game. I had a Rengar top game recently and I fked up and fed the enemy Teemo, regardless, at level 6, 30 CS and an Item short I went botlane and turned on my ult, used empowered E combo and together with the support got an easy doublekill from a botlane that was doing fairly well. After that I was already able to oneshot the enemy Katarina before she could even Shunpo away. Damn, from losing lane 1/6 and 50 CS down to oneshotting people, pretty nice I'd say... and pretty frustrating for the enemy team, especially considering that I didn't even do anything smart apart from avoiding the Teemo I fed (who unfortunately ended up winning them the game).
I'm just saying that if you have 1 or 2 normal players in the team you can counter him. When he uses ult just group up and wait for him to jump or waste his ult. A good support knows what he has to do when he's facing a Rengar. Upgraded sweeping lens or vision ward, and stick to your adc. I've played a dozen games against Diamond and high Plat Rengars(cause of Riots "great" matchmaking) and just protected the adc or apc. I'm not saying that you can save your adc 100% of the time, but 60-80% you can. I love playing Thresh against Rengar. Janna is also good. I'm sry if I came at you too strong with my words, but the boards is full of "better nerf irelia" posts and it's kinda getting frustrating. Everyone can get countered if you play the match up right.
Musiicy (EUW)
: Bitchy and really evil strat. But that's legit, and ranked after all.
I haven't really used that against someone, but I saw it from a less popular streamer. :)
Hydeny (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=De4dsh0t,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ETwtzOFA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-05-24T21:58:16.788+0000) > > This might sound weird, and you wont believe this, but Rengar is a freakin' assassin. He's supposed to oneshot people. You're plat 5 and you don't know that you have to buy vision ward or upgrade sweeping lens to counter his ult. I haven't seen something this arrogant for quite a time.
That's me, arrogant bronze boy.
Musiicy (EUW)
: It's so goddamn true. When I play ranked, I always try to settle a nice climate as soon as Championselect starts (it doesn't always work, of course) It reduces the chances of the whole team going on tilt. Usually, if that worked, if only one guy flames no one will give a fuck about him. And yeah, when I see the ennemies flaming in /all ... easy win. It happened a lot during my placements this season. It's just funny to see your ennemy adc suddenly walking straight to you while you're farming, in fact, he's just writing to his whiny support xD
Haha, that's it! I just love seing "pls riport blitz" and then the adc flames the jungler for dying(cause he doesn't gank), from that moment on, all hell breaks loose, everybody's flaming everybody. And I just know that will be a free win. And there's even a catch for starting that. For example, Thresh hooks someone, pulls himself to us and dies. And then you just write in all chat "That was a great hook Thresh, but your ***insert adc here*** didn't follow you up". And that's an easy way to win your lane (if you're on bot).
: I would've agreed with you,but you are an asshole.
You have a right to an opinion, just like me. Every day these "better nerf Irelia" posts. Get rekt one game by ***insert champ here*** and then come here and cry how that champ deserves a nerf.
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Ye, but that's bad. It happens to me too sometimes... When i analyze something and they don't have anything to say they tell me i am bronze to validate what they said earlier... It's a different thing to argue about the game and trading opinions based on personal knowledge and in-game facts and to actually have th skill to apply what you know in-game under pressure. that's what separates bronze players from silver, gold and higher elo, as long as we are all playing on our own without being boosted of course. What defines one's division is mostly skill, not just knowledge of the game.
I got the same treatment when I was silver 4 a month ago. People don't care that you have a reasonable knowledge of the game, if you're bronze or silver. Always saying stuff like, "oh you deserve diamond but shitty team mates are holding you back". I didn't care about my rank before the boards were created, but now I have to be higher elo, so I could comment on things, without being trashed all the time.
: Meh. You think a team thats 15-0 up would be raging? How about a team that's 0-15?
I don't know where have you been playing you League, but I've played a dozen times when someone gets "ks-ed", misses a dragon/baron, gets killed "cause his team didn't help him" where we were losing hard, and just cause they started flaming each other cause of some silly thing, we eventually won the game(s).
Ebola san (EUNE)
: Do you actualy look people's profiles just to justify your comments and solidify your statements??? you are pathetic man. Mentioning personal data is not a way to argue...
Meh, It's cool, he's just but-hurt. Doesn't even have the facts about that game, but he HAD to find a way to come back at me. :)
Godalor (EUW)
: considering that you got rekt by one just 3 days ago, I'll consider this a joke.
Normal game. I was "rekt" cause I had to play Yasuo on bot with Kalista, cause I got a "plat boy" like you, who had to go mid with Corki. We didn't even had a single team fight. He and ap Rengar fed him, I fed the Kalista and Kata. gg so what? Kata and Kalista rekt us too, should they be nerfed also? Or just Rengar cause you're but-hurt he ra*P*ed you. Crying below that you have 20 ms to react? Place a vision ward, exhaust, cc him and gg.
: Champion select improvements (not visual update!)
It's ok idea and all, but you get the same effect when you type "support", "tank", "marksmen" in champ search in champ select.
Godalor (EUW)
: Rengar needs some serious nerfs
This might sound weird, and you wont believe this, but Rengar is a freakin' assassin. He's supposed to oneshot people. You're plat 5 and you don't know that you have to buy vision ward or upgrade sweeping lens to counter his ult.
: Best Solo que champions to carry?
Take Trynda, go proxy farming and split push like crazy.
INTsid3r (EUW)
: LoLWiz Beta Key
I've sent you an email. Check your inbox.
bG StaK (EUNE)
: Feeders dont get ban... but Flamers do...
Basically you deserve Challenjour, but it's that one players fault you cant get there so you have to be a toxic kid.
: How do people even win as support?
Thresh baby! 75.0% win ratio in ranked, izi games, izi life. You suck as a support cause you don't want to improve you just want to play the game and get over it. [ Like wtf, support is so easy!](
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: > [{quoted}](name=De4dsh0t,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AYV4OmpI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-24T12:47:01.515+0000) > > Classic Fiora(Riven) players in Silver/Gold/low Plat think they can get penta 1v5. Ego higher than elo, thats the problem. High platinum is exactly the same, playing against low Diamond is exactly the same some players are just crazy. I was duo'ing yesterday and 3 games in a row me + friend had a team mate who would go 0/2 then go to 1v1 the laner until they had died like 8 times. Shit happen s
Sometimes I just want to get in their mind and see what are they thinking about when they die 2-3 times in a row on their lane and think that they can still 1v1 them. I understand that happens in silver and bronze, where people don't have that much understanding of the game, but in higher elo... Sometimes I just wonder how those people even climb that high..
: What's with these epic throws in gold V
Classic Fiora(Riven) players in Silver/Gold/low Plat think they can get penta 1v5. Ego higher than elo, thats the problem.
: I think the new punishment system it's too harsh on players:|
I should be able to play the game without having to "mute" someone. If you need to flame someone and call him "noob" than you have a problem and not that person. I'm really glad Riot implemented this system and I can already notice the difference in player behavior.
Midna922 (EUW)
: Add Vote Kick Option
Now when a player flames too much, and he is reported, he will be warned, then banned for 2 weeks and if he doesn't stop his toxic behavior he will get permabanned.
: Reporting an obvious scripter
Go to [support]( and report him.
Festher (EUNE)
: Impossible climbing bronze
I thought like that last season, got B1 after promo(i sucked hard, just wanted to play rankeds, likes its a big deal), demoted to B4. I gave up on ranked for about 2-3 months, thought It's impossible to climb out, and had fear of ranked. After hundreds of normal games, playing 30-40 different champs I started playing ranked again. So I started playing maybe a month before the season ends. Climbed out of bronze and got S2, its wasn't much and it was kinda hard, but I was really proud of myself. You just need to take a break from ranked and practice all the lanes and play at least decent and you will climb. I climbed out of bronze by mostly playing Thresh. And this season its the same, I play mostly Thresh or jungle. Have 72.2% win ratio with him. You need to find the champ(role) you're most comfortable with. It doesn't matter if its support or any other role, you can carry with all of them. Work on your farming, warding and decision making. Chat as little as possible, don't flame, if they start to flame you, mute them, don't argue with them. If theres "that one guy" going solo and feeding like a beast, follow him and try to make others follow him, cause its always better to fight 5v5 with "that one guy" than 4v5. Play champs like: Top: {{champion:114}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} Jungle: {{champion:113}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:19}} Mid: {{champion:1}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:103}} Support: {{champion:1}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} (Basically tons of dmg or save your adc) Adc: {{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:104}} Hope this helps you a bit and good luck climbing out of bronze :)
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