LegendCZ (EUNE)
: What do you mean pal?
That u should not be playing champions u can't play.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Is saying that you should not play the certain champion a flame? ...
: Mail to all Leona, Diana and Panth Mains
: My 2 Aatrox reowrks
: How many accounts have been prema banned?
0.006% for bad behaviour, dunno if it counts with hacks.
Rhosta (EUNE)
: If somebody flames you and you cant stand him, mute him. If you want to write anything, write about positive things (gj, ty, etc.) or write informative things (ss, enemy jungler mid, etc.) You can ask Riot to put chat restrictions on your account, so you will have a hand brake for angry outbursts. Disable all chat. No need for that. Only distraction. If somebody is not nice to you. Do not respond, just report him, do not ask others for reporting him. Remember, everybody knows how to be nice when winning, but its much more badass to be nice when losing. It will make you win games, because your teammates wont be so angry and will play better.
Do you think they would give me perma chat ban, i mean i couldn't write even 1 thing?
Xplosive3 (EUW)
: Is there a way to avoid permanent ban after a 14 day ban
Yes, play without keyboard like BoxBox.
TAV Fumes (EUNE)
: Games to play while waiting in queue!
: Placements are broken
Emillie (EUW)
: A progress story
Irelia really?
: No it didn't xD The thing that got re-released was U.R.F not N.U.R.F
Why did u even reply XD
: Wrong, NURF never got released
BantzFtw (EUNE)
: Hacked Accounts
Before they hack the whole system PogChamp hahahha
Nalenthas (EUW)
: We need a new tier for players even worse than bronze
: i need win for ranked .. hardcore noobs move to normal games or aram?
Hey, aren't you in bronze?
henandten (EUNE)
: When is NURF coming
It's always in april, gosh.
: Client rejected by Server
Repair files lulz. Np
: > [{quoted}](name=ProoGracz,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KG9VwY9e,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2016-02-25T23:58:06.130+0000) > > U r the one mad going to my every comment and trying to bait me XD u r dumbass. > > Edit: also get on some decent level then talk to me dog. I read through this subsection of the boards alot. I am fascinated by the mental gymnastics some people display here. So i screen though nearly all posts here. It pleases me to see that, dispite all my flaws and all the regretable things i have done in my life, there are people ;) who are alot more ignorant and selfish then i am. If i am not part of the truely good people... at least your existence shows me that i am also not part of the bad people. Thank you
Yeah im more ignorant THEN you :D.
Leptyx (EUW)
: Camera locked/unlocked bugged
Click and hold mouse button on minimap and go to windows, repaired.
Mikoui (EUW)
: A Shockblade yasuo skin needs to happen.
Give us some nice skin for Vayne.
Just Cat (EUW)
: The new skin is the most beutifull yet?( Spoiler obv)
Nothing beats Battle Bunny Riven's blade on ult.
: GJ on riot kennen
Lol kennen>riven XDD
: LeaverBuster and Tribunal
I do consider myself part of the healthy side of our enjoyable community too!
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: Not sure if sarcasm or pure stupidity
: What? Against who? yasuo? maybe but all the other mid laners? god no.
: So when is TF getting nerfed?
: Can we change Master Yi...?
Yet he requires so much skill D:
: I wanna know does this even have anything with missing support players or it's actuall issue with client or server or wutever.. That was the point, i was thinking i don't need to explain but here it goes...
Lacks of support and there were so many threads already...
: Rito you got report for SoloQ timer...
Why do you even make this thread?
Dollgirl (EUW)
: Dynamic Queues are Insanely long for mid elo players
Games end at 20 XD what is going on in euw plat :D
: i dont even had a warning once since season 6 still 2 weeks bann because i went apeshit once, i usually always mute people but they literally stood there danced and fed the vayne just so they lose the game because they were bitching at each other
Idk why in these situations you are the one that gets punished even though u flamed.
Arahida (EUW)
: Just got perma banned
I did better, i bought rp like 5 games before my permaban :D
: I think Riot wants to add another candidate to the OP devourer list :D
Svempe007 (EUNE)
: Except flamers don't ruin my games. Only bad players do and that can't be reported/muted so i think you're better off than me. And if flamers are that much of a problem mute everyone at the start.
Yeah i don't see how flamers ruin games instead of feeders XD
: Tribunal Improvement
Kinda cs:go overwatch?
Mepodis (EUW)
: Can you please ban these garbage people for once?
The worst thing is when enemy laner has 0/10 and says easy after getting carried.
: why does the mmr stay the same even tho i won so many times
You had bronze in s5 with bad win ratio, what did u expect?
Estti379 (EUW)
: The same kind as any other players^^' "omg, you noob, uninstal" "just stay afk in base, we don't need you" "omg, no wards" "Why didn't you do x?" "omg, this bot" "report x for [reason]" "you're boosted" "french premades, we already lost this game" I must admit, I actually never met the hardcore flamers xD Like the "wish you death/cancer", "f*ck your mom", "uses worts kind of insults possible" kind of flamer^^' The only reason why I know they exist, is because of the boards xD
I mean, you said you see people trolling because someone flamed them, what is the reason to flame if they didn't troll before :o
NotLegend (EUNE)
: I know man and people are still complaining about me being a flamer,hater and other stuff just cos i posted these does not make me a flamer people don`t actually know what they are saying but they are up for the trash talk most of them :) i would love to enjoy as much as i can this game but there is no way `sometimes` that you can actually feel that it is enjoyable!Take care and have a nice evening! :D
Seriously, i understand u can die 2 times but someone who can actually play this game would def at that point, if you go fight with 0/2 then well, uninstall this game.
: Project Yi !
You are insane for asking for skins lol.
: Yasuo
I just bought both D:
Corvüs (EUW)
: Promo lostwhen losing a normal game
Estti379 (EUW)
: >Flaming or feeding, which one is worse? For me flaming is way worse, mostly because I don't care about feeders, I do even excuse them(the feeders), as long as they don't intentionally feed =P ____ Well, since you did specify "intentional feeding" in your post, that chances stuff a bit =P I'm against both and don't want neither in my games. But still, I find flaming the worst! Mostly because people start intentional feeding after they get flamed and harassed by one of their teammates. The other portion of intentional feeders are those who start first with raging, give up on it, then proceed to feed! People who intentionally feed just for the sake of it are very rare. Anyway, intentional feeding/trolling is way more rare than what people think, and if you are a positive player yourself, you shouldn't meet many of those sort. In all of my LoL career, I had only 1 intentional feeder in my games! While flamers are another story =P
I really wonder what kind of flamers have you met in your career.
Sturmy (EUNE)
: Flaming or feeding, which one is worse?
By feeding you will probably get someone banned for flame :D
FrostEagle (EUNE)
: Dear League of Legends
You go on rank, feed and ur excuse is i play for fun XD, loosing is not fun so stop with this shit.
: can someone tell me what the hell??! is going on
Well, they ban guys who flame soft kids who pay a lot.
: My recent game
Well. Im not saying im someone who should tell others what to do but seriously, if you are as bad as this zac just don't play this game, you arent playing single player :D
Neonchan (EUW)
: Overlay jungle timers and chat makros are violating those rules.
Stupid, i doubt any1 is using them but well.
shaunika (EUW)
: Dont know what to do anymore
I've had guys like 2/10 pre 20 min and it was every lane like that, early season boost works too good?
: > is it so they can make more money if people playing league only have the voice chat programm that is approved by riot? No. Riot bans you if you use software that gives you an ingame advantage. Some voice software has ADDITIONAL features that do that, and that is why they are not allowed. Additinionally, Riot doesn't officially approve anything. Sometimes they mention stuff like "This and that currently doesn't violate our ToU" but that's it. Riot doesn't sponsor these tools.
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