: TOP 5 ADCarries Pre-Season 7
Miss Fortune, the Rebound Q is exceptional damage..... With the Snare from E and the boost from W and Youmuu's, she is pretty strong.
: @Riot Nerf Vayne 53% Winrate....
I think it's a lot to do with the fact she's harder to shut down from assassins with her stealth. Most other ADC's just get destroyed by Talon/Rengar etc which is probably damaging their win rates considerably. So Vayne being able to ult/tumble away on inc probably mean's she is one of the "safer" picks to play right now.
: Guys any tips of who i should play to gain elo fast? ( build too ) Thanks :)
Has to be talon until the nerf bat hits him? lol
pantheonXxX (EUNE)
: Jinx,Lucian or Caitlyn???
Jinx is FAR more support dependent. If she has a poor support chances are she will feed. Lucian and Caitlyn atleast have escape mechanicms. Caitlyn is probably the easiest / safest to play due to having the longest auto-attack range of all of them. Along with her Traps and 50 Cal Net head shot bonus.
pantheonXxX (EUNE)
: What adc???
ADC's are getting Assassinated completely at the moment. Maybe it's just difficult where I don't have a good understanding of the reworked assassin's abilities, but Talon just 100 to 0's me in a second, literally. If he get's caught out, he just hops over the wall to safety lol.
: Advices on ADC!
I use LOL Replay2, you cna share the videos easy on there as it saves game data! I am nearly Gold2 adc main also :)
: Is Adc now the worst role ingame?
The thing which gets me, Assassins weren't in a bad place prior to these changes, now they are just god mode. Like buying a pink ward was killing assassins...... any decent assassin knew to disengage and wait for the next oppurtinity without a pink ward available etc. Check the items in their inventories etc prior to engaging.
: Advices on ADC!
Share your videos etc, it's the best way to see how you play etc :)
: Placed with plats in placements?
You are 6/2 in your placements, they may have been 1/8 in their's. You say "We", was you premade? They may have been full solo q team also.
: So what did this new stealth mechanic really accomplish
I really hate the stealth mechanic. It gives you a considerable advantage due to how people react. It's like when you play the game "slapsies", where you take it in turns at slapping your opponent, it's almost impossible to miss because the brain takes time to process what it see's to be able to react to it. So when a stealth character engages onto you, he has a clear advantage at the start of the fight. In some instances you are dead before you can even do anything to try and counter it (Rengar/Talon that I've seen so far). Atleast the old version, you could use a VIsion Ward or Sweeper's to detect them giving you some reactionary time. This was only an issue if the stealth champ was trying to go in solo, if he is playing with the team, your focus is usually on the rest of the team, so they could still position themselves and, if all else failed they could disengage then try again when the pink ward was destroyed.
: Removal of normal draft mode is CRAZY idea
I'll be transfering back to EUW lol. Moved to EUNE for friends. But, I play normal Draft quite a bit, as it's a good "practice" for ranked games, the pick/ban rotations etc. I only play ranked games, when I'm confident on a champ and the rune/mastery and item builds are ok. I hate it when you take a ranked game with someone who has never played ranked and they just can't help but feed (which I can imagine being hte case). I also prefered Dynamic Queue, as I play with 2 friends regularly. So I imagine we will be going down the flex queue route. As for the ranks etc in normal games, I had no objections playing against higher ELO player's. As it provides a challenge and a good learning curve. Seeing how the higher tier player's perform to get an idea on how / what I need to do to improve. Playing against low elo player's all the time is more of a hinderance because there is no challenge involved. Either way, this 6.22 has completely destroyed my view of the game and kind of debating on picking up Battlfield 1 for the xbox now lol
: Why Rito Changes All Game Mechanics Every Season?
The thing which gets me, is that these assassin's were never that weak, even when you had Vision ward's to control them. Now, as a main ADC, it feels almost impossible to be able ot survive. I mean, Talon's Wall hop is just a get out of jail free card on top of being invisible? Did they really need this high level of escapability? It should be one or the other, either allow pinks to detect them but give them escape tools, or remove pink and force them to punish their engages.
Proppa (EUNE)
: R.I.P. ADC.
Oh and Twitch on their team. Control Ward's feel useless now. Ontop of Talon just hopping over walls like there's no tommorow doing high damage then easily escaping.
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: Blind pick v Draft normal removal [POLL]
I should have read it first, I thought it was a which would you prefer... so I voted Draft >< lol
: WHY is Normal Draft pick removed??
Blind pick is utter rubbish. Why remove it from some zones and not others?
hasakki (EUNE)
: New patches , fck this
It takes time to learn the champions which is the issue. There are still champions I don't fully know their mechanics of (I main ADC and rarely play top/mid/jungle), I knew enough about the Assassin's etc to be able to react to them, but now I have to re-learn all of their mechanics and try to find any kind of way to survive against them (pretty unlikely now). So it just put's you back a few steps.
: Runes ( crit damage & crit strike )
Which mean's you have a very weak early game, but late game with Infinity Edge your damage will be intense!
: Gold was soooooo close
My friend was in his promo's, needing 1 more win to get Gold. He lost the first promo match then It was 1hr, 17mins to go before the season ended. He won the next 2 games within 70 minutes, then had to win the last match which started 3 minutes before the season ended. Sadly they enemy team had an apparent smurf Twitch who was just destroying the team. So he ended up 2 losses, 2 wins in his promo's right as the season ended. How demoralising is that?
: Zeke's harbinger
Kog used to build full speed, so the 50% Crit from Zeke's would cap him at 100% usually. So pre-pre-revert kog with 5 attacks per second it waqs a huge boost.
: MF busted?
It's only a very small angle that it bounces also (like 20 degrees)?
: What do you think about ADCs in season 7?
Biggest concern is the changes to stealth etc. For a full stealth class to be able to completely drop his target (ADC), without him being able to react is just terrible game design for me. Currently, you have to take pinks and such to try and survive the burst of assassins like Rengar/Shaco etc. With the changes you won't be able to see them coming, or react before you are dead it seems.
spindahes (EUNE)
: Leona or Braum?
Leona is also in need of a reliable ADC, if you Q in but your ADC doesn't follow up you're dead. Atleast Braum can apply CC on many levels.
spindahes (EUNE)
: Leona or Braum?
Braum by a long shot. His passive is far superior to anything Leona has to offer and that's his passive alone. That snare/stun combo which can be applied to multiple targets is such a hugh strength. In comparison to Leona who has a fairly long duration CC option.
: I guess bad luck is a thing...
I play a lot with a friend of mine, he is currently on his way to Gold like you. But everytime he is 1 game away from Promo's or he reache's promo's our team mates seem to be of a completely different standard (even though they are Gold/Silver). He had one match, where they had premade top/mid, (who have lost EVERY game they have recently played), almost like they were intentionally feeding to cause a loss. Or where we have a Pantheon/TF match, where they would always ult deep, without vision chasing a solo kill only to quickly discover their team. But these player's are gold, so I don't understand how some gold player's seem to know what they are doing, but other's don't seem to have any concept of "playing safely" or farming, they will literally go for the solo kill over and over and over, even when they are 0/7 and 20 cs etc.
Wadud92 (EUW)
: What does Support mean to you?
If you take a "damage" champion, you have to be careful that you don't get all-in'd. More often than not I play ADC and a friend plays support (Braum on many occasions), whilst we don't have a strong poke, if he applies his passive on a soft support they will usually die. We may get low and have to back, but we can repeat the process and kill the squishy support relatively easy.
: Bronze is already proven to be elo hell before more than 4 years ago
But elo hell, implies that you can't get out of a league, because your team's are consistently bad. This applies to all leagues, I had a game yesterday http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1554528091/207032265?tab=stats where, if my team played properly we should have dominated. I did almost double the damage of the enemies highest, but without adequate protection, or all of my team. Pantheon and TF would regularly ult into random places without sufficient vision then they would get killed, leaving us 3/4 to defend against their split push etc. TF was Gold2 and Pantheon was Gold4 from what I remember, both played like they should be in bronze.
: Bronze is already proven to be elo hell before more than 4 years ago
You are were you belong, if you deserve to be in a higher tier, you should be able to reach it. I started low elo, now I'm heading to Gold2 Promo's. I learnt how to CS and how to pressure my lane (ADC), how to position, how and when to engage etc. I'm still by no mean's perfect, but when I play with Bronze player's I can see a deffinate difference.
goldman500 (EUNE)
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions???
Gomare (EUNE)
: 17/1/10 on Lucian =b+??? Out of 32 kills in whole game
13 Wards placed and no vision wards? In a 32 minute game.
: What can you actually do when you get camped and your jungler does nothing?
You can also take a camp or 2 from the jungler, if he is that useless he won't miss them :P
: What can you actually do when you get camped and your jungler does nothing?
If you are getting camped, then you should eventually get the XP advantage, or their jungler should fall behind.... so stay safe (within xp range), and farm up. Then double kill them as they fall behind in xp / cs :D
Klordix (EUNE)
: 17/0/11 in stats = A+???
Terrible CS, Only 12 wards placed, no vision wards placed.
: Seriously, how does Grading system works for support?
No Pink Wards? 3 Normal then 20 Sightstone Wards. You need pinks etc to help getting higher ranks. Also only 2 pinks destroyed so didn't make use of sweeper's?
: The "everything can work as support" trend in Normal Games
MF support was so effective, that they ended up banning her to counter it.
: How to delete teams within one second
Yasuo knock up, janna q or ult, tristana dash and ultimately, all could have interrupted your ultimate. Instead they stand in a cone and get focused down. What do you expect?
The last game I see with Vayne in your match history, she was on your team, you were 3/13/11 and vayne was 5/12/6. Totally op'd? lol
: Forever bronze player is looking for a mentor
You routinely have a positive KDA and top CS for the games also. Aswell as damage.
: Forever bronze player is looking for a mentor
Looking at your match history, I would say alot of the issues is that you are getting "support" players, who want to try and Carry. None of them have sightstone, perhaps try and hint at them to buy that. Gaining vision will greatly help you. You do well at placing regualar wards but never buy Pinks. Even if you place it at your red/blue buffs it can help.
: My last several games have two things in common.
You can carry if you are good enough. If you are stomping your lane, why aren't you pushing that lead onto other lanes? Co-ordinate with the jungler, ask bot to put wards down for you to TP to. Put as much pressure on their dominating lane to try and counter it. Don't just stay in your lane, trying to get as many kills as possible. Yes CS is very important, but if you can apply pressure elsewhere it can have a huge impact on the game and player's mentality. Also, Bot lane is far more difficult to play than other lanes. You have 2 player's who rely heavily on each other. If 1 engages whilst the other is passive, you will die. It's very hard to communicate effectively with the support/adc and you have to hope that people can read your play's clearly. I main ADC and I have turned around matches where we've been down to the just the inhibs. But alot of the time, people don't protect the ADC so if a fed enemy laner reaches me that's it. If I'm given protection I will stomp.
: My last several games have two things in common.
: My last several games have two things in common.
0/4/0 with ZZ'Rot ? 1/6/1 Yorick? Your results are far from perfect.....
kubasvaton (EUNE)
: Kayle rework
She is OP, similar to how Kog'Maw is with on-hit effects. With her passive aswell as things like Wits End, Fervor, Guinsoo etc she can attack very quickly and she has the slow, the speed boost/heal and the ult. I love playing her when I get the oppurtunity.
: Caitlyn and her "ultimate"
Can't forget the 650 attack range, greater than any other adc.
Proppa (EUNE)
: Control Wards.
75G + Inventory Space, there comes a point where you are no longer able to carry them in your inventory. So you may be able to use it when you are leveling. But as you reach late game, if that Shaco etc is fed there is nothing you will be able to do? Also, I've seen many Shaco's etc who are able to position themselves so that the pink ward's only do so much. What stops them from letting you drop your ward, kill it then try again 30 seconds later?
Proppa (EUNE)
: Control Wards.
So, what will the counter's to Shaco actually be then? Can you do anything to avoid him? Will there be items other than GA to stop you instantly dying?
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Speedy59 (EUW)
: Best way to climb?
That isn't always the case..... lol
Adama (EUW)
: I think this is unfair matchmaking
First match, you had 3 diamonds they had 1? second match looks exactly equal?
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